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    Blog Musk Says Tesla Semi to Have Over 600 Miles of Range

    I do think your wrong on the statement of dropping and moving on... 600 miles of range will have the serious fleet managers looking at these tractors I don't know who you term "mega carriers", but the ones with the most tractors have all submitted an order so far..... I have been around the...
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    Tesla 4680 Cell: Thermal Analysis Suggests Unique Cooling System Design

    Just wanted to pass along, I was listening to a YouTube video with Sandy Munro explaining that this battery cell will be cooled at the bottom. . I'm not a battery expert, but as he explained it, the heat is built up near the negative side of the battery, which in this case is the bottom of...
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    Blog Cadillac Introduces Luxury Electric SUV

    Really.... "OLDER PEOPLE".... you have to be kidding... older people are not technology driven... 10 years ago the average Cadillac owner was 63 years old, but i do think the number has got a little younger since.... But I do think you are misled... this will not sell like Hotcakes, in 2-3...
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    Blog Boring Company’s Vegas Loop to Use Tesla Vehicles

    TESLA for sure.... but current model or future model.??
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    Blog Boring Company’s Vegas Loop to Use Tesla Vehicles

    You most likely don't have the full pictures here... there is a monorail in Vegas, but it does not go from the airport to the convention center.... the Boring tunnel project is from the airport to the convention center... not other places Just thought I would add some clarity
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    Blog Boring Company’s Vegas Loop to Use Tesla Vehicles

    really??... Been to Vegas lately... is the mono rail your way to transport people... The renderings are just mockups... I'm sure there is a shuttle like vehicle in the plans
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    Anyone Pissed Tesla Letting Employees all over our cars?

    Logistics systems allow for minimal mileage now.... My 2017 Model S Had ~60 miles on it before delivery new.... I was a little surprised about the number, but I understood why..
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    Difficulties charging at below -30 Celsius

    Had the exact same thing happen in Northern Michigan a year ago, on my 2017 Model S ... I did check with Tesla service at the time... They did explain it as normal... The Battery heater must kick on to warm the battery to a level that it can start excepting the charge... in my case the battery...
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    It's time for Tesla to provide MCU2 and HW3 upgrades

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Honestly, I don't think they are working on the retro-fit kit yet.... knowing what they can get from the current camera's or hardware/software, how and what to change to to make it...
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    It's time for Tesla to provide MCU2 and HW3 upgrades

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Honestly..... did you read the 4th qtr report.... Tesla built 105,000 vehicles and delivered 112,000... for the quarter.... They don't have the necessary hardware for the updates...
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    Game Changing Option for the Tesla Semi (elon read!)

    standing while driving reminds me of this boat crash check it out, this is currently why vehicles have a seating position
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    Model 3 Dashcam Scavenger Hunt

    looks like a smaller cab, maybe a "daycab", not a long distance vehicle
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    What year Model X to buy? 2016 or 2017

    If none of the Self Driving needs are present in your case I'd pick the P90D for the battery.... I have a model s 75D... I wish I had a little more juice... 20 miles makes a big difference in cold weather
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    What ever happened to the “Escalate To Management” button?

    Nah.... they just turn over fast..... when your working 24/7... 1 year at Tesla feels like a lifetime... I do know, as a former Tesla employee
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    What ever happened to the “Escalate To Management” button?

    escalation is not required... Just threaten a twitter feed to Elon... it worked for me
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    Categories of most screwed Tesla owners.

    Just need to re-post this.... since the latest comments are losing focus.... Everyone that thinks they are getting screwed should have purchased a cadillac or corvette for resale
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    Teslatunity service nightmare

    OMG..... You should take your time and buy a car from another OEM.... My wife owns a jeep grand cherokee.... first of all, you take your car to a dealership, which you might get a call from the dealer within hours or maybe days on what might be wrong....So your whining about delays in people...
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    Wiki New Bills Introduced to End Bans on Tesla’s Direct-Sales Model

    Even funnier..... I heard the guy that wrote the legislation in Michigan barring the possibility of Tesla opening a store or service center in Michigan, is our new governors husband... I wonder what the consideration will be now
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    Service Question

    Service center is not required for rotation... I know I have used Discount Tire for this service and everything is normal, they do know the correct jacking points
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    Xpel clear bra +opticoat

    It's the clear film, the partial application covers a portion of the mirrors (another bug catching spot), the front edge of the fender and hood and the bumper...If your not looking for it, you would not notice it on the car... The only thing that highlights the line is when the edge gets dust on...
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    Xpel clear bra +opticoat

    Just to let you know I had the Xpel partial added to my car....I talked to a retired expert in the field, and he told me "It is all you need", I can tell you, it is really all that is needed to keep the bugs from sticking and its well worth it
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    Tesla autopilot free over the air autopilot trials

    Just discussed that item with someone closer to the company than I..... he told me V9 will be out before the end of the year, as I'm waiting patiently for the upgrade since I pre-paid as well...
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    Minor issue: s this a scratch or some black residue?

    That same issue was on my Model S, it happened to be adhesive from one of the panels of film they put on the car for shipment or build, I recognize that patch, mine spot happened to be on the top of the car, I'd was it and it would never go away, it just returned... A local paint shop removed it...
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    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

    It was a beautiful site, to pull into Gaylord charger at ~midnight for a fill-up on the 30th of June
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    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

    This is great... I'll be up visiting my aunt in Boyne City early next week... I'll be using them
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    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

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    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

    Thanks also how do you add the bio line to your posts
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    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

    Not sure if anyone noticed the change in the Tesla Supercharger Map Last time I looked at the Map it said end of 2018
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    Will next Model S refresh eliminate physical controls for most functions?

    As a current Model S (17MS 75D) owner, I would need the current controls to be maintained... The idea of looking at a touch screen in the middle of the vehicle to turn basic function on like wipers would be complicated and distracting
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    Michigan Registration Fee

    Hopefully you can transfer a plate for your new car.... that will cost you a lot less than registration for the first year For Michigan, your registration fee's are based on the MSRP for the Car... I purchased a Model S in April 2017, I transferred the plate from my Audi on $15.. My new...
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    Glass roof heat? AZ M3 owners?

    I purchased my Model S almost a year ago, and was told, I'm probably one of the last guys with a painted roof.... I'll bet, the same exists for Model 3... For Model S you can order the glass roof as the standard or the glass roof with the sunroof.... Honestly, the glass roof is the better option...
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    Dual Motor and White Interior options arriving after 5k/Week Production

    Trust me, you won't be happy... I owned and A6 and recently an A4 before purchasing a Model S 75D... the dual motor Tesla is superior to the driving performance of an Audi Good Luck on whatever you do
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I live in Michigan, have the same sorts of issues, i did notice the heated steering wheel seems to really suck the energy out when the vehicle is cold... so I just turn it on the wheel to warm it and my hands up then turn it off to conserve the energy I can confirm the faster you go... really...
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    Saw a Performance Dual Motor Model 3 today at the track!

    Rust is not normal in that part, but my bet is that was machined and it missed a plating or painting process that would be normal for a production part
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    50 miles Odometer in the contract

    53 was the mileage on my Model S
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    Blog Tesla Competition: Culture Eats Strategy!

    It's starting..... I just saw this article in Yahoo Finance section For the first time in Europe, Tesla's Model S has outsold traditional high-end models from established European brands. In 2017, more buyers chose the Model S than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a BMW 7-Series, reports Automotive...
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    2017 MS75D White, Premium Tan interior

    2017 MS75D White, Premium Tan interior
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    Blog Tesla Competition: Culture Eats Strategy!

    Great article, and very true... The current Automakers have a legacy supply base that supports a 12 volt DC electrical system, they also have dealerships that make money by servicing the vehicles they make.. They can't give up those two item's.... So they will never be serious about the EV...
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    What percentage of Semi drivers will buy a Tesla Car for themselves?

    Sorry I missed that question, the guys I know that are owner operators, do not own a car themselves, they have a friend or spouses car to use...so from an owner operator standpoint there would be very few.... The fleet guys, are a different question, I will try to get the answer from one of the...
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    What percentage of Semi drivers will buy a Tesla Car for themselves?

    Less than 15% of total drivers on the road are owner/operators... So fleets will be the most likely group to purchase trucks...
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    Model X Climate Temperature Issue?

    when you work in California, the need for heat is less than the need for cool...

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