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  1. Dr. McKay

    Powerwall doesn't like domain names?

    Yes, this definitely does shed some insight into what's going on. My wild guess is that they updated/changed either their TLS library or its configuration, and the new stack is configured to support multiple hosts via SNI. So if it sees SNI for one of the CNs in the certificate, it uses that...
  2. Dr. McKay

    Powerwall doesn't like domain names?

    Confirmed that it appears the gateway is now rejecting all TLS connections bearing SNI. My HomeSeer Powerwall plugin is written in C# and it appears that mono sends SNI even if you're using an IP, which the gateway is rejecting. Looks like as a workaround I'll need to write a TLS proxy app in...
  3. Dr. McKay

    2016 Model S 75D (AP2, FSD) for sale [Tampa, FL]

    Yes, this has been sold. Thanks for your interest! I would have posted already that it's been sold, but I didn't want to bump the thread unnecessarily.
  4. Dr. McKay

    Light headliner is gone

    Fairly recently, Tesla seems to have gotten rid of the light headliner in Models S/X. My June 2019 build Model X with cream interior has a white headliner, but the configurator now shows that with all interiors (including cream), you get a black headliner. I'm a little bummed about this, as I...
  5. Dr. McKay

    Model X Performance to get "enhanced interior styling" per website

    My belief is that it's just the carbon fiber decor options.
  6. Dr. McKay

    No more P100D badge on newest ModelS Performance with Ludicrous package.....? Why?

    Not exactly the right forum, but I took delivery of a Ludicrous P100D Model X on June 28. I also got the Dual Motor badge with underline. I was able to order the Model X badge and the P100D badge from my local service center. I tried asking both Tesla Support via email, and my local service...
  7. Dr. McKay

    2016 Model S 75D (AP2, FSD) for sale [Tampa, FL]

    Model S / 2016 / Deep Blue Metallic Paint - bf057 | Only Used Tesla
  8. Dr. McKay

    2016 Model S 75D (AP2, FSD) for sale [Tampa, FL]

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my Deep Blue Metallic 2016 Model S 75D because I've just taken delivery of a new 2019 Model X P100D. It's been a great car and I'm sad to part with it, but unfortunately I just can't afford two Teslas. It has all of the options available at the time: Dual Motor All...
  9. Dr. McKay

    Rear trunk won't open

    I have mobile service scheduled but I have to drive five hours today and the thought of doing so without autopilot (or without even basic cruise control) was not appealing to me, so I followed linuxkidd's directions to bypass the cinching actuator. I had no luck trying to rotate the thing, but I...
  10. Dr. McKay

    Rear trunk won't open

    This also just happened to mine, October/November 2016 Model S.
  11. Dr. McKay

    Model S REST API

    If you're using Node.js and teslajs, you will need this update to get logins working again: Fix API - JSON request bodies by DoctorMcKay · Pull Request #96 · mseminatore/TeslaJS
  12. Dr. McKay

    Model S REST API

  13. Dr. McKay

    screen discoloration

    I got this response from Tampa service:
  14. Dr. McKay

    screen discoloration

    I doubt it. I don't have a garage so mine is out in the Florida sun all day.
  15. Dr. McKay

    screen discoloration

    VIN 168xxx, I had my MCU replaced for this issue on October 30, 2017. I've just noticed in the past few weeks that my replacement is starting to develop the same issue. I plan to email the service center and see if I can get it swapped with a MCU2. I don't expect it to be free, but I'm willing...
  16. Dr. McKay

    Tampa Location on North Florida Avenue

    Will the showroom in International Plaza be moving here too?
  17. Dr. McKay

    NTSB Wants Information on Tesla Autopilot Accident

    Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is enabled all the time, unless you manually disable it using the button in settings. And even if you do that, it re-enables itself the next time you get in the car. It's not designed to prevent an accident, as it only kicks in when the car thinks a crash is...
  18. Dr. McKay

    There has to be a better solution than this for cup holders......

    I have only one cupholder in the center console with the dividers, with the other two facing the same direction to hold napkins (which I normally put in door pockets, but Model S). I use it for water bottles mostly, and the occasional really large cup.
  19. Dr. McKay

    screen discoloration

    168k VIN. Also, I haven't gotten a response to my email yet.
  20. Dr. McKay

    2017 S100D No Acceleration above 85 MPH !

    My new inventory 2016 S75D was limited too. A quick phone call fixed it after I found some posts on tesla.com indicating that it was "loaner mode".
  21. Dr. McKay

    Tesla - where are my (HW2) auto rain sensing wipers?

    There's a 0% chance that FSD will be released without automatic wipers. There's an "official" way of sending feedback: voice control -> "note that <feedback here>". Of course, nothing says they actually review that feedback.
  22. Dr. McKay

    screen discoloration

    I've been noticing it ever so lightly on my 2016 Model S, so I figure I'll go ahead and shoot off a support email.
  23. Dr. McKay

    60 mph; excellent road markings and AP2 tried to throw the car at the median

    This exact thing happened to me. Was doing ~70 in the left lane and it suddenly turned straight toward the median. This was a while ago though.
  24. Dr. McKay

    Model S REST API

    I can't find a way to edit my previous post, my apologies. I don't know where the library in question (TeslaJS) got that endpoint from, but it seems to me like it might be gone as it only responds with 400 (the same response as openTrunk, which also appears to be gone). I was able to get it...
  25. Dr. McKay

    Model S REST API

    @SG57 I'm aware of (via an API client library) an endpoint /api/1/vehicles/:vehicleID/command/trigger_homelink which takes parameters lat,long,token.
  26. Dr. McKay

    Model S REST API

    I'm aware that some API endpoints are no longer functional, and they're obviously endpoints that aren't exposed through the current version of the app. For example, the endpoint to open a trunk. Does anyone know if the trigger_homelink endpoint still works? I don't have a garage door to try it...

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