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    Help with heater setup

    Hi, I own a 2019 7 seater MX. My wife drives it most of the time, yesterday I took out for a spin and I noticed that if your front row heat is set to all directions (up, face and feet) the central second row diffuser does not blow air, it only blows air if both front up and feet are turned off...
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    Heater behaviour

    It seems like the higher setting of the fan bloewr, the colder the air coming out! Try this and let me know, set heater temp to Hi, set fan blower to 5, wait until air us hot, now set blower temp to 10, wait a minute or 2, air blowing cold!? If you try it, let me know before I schedule a service...
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    steering, a little odd!

    Ever since I got my MY, I feel the steering is a bit odd! 1. I feel the steering wheel very sensitive. 2. I find myself needing to continously adjust the steering wheel to stay in the center of the road 3. Steering wheel does nit return to neutral (center position) Not a severe condition but...
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    Regenerative breaking. Model y vs. Model x

    I have both cars. Model Y has a much harder/harsher regen breaking than the X. Also, backing up with the Y feels like the car has the parking break applied. Anyone can comment on their experience between the two cars.
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    Remaining range acting weird

    Today I took my MY on a long trip. The efficiency was so bad, I ended up constantly monitoring my remaining milage. I noticed that the number of remaining miles stays the same for a long while (for 2,3 or miles) and then it either skips a number or two or it goes down fast ( a mile every few...
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    Clunk sound when take off or sudden slow down and over bumpss

    Hi. New MY. I hear a clunk sound every time I rake off especially if a bit speedy take off or when a sudden slow. It also appears when passing over bumps. The sound seems like coming from behind the drivers seat, possible inside the back of the seat or inside the drivers side rear door. Sounds...
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring sesors (TPMS) in Canada for MY

    Did anyone get TPMS for model Y in Canada? where from?
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    Tesla network down?

    is tesla server or network down, Sep 23 around 10:45 am. neither the website nor the app works???
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    Just got my MY, no premium connectivity

    Hi, Just took delivery. No internet! Is this normal? I know I get a year free, it says my premium connectivity has expired or that I need to prescribe. Any suggestions?
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    August build delivery / latest VIN delivery

    Anybody got an Aug build delivery? What is the highest VIN seen delivered?
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    Sidewall; 50 in place of 45 for the 19” tires - any concerns?

    Looking at 255/50R19 winter tires for the MY LR. any concerns? Will TPMS Get confused? Thx
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    Shame - Elon admits to part-taking in coup in Bolivia for Lithium

    Elon Musk Confesses to Lithium Coup in Bolivia | News | teleSUR English So, for us to enjoy a Car, he F¥€&$ a whole country. What a shame.
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    Going with +35 offset - 19x9.5 wheels on non-performance

    The Gemini wheels are 19x9.5 with +45 offset. Does anybody know if replacing the Gemini with 19x9.5 wheels with +35 offset would make the tires rub on the fenders. The +35 offset means the tire will stick out (away from the car) by 10mm. Thx
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    VIN 29xxx - what to look for?

    Just got my VIN, 29xxx, I expect a call for delivery rather soon (in Canada). those who have VINs in the 29xxx, what quality issues do you have that I should pay attention to during delivery? thank you.
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    Heat pump nouse

    Do newly delivered MYs have the heat pumps insulated/sleeved for noise dampening?
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    Thinking of postponing MY delivery until quality improves!!?

    The more I read on the quality issues people are finding with their MYs, the more I want to either cancel my order or delay delivery. Do you know how long I can Put off delivery for? I am thinking a year time, should I cancel and then re-order? Or just keep delaying delivery? Please share your...
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    MY is included in the referral program starting today ... orders before today cannot get it!!!

    Hi, Just finished chatting with a Tesla sales specialist. If you order a MY today using a referral link, you get the credit. All who who ordered MY Before today are out of luck, they will not be credited!! I think that Tesla is risking using some reservations because of that. not smart Tesla...
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    Is MY ride so harsh in the back seat that Its batter to wait for the air suspension

    Many complains of the MY harsh ride, especially in the back. Is it that harsh that I should wait for the air suspension option?

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