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  1. CaptDaveHowe

    Auto-Pilot Minimum Speed?

    This just happened, so I haven't gone through and reviewed all of the details for the latest update which was downloaded yesterday. I'll review it today, but thought someone may have a quick reply. I was driving down a local two lane road and wanted to try out of the auto-pilot. The road has...
  2. CaptDaveHowe

    Change in Heating System?

    I noticed when driving a loaner from Tesla upon a recent service appointment that the heat was almost non-existent. It was a cold, rainy day and when I turned the thermostat up all the way to 76, the heat did not go on. Now back in own 2015 S 85, with the weather getting colder, I'm noticing...
  3. CaptDaveHowe

    V7 - Apps not Displayed

    I've had my new Model S 85 for just about two weeks when V7 was downloaded. Reading the notes regarding the apps, it seems some are not displaying on my MS. Actually, the right section of apps, controlled by the thumb roll on the steering wheel remain the same. The clock, as well the other...
  4. CaptDaveHowe

    Tesla Model S 60 2013 - No Longer Available

    Tesla Model S 60 2013 Tesla Model S P4001 - 18,000 Miles Blue Metallic Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19 " Wheels Textile Interior Plano Black Decor 60 kWh Battery Active Air Suspension Twin Chargers Supercharger Configured List Date: 9/27/2015 Location: Oakdale, New York, United...
  5. CaptDaveHowe

    Next Gen Seats?

    I'm working on ordering a P70D and am going back and forth on whether to spend the $2500 for the Next Gen Seats. I test drove the P70D which had them and they really did offer great comfort. Yet, I was in the car for maybe 20 minutes. My P60 has the standard seats, which are also comfortable...
  6. CaptDaveHowe

    Buying Used Model S85?

    I have been considering for awhile now whether or not to move up to a 85. I currently own a early vintage (3/2013) MS 60 with only 14,000 miles. I've discussed trade in options with Tesla, and have also looked at selling my MS 60 privately and either purchasing or buying a new MS 85. What I have...
  7. CaptDaveHowe

    Tire Repair Kit - Afterwards?

    On our trip back from St. Michaels to Long Island, I decided to take some local streets across Staten Island to bypass bumper-to-bumper traffic on 678. All went well, except we got a flat. The good part was that we had the Tesla Tire Repair Kit on board and it worked fantastic. We were back up...
  8. CaptDaveHowe

    Trip to Maryland - Cold Weather Driving

    Took a trip to St. Michaels on the eastern shores of Maryland from Long Island. Stopped first at the Hamilton Marketplace supercharger in NJ, which is 111 miles from home. Began the trip with 200 miles and ended up at Hamilton with 64 miles left. Charged up to 164 miles and left for Newark DE...
  9. CaptDaveHowe

    Eastern Long Island - Montauk

    Taking a trip to Montauk for the holiday and wondered if any Tesla owners out on the south fork of Long Island can recommend a place to charge. I'm from the south shore of Long Island, about 75 miles from Montauk. We plan on driving around a little, so would just need a small charge, figuring...
  10. CaptDaveHowe

    Trade In for P85?

    I currently own a P60 (P4001) and have had the car for about 1 1/2 years. It was last year where I found that I missed an important part regarding options when ordering my P60. I was on I95 in Connecticut and pulled into Milford to a fairly new Tesla supercharger platform. Upon plugging my P60...
  11. CaptDaveHowe

    Boston-New York-DC

    I live just about 40 miles east of NYC on Long Island and am considering using my Model S for my next trips to Boston and Washington DC. I'm pretty sure that there are drivers out there who have made both (NY to Boston and NY to DC). Can you please share your trip experiences? My MS is a 60...
  12. CaptDaveHowe

    State Farm Dropped My Insurance

    I just received a letter in mail from State Farm Insurance, who I have used to insure all of the cars I've owned since I was 25 (I'm now 56 - long time). In a nutshell, the letter states that State Farm will not renew my policy for my Model S. I own two other cars, which are not affected...
  13. CaptDaveHowe

    Roof Rack Install and Disassembly

    I am looking into the Tesla roof rack system for carrying our bicycles on trips. One main concern I have is that I would like to remove the roof rack when not in use. How hard is it to install, remove and reinstall the roof rack? Does this roof rack assemble to a pre-connection point in the car?
  14. CaptDaveHowe

    High Power Wall Charger -Problem Solved?

    I purchased the high wall power charger with the Model S and have had since last March. After my house was re-built after Sandy, which was completed last June, I had the electrician upgrade the power service and install a separate 100 amp service directly to the charger. The charger has never...
  15. CaptDaveHowe

    Supercharger schedule for Northeast?

    From eastern Long Island, I took a trip up to Hamden CT and used the Milford CT supercharger on the way back. If I had wanted to continue to Boston, I wouldn't have made it. With stations in Darien and Milford, there are now 2 in CT. What is the future schedule for northeast. Is the concept in...
  16. CaptDaveHowe

    Home Wall Charging Dip Switches

    My electrician installed the wall charger this afternoon. I had the home power upgraded to 300 amps, with 200 amps going to the house breaker box and a dedicated 100 amp circuit box to the Tesla wall charger. I plugged it into the MS and my display read charging at 40 amps. I removed it from the...
  17. CaptDaveHowe

    Stuck Door...

    Lately the drivers side door will not open, almost feels likes it is sealed shut. I opened the passenger door to release any pressure, which helped a bit. I do wonder though if it is not pressure, but a mechanical problem with the door release. Anyone have a similar experience?
  18. CaptDaveHowe

    Bike Racks?

    Besides wanting a car with no exhaust, I like to ride my bike. I had a Mini with bike racks, a great way to bring my bike to various places to ride. Any ideas about bike racks for Model S? The racks Mini had designed for the Cooper looked great, being designed to match. It would be cool and...
  19. CaptDaveHowe

    Turning the display off?

    As much as I enjoy the wonder of the built-in iPad type display, there are times when driving when I would like the screen to be blank. Is there a way to turn the display off? If not, I am sure that this can be accomplished with a software update. Any chance?
  20. CaptDaveHowe

    Charge port lights

    Since I've had my MS, I have been charging it on a 50 amp 6-50 plug with good success. The standard green blinking light indicated charging status. Today I plugged in and a blue blinking light at the charging port came on. My app indicated that the unit was not charging. I read that a blue...
  21. CaptDaveHowe

    Saving power on down time.

    I'm taking our first trip with my Model S 60 kW. Not long, about 70 miles to and 70 miles back from the destination. The car will be idle at the destination for about 6 hours. Is there any way to save power during the down time? Does the "Power Off" achieve this?
  22. CaptDaveHowe

    Operating Manuals?

    I'm schedule to pick up my Model S at the Tesla facility in Chelsea NYC this Saturday. I was in Manhattan over the weekend and stopped by to take another look at the Model S in the store. I'm really excited, however after sitting in the car and reviewing the display and other features, I am...

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