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    Autopilot, GPS, and Nav broken. Tesla can't fix it. Advice?

    I thought I would throw this in ... I had lots of issues .. maps freezing .. gps .. trips frozen .. music issues etc .. and after months it was determined to be the 128 gb USB that was inserted was not formatted at correctly and caused tonnes of issues ... but after I removed it remote services...
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    Home Tesla Charger - Help

    Thanks I will check when I get home tonight and see if any if those help!
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    Home Tesla Charger - Help

    Just today when I plug in my home HPWC charger to Our Model 3P Sept 2018 delivery, we get the charge port lighting up Yellow and there seems to be nothing we can do to get it green. It only shows 16 amps. We also have a Model SP100D Feb 2017 delivery, and it does the same thing. But our...
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    Slacker Radio

    This may have been discussed in the past, even recently but I have seen that Slacker Premium works again in Version 9 for the model 3 on some threads. If someone who uses Premium can answer these questions that would be helpful. If I got a Slacker Premium account can I login in with Premium...
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    V9 imminent?

    Last night I connected my S / X / 3 to the home Wifi and this morning the S and X got the notice of update. I went from 34.1 to 39.6 .. nothing for the model 3 yet its on 36.2. UI not as bad as I thought as well but will take some getting use to .. my phone app still is the old one it seems...
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    Canadian Performance Deliveries

    I got a call today saying my M3P is here and I could pick it up tomorrow.. bad news is I cannot get away until Thursday. My original appointment was Sept 29.. Now Sept 20. Silver, White, PUP. EAP .. Does anyone know if the spoiler will be on it or do we have to make an appointment. We...
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    Canadian Performance Deliveries

    I reserved Mar 31 2016 Ordered Jun 27 2018 Edit button disappeared Aug 26 2018 Email received Aug 28 2018 Delivery estimated Last week Sept 2018 I am existing owner of S since Feb 2013 but upgraded To P100D Feb 2017 and X100D simce May 2017 for my wife
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    Canadian Performance Deliveries

    Well, 2 days ago my edit button disappeared and I got my email today. Delivery last week of Sept. M3P Silver/ white interior Perf Upgrade Auto Pilot Vin108*** So looks like M3P’s are on the way
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    Canadian Performance Deliveries

    I reserved March 31/2016 .. June 27 Ordered M3P .. Silver With Upgrade Package .. Autopilot .. and it had a Aug-Oct Date .. It just changed to October .. anyone else have this happen?
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    Model 3 Performance - Unlimited Supercharging

    As of today all Model 3 Performances purchasers who placed their order before August first automatically get free unlimited Supercharging! Anyone who orders with a referal code before Sept 16 .. gets free unlimited as well. After Sept 16 .. referrals get 1 year .. looks like a huge push to...
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    Thoughts on AWD Timing?

    I originally put in for the AWD on June 27. It said 3-5 months. Once I came to the conclusion that there will be no rebate .. I decided to change it to the AWD 3P .. Changed it on line on July 8 ... It still said 3-5 months .. I called to ask why 3-5 and they said its 2-4 for the P .. also I...
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    4 Brand New 19" Model S Cyclone Rims, Tires and TPMS for Sale

    For anyone in the Toronto area, I have 4 brand new (Silver), never been used available for $3300 obo for local pickup only. I purchased a new MS and instead bought 21" wheels and tires.
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    Battery Capacity

    I have a bit of a story I finally gave up on. My P90DL originally got 438 km at 100% charge or around 393 km at 90%. After about a month it had 360 at 90%. I was told its software and it will be fixed. 1 Year later, its 90% is 365km. I escalated all the way up (hopefully nicely) but...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Just tried Huntsville again .. No power as of Sept 6 at 430pm
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    I just tried Huntsville but there is still no power.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    The map shows Huntsville and North Bay. I hope they jump right to North Bay right after. Next time anyone has the chance to talk to the crew, can they ask if they are going to Parry Sound or North Bay after this one. It might clear things up.
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    90D Range slowly declining

    You guys are all lucky .. My P90DL is 225 miles at 90%. It slowly declined by the 2000 mile mark and never recovered. Tesla says its a firmware update but its been since Oct 2015. It has stayed around 225-228 for the last 9 months. I now have 21500 miles and no more degredation. My previous...
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    90D Range slowly declining

    As I have posted before, my P90DL went all the way down to 220 miles at 90% (Sept 8 Pickup) within 2 months. They have assured me that its simply the software algorithm. It had stayed at this level until the last month or so. After the last few updates it has risen to 226 miles at 90% so the...
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    P90D Owners - What Is Your Wh/mile and 90% Rated Range?

    I have 12000 miles on my car and get 223 miles at 90%. (244 at 100%) Its almost like having a 70D. It fell to this level after 3000 miles. I have had an open ticket with Tesla for 4 months with their response that it is not the battery, it is the software. So I await that magical software...
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    7.1 - range algorithm updated?

    My P90D started losing range as soon as I got it (Sept 8). I am now at 221 miles at 90% and 243 at 100%. Its like having a 70kw battery that exceeds its range by 7 miles. I have been in constant communication with the service center and even Tesla in California and they say there is a range...
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    90D Range slowly declining

    I have a P90D which I got Sept 8. I had an S85 before that. The S85 after 30 months and 97,000 km had only 16 kilometers degraded. My P90D started with 393km 90% range. It currently sits with 353km with 90% range. Tesla is looking into it but its been a couple of months. They do not...
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    90D Range slowly declining

    I was at the service center when I asked them to look into it. I think they answered the question "why don't I get the rated range" rather than "why is my 90% rated range falling every day"
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    90D Range slowly declining

    They called me today and I think misunderstood my question and tried to explain it is based on my driving, speed , temperature etc.. I explained my understanding of rated at 90% .. And we agreed someone else will call me .. Since my post I am down 2 more miles at 90%. Stay tuned.
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    90D Range slowly declining

    Interesting enough, I have a P90DL which I received on Sept 8. My 90% is now 366km or 229 miles. I have about 7500km or 4700 miles on the car. My 2013 S85 with over 97000km or 60000miles had a higher range at 90%. I asked Tesla to look as a new P90DL should get better batter than my S85. I...
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    V 7.0 tire pressure display

    Tire Pressure in PSI Change the units to miles instead of Kilomerters
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    P90D_ at Lawrence last night! Ludicrous hits Canada!

    This is my car ... I pick it up tomorrow .. I know because the serial number. It is Midnight Silver Metallic (at least that is what I selected.) I was away last week so I could not pick it up until tomorrow. The duel chargers were to be put in as I ordered it a few weeks ago. I also ordered...
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    Charging from Barrie to North Bay to Peterborough to Toronto

    Just as a FYI, there is a new Tesla 80amp Charger at the Clarion in North Bay. They also have a 40 or 50 amp Sun Country. Also, at the Best Western in North Bay they have 48amp charger. Barrieto North Bay in an S85 is no problem in the Summer or Fall if you follow the rules and travel the...
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    Model S battery pack upgrade *will* happen, per Elon Tweet

    I have an S85 with 96,000km on it .. it has lost say 25Km of charge .. if I do the upgrade .. do they give me a new battery pack with 90kw or do they add 5% to mine. If it is the first, in theory it would be a 10% boost in distance.
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    Battery degradation

    Mine S85 (March 2013) 95,000km 363kms at 90%

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