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  1. SoCal Tsla

    Was shooting a video during roadtrip and came across an Autopilot problem

    I was shooting a video during a road trip and autopilot started constant beeping without the initial warnings... It feels like a bug to me. You can go to around 1'30" directly to see the issue... Shouldn't AP give visual warnings, then single beeps, then double beeps, then the constant beep...
  2. SoCal Tsla

    Took my Model X to a gas station...

    I was cleaning the window before going on a long trip... Was thinking that's probably the last kind of service I'll ever get from a gas station, until someone on reddit mentioned the restroom:D
  3. SoCal Tsla

    #65 Opening My Garage Door With Tesla Mobile App

    First video in quite a few weeks... Wish this little trick can help;)
  4. SoCal Tsla

    Auto lane change works on city streets for AP1 but not AP2?

    Sometime ago I posted a thread about auto lane change didn't work on city streets for 17.17.4, and people confirmed that it never worked for AP2. I didn't know how I got the impression that it should work, but when driving the AP1 Model S loaner car I did find it working...
  5. SoCal Tsla

    Model 3 Compilation from Igmur

  6. SoCal Tsla

    Touch Screen Clean Mode Turn Off Airbag?

    Not sure if it's just a false alarm or if it really turns it off. I'll contact Tesla for this.
  7. SoCal Tsla

    Achieved 126Wh/mile for 3.2miles on a 0.89° slope!

    Turns out that just a little bit of slope made my MX consumption go 1/3!;)
  8. SoCal Tsla

    Part 2 of trip to San Diego Safari Park

    Somehow I found making videos about the car and life around it pretty enjoyable...
  9. SoCal Tsla

    My first road trip (to San Diego Safari Park)

    This is part 1;)
  10. SoCal Tsla

    AEB simply won't work

  11. SoCal Tsla

    EV Trip Planning Websites/Apps

    Can anyone tell me what the Segment Optimize does in the EV Trip Optimizer app?
  12. SoCal Tsla

    Model X Speed vs Power/Range Experiment

  13. SoCal Tsla

    HW2 not enough for self-driving?

    So my wife sent me a Chinese post about NVIDIA’s Drive PX 2 is not enough for level 5. I'm not really surprised, as when we were purchasing my MX it was mentioned to us specifically that the GPU can be upgraded easily. I wonder if that will be extra cost in addition to the $4000 upgrade?
  14. SoCal Tsla

    New $450 California Rebate

    I got the info from @miimura 's post, special thanks!
  15. SoCal Tsla

    Rebate explained video

    Thanks @miimura ! your info came even before electrek;) Already applied.
  16. SoCal Tsla

    Auto Parallel Parking at Curved Curb

  17. SoCal Tsla

    Finally made the video about tire patch

    Video tomorrow will be about an experiment with parallel parking! Please share or subscribe if you like my videos;)
  18. SoCal Tsla

    Easter Egg Basket

  19. SoCal Tsla

    What happens when you publish your doodle?

    Are they uploaded to some online gallery or can you find it somewhere in your account?
  20. SoCal Tsla

    Supercharge power drop to 60kW at 22% charged, with no one sharing the power

    Sorry it's so blurry...
  21. SoCal Tsla

    The trials to test AEB

    Failed for sure, coz I didn't know how AEB works when I shoot the video. Glad at least I asked before I publish it so I made many changes to make me look less stupid lol On the other hand, I'll still test AEB in a safer environment. Will make a video about that for sure;)
  22. SoCal Tsla

    Emergency Braking only gives chimes?

    I'm currently on v8.1 17.17.4, and the emergency braking feature never actually braked for me, it gave chimes at most, or didn't work at all... This is a bug right? I just made the mistake about auto lane change and don't want to make a similar mistake in my next video...
  23. SoCal Tsla

    Will MX75D work for a trip to Sequoia National Park?

    I'm thinking about going to Sequoia National Park on Memorial Day, but it seems like there are no superchargers that's really close to the park... my 75D shows about 235miles when fully charged but I think it's more like 170miles in my way of driving... Has anyone done a road trip to Sequoia...
  24. SoCal Tsla

    Auto lane change stopped working on city streets

  25. SoCal Tsla

    Did my first parallel parking...

  26. SoCal Tsla

    Summoned a Mother's Day surprise

  27. SoCal Tsla

    Mother's Day Surprise Served with my Model X!

    3am and I just finished this video... please share or subscribe if you like it as much as my family does;)
  28. SoCal Tsla

    AP2 is finally catching up...

  29. SoCal Tsla

    Update 17.17.4

    I tried the Emergency Collision Braking today, it did give chimes but didn't brake.... I didn't enable autopilot, was driving on city street and intentionally didn't brake when getting close to the car in the front, didn't trigger it... anything I did wrong? Also, although auto parallel parking...
  30. SoCal Tsla

    Changed keyfob setting to protect my head

    @PedanticOne answered my question about how to do this in another thread and I think the idea is worth sharing, so I made a video about it... Thanks my friend!
  31. SoCal Tsla

    Nail in tire... SC said it will take $50 to patch it?

    So I got a nail in the right rear tire, and brought it to Costco but they won't have appointments available until 10 days later... So I took it to Trusted Tire and Services which I normally go to for my wife's Lexus. They don't charge for patching, but after looking at the tires they said they...
  32. SoCal Tsla

    Life with a Model X

    This is my new trailer of my YouTube Channel, what do you guys think? My YouTube Channel is here: SoCal Tesla Experience Club Please share it if you like it;)
  33. SoCal Tsla

    Farewell Model S P100D! Welcome home my Model X!

  34. SoCal Tsla

    Summon Video Series

    When will AP2 catch up on autopark in parking spot and parallel parking.... can't wait... #34 Tesla Model X Summon at Tight Parking Spot #9 Summon with Key Fob #4 Summon X out of Garage #5 Summon X into Garage #14 Tesla Model X Aligned Autopark at Parking Lot
  35. SoCal Tsla

    Does Tesla have recovery device/service built in?

    Can we track or recover the car? That should be easy for Tesla coz I don't think we need extra hardware to do so right? We can track the car thru app, and it shouldn't be hard for them to shut off the car remotely... or presumably better, after self-driving is possible, if the car is stolen...
  36. SoCal Tsla

    Sent my MX 75D to service center and got a MS P100D loaner car, yeah!

    What am I going to do with it? Launch mode for sure!
  37. SoCal Tsla

    #16 Easter Egg Hunt in Tesla Model X

    This video was from Easter when my 2 little ones egg hunted in my MX lol. The elder one told me she enjoyed it more than on the grass and I was really surprised...
  38. SoCal Tsla

    [Humor]#31 Even Better Trick to Keep Autopilot Enabled!!! (Special thanks to Hexster!)

    Special thanks to Hexster for the idea!
  39. SoCal Tsla

    How To Manually Open Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Without Power

    Recently a Model X involved in an accident caught fire and the passengers were not able to open the falcon wing doors because the power is off. This video is about how to manually open the falcon wing doors. Please share it as it may save lives... Or subscribe my channel, thanks~
  40. SoCal Tsla

    #29 How to use Autopilot without touching the wheel

    I know it's a simple trick but just in case you guys haven't noticed:)
  41. SoCal Tsla

    Driving Model X with Falcon Wing Doors Open

  42. SoCal Tsla

    How I reproduce the Model X Homelink failure and my analysis

    Greetings my friends! I've been posting videos on my Tesla Model X everyday since I get the car. Yesterday I was able to reproduce a Homelink failure happened before. Let me know if you guys tried to reproduce it with your garage door opener as well and what you found!

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