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  1. DDB

    So what does Tesla do now to repair the damage?

    I thought now would be a good time to talk about what Tesla could or should do--besides survive financially. How about bring Martin back? I know we've talk to this at length, but it seems relatively simple for Tesla to ask Martin if he would come back and serve in some capacity. We know it...
  2. DDB

    Jeep Patriot EV

    Everyone has probably already seen this, but I'll start a new thread. Apparently, Chrysler has added a 4th E-REV to the mix: Detroit 2009: Chrysler adds Jeep Patriot EV to its ER-EV lineup - AutoblogGreen Why don't they focus on the most viable and try to produce it? Is this greenwashing...
  3. DDB

    New Chrysler E-Rev (ENVI)

    Supposedly Chrysler is unveiling a new E-Rev design on Tuesday with a 40 mile range and a generator range-extender. Sounds a little like the Volt: GM-VOLT : Chevy Volt Electric Car Site Blog Archive Chrysler to Unveil New Extended-Range Electric Car Next Tuesday In either case, good news...
  4. DDB

    Will Siry come back?

    We'll see if this gets moderated off Teslamotors.com. I'd like a response if nothing more than to make a point. Dave B wrote on June 9th, 2008 at 6:40 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. It’s sad that Siry quit posting over at the teslamotorsclub.com. I’ve noticed a few regulars...
  5. DDB

    The Energy Bull

    I thought you'all could appreciate this. I got an annoying fax at my business from The Energy Bull, which recommends stock picks. On May 26, 2008 for none other than HYBR, or hybrid technologies. I'm talking about a full page pump and dump ad. Those cost a lot of money I presume. Nothing says...
  6. DDB

    Compare to the Volt

    I thought this article about the Volt's design was too interesting to fail to mention. The Tesla is even compared here. I was absoutely shocked at GM's testing of the batteries. Although Tesla is mentioned once in the article, I suppose Tesla didn't see a point in testing its pack 1,000 ways...
  7. DDB

    Spark EV--Okay, I'll bite

    Nobody has said anything about this Chinese Conversion. Here's the thing. If true, it's $20,000, hits highway speeds, and will be on the road within 60 days. This is just hitting the net not without controversy: Spark-EV Electric Vehicles - The ZOTYE
  8. DDB

    Convert an Elise?

    Thought this was interesting. Some guy in England is converting his Elise to an EV. Darn pretty car for a conversion...why not buy a kit if you're going to do that! http://www.austinev.org/evalbum/1454
  9. DDB


    Just curious if any of you owners have scheduled rides coming up. Aren't they doing a few per week? Any other updates non-owners aren't privy to? Thanks!
  10. DDB

    Good Forum

    Thought anyone that was interested in conversions may find this forum interesting...it's similar in size to this group: http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/
  11. DDB

    Nissan "Mixim" EV to appear at Frankfurt

    Anyone have other info on this concept? Nissan to unveil an electric prototype in Frankfurt Posted Aug 29th 2007 7:02PM by Xavier Navarro Filed under: EV/Plug-in, MPG, Nissan, Frankfurt Motor Show Nissan has announced a concept EV, called Mixim, for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The...
  12. DDB

    Tesla Plants

    You'll learn a little about the planned Albuquerque plant reading this link: Construction yet to begin on Tesla Motors factory in Albuquerque : Local : Albuquerque Tribune Sounds like they're trying to tool the plant around the undesigned Whitestar, which is taking longer than expected...
  13. DDB

    Eberhard out?

    Rummor has it Tesla Motors has replaced Martin Eberhard as CEO. Wow... http://www.autobloggreen.com/2007/08/12/breaking-tesla-to-replace-ceo/
  14. DDB

    Decent break-down of EVs

  15. DDB

    Tesla supplying Think's batteries

    Tesla Energy Group to Supply Think Global with Li-Ion Battery Packs 22 May 2007 Mod337557_thinkcar The second-generation TH!NK. Tesla Energy Group, a newly-formed division of Tesla Motors, announced an agreement to supply Think Global with lithium-ion battery packs for their line of “TH!NK...
  16. DDB

    $45m in additional funding

    Tesla secured an additional $45 million in funding for the development of the Whitestar, sales-service infrastructure, and production of the Roadster. I think this is good news. San Carlos, Calif.-- Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of high-performance production electric cars, completed a $45...
  17. DDB

    Eberhard's testimony in front of senate subcommittee

    Martin testified before the Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure, along with the CEO of A123 (and others) on May 1. His statement can be read at: http://www.senate.gov/~finance/sitepages/hearing050107.htm I think it's consistent with what he's been opining all along...
  18. DDB

    Tesla in Chicago

    Below is an article with a bit more info. about the Tesla gig in Chicago. Also, another link in the article says 100 or so Roadsters will be delivered in October of 2007. Dave Who Holds Back the Electric Car? Not Chicago! The green revolution is truly upon us. But until you can buy a car...
  19. DDB

    2009 Prius Sneak Peak:

    This isn't much to go by, but I thought it was a good picture: "maybe even a solar panel on the roof and eventually plug-in capability — could up city economy to 80 mpg. It may not look it, but the body will be all-new, growing 1 in. wider, but getting 1 in. shorter in overall length."...
  20. DDB

    Iran and the Brits

    Just our of curiosity, has anyone heard a reaction to Iran's kidnapping of the 15 British sailors other than, "you are isolated in this matter..." or "we were in Iraqi waters..."? My first reaction was wow, I'll bet the sale of EVs in Great Britain skyrockets. But so far nothing ??? If citizens...
  21. DDB

    EV Legislation

    I thought this was a decent proposal of legislation by a rep in Congress...wish one of the heavy hitters would sign onto something like this: :o Congressman Proposes Tax Credit for Plug-in Hybrids and EVs 26 March 2007 US Representative Dave Camp (R-MI) has introduced new legislation that...
  22. DDB


    Drawings of the ZAP-X. Looks good, let's hope they produce. http://www.greencarcongress.com/2007/03/zap_releases_dr.html#comment-63705994
  23. DDB


    I was just thinking about the publicity that Tesla is getting, and they could really bring in some serious cash for developing the company in general. But maybe it's time for some spinoffs? We know that Tesla will be leasing their battery technology--there's one. What about a 501(c)3 or simply...
  24. DDB

    Mitsubishi Motors i MiEV

    $17,000 buys you a top speed of 81 mph and a range of 81-99 miles. Not bad ;D in 2009-2010, we should see some real choices for consumers in the EV realm. Mitsubishi Motors has delivered prototypes of its i MiEV research electric vehicle to two utilities in Japan: Tokyo Electric Power and...
  25. DDB

    Th!nk (Think) EV

    Supposedly think is going to be coming to U.S. markets in 2008, with cars already on the road in Europe that can drive freeway speeds have ranges of 110-130: http://news.com.com/2061-11128_3-6161125.html?tag=nefd.top Note a couple of things in the article: The buyer will lease the battery...
  26. DDB

    The GM Volt

    New site dedicated to GM's Volt: http://www.gm-volt.com/
  27. DDB

    Lotus teams w/ Zap

    Thought this was worth mentioning... Makes it look like Lotus is being recognized by the EV startups. ZAP Engages Lotus Engineering for EV Feasibility Studies 16 January 2007 ZAP has selected Lotus Engineering to undertake engineering concept studies for a number of electric vehicles. The...
  28. DDB

    Detroit sees new plug-ins:

    GM's E-Flex is a plug-in concept with a 40 mile range...good potential: ;D GM Introduces E-Flex Electric Vehicle System; Chevrolet Volt the First Application 7 January 2007 Powertrain of the Chevy Volt E-Flex Concept. Click to enlarge. GM has introduced a new family of electric vehicle...
  29. DDB

    Phoenix Motorcars SUT/SUV

    Phoenix SUT I thought this was worth mentioning...Phoenix is apparently on schedule ;D: Altair Nanotechnologies Completes Li-Ion Battery Pack Order for Phoenix Motorcars 28 December 2006 Anano Comparison of cycle life (18,000 cycles for Altairnano NanoSafe vs. 750 for conventional li-ion)...
  30. DDB

    Open source car

    I thought this was an interesting idea. Open source software got big with Linux, so someone got the idea that they could try the concept with an automobile: http://www.theoscarproject.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1
  31. DDB

    Perfect commuter EVfor $20k?

    70 Mph and range of 150 miles. Cost $20,000. http://www.attrd.com/rnd/parade_spec.htm Anyone know if they'll be offered in U.S.?
  32. DDB

    Why would I expect anything different from GM? Plug-in hybrid a wash

    I've been waiting for 2 months for this announcement at the LA auto show about GM's plug-in hybrid...I'm not that impressed. I'm not seeing anything about a series hybrid or duel-mode or all electric mode. Why call it a plug-in? Maybe this will scare Toyota into developing one kick-ass system...
  33. DDB

    Electrum Spyder

    New Sports Car debuts on Dec. 9, in CA It's no Tesla, but competition is GOOD NEWS. ;D Production Updates : Breaking news! Update: November 6, 2006 Universal Electric Vehicle corp Breaking News! Universal Electric Vehicle Corp will unveil the Electrum Spyder on December 9 th, 2006 at The...
  34. DDB

    I'm not really into scooters..but decent speed and range here

    Vectrix to Launch Electric Maxi-Scooter in November 23 October 2006 Vectrix The Vectrix Maxi-Scooter. Vectrix has announced that it will launch its high-powered electric Maxi-Scooter (earlier post) during the 64th International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan in November. The Maxi-Scooter...
  35. DDB

    Relationship w/ Telsa Motors?

    Just out of curiosity, can anyone explain the relationship of telsamotorsclub to this forum? Is this site run by the company? Sort of a strange question, but it seems like the blog on telsamotors.com gets many more hits. Hopefully that changes, as this is much more organized.
  36. DDB

    Mitsubishi to Sell Electric Vehicle in US

    I came across a quick blurb today, stating that Mitsubishi is developing a small EV for sale about the time Whitestar is supposed to be manufactured. I'm very encouraged, as any competition in this industry may mean prices some of us can afford. We're close, lookout OPEC. ;D Report: Mitsubishi...
  37. DDB

    Why not mass produce?

    There's so much commotion and anticipation regarding the Roadster, and such a pressing need in our society today, why not have a plant in each state? I realize there may be some logistical issues, but I look around Dayton, OH, and I talk to city leaders about Delphi plants that are closing...

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