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  1. Jaguar

    Can’t sign in to Tesla app

    Just had the same problem. Your fix worked. Fortunately, I was at home when it happened. If I'd been in a parking lot somewhere in the middle of a blizzard, I'd be really irritated. That's why I bought a key fob for my Model 3 and use it almost always.
  2. Jaguar

    Model 3 Performace on the track

    I see this video has been posted in another thread but, perhaps, it deserves one of its own.
  3. Jaguar

    Model 3 Performace on the track

    Anyone telling you that the Model 3 is only good in a straight line but not on the track (one of the last FUD arguments) need to be shown this video.
  4. Jaguar

    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    I use a key fob for a couple of reasons. 1) I need keys to get into my house so I always carry keys and attaching the fob is no problem. 2) I find carrying a phone everywhere is a nuisance; I'm not a slave to my phone and don't feel a need to be connected at all times.
  5. Jaguar

    P3D crowd: Competing vs. high-performance ICE from a roll?

    The physical limit was based on current production tires.
  6. Jaguar

    Considering a Model 3 or Cadillac ATS

    For what its worth, Consumer Reports just ranked Cadillac at the very bottom of its reliability standings.Tesla is again "recommended" on the same list.
  7. Jaguar

    Tire shop didn't follow jacking procedure

    This is why I change my own tires. Put the winters on a couple weeks ago and, aside from misplacing one of the lug nuts and spending an hour looking for it, all went smoothly.
  8. Jaguar

    My navigation spoken word changed to French

    Time to learn a new language?
  9. Jaguar

    Who Else Had ICE Ruined For Them?

    I was in the market for something sporty a few years ago and developed a list that included Corvette, Mustang, BMW Z3, Miata, Porsche Boxster, and Jaguar F-Type. I even road tested some of them. All of them were dropped when I drove an EV and put down a reservation for a Model 3.
  10. Jaguar

    Are you a creeper?

    I am a creeper for the sole reason that I have to back into a space every day that brings my back bumper to within 10 inches of a wall. Creep mode allows the car to back up by itself while my foot is poised over the brake pedal. If it weren't for that, I'd prefer going creepless.
  11. Jaguar

    Consumer Reports Model 3 reliability rating: reliable?

    I see this technique used repeatedly. Complaints to a forum are not indicative of overall quality and should not be used as a measure of such. Forums exist in large part to resolve complaints. Every automobile forum is the same. I formerly owned a BMW 3-series and a Smart Car. Their owners'...
  12. Jaguar

    Delivery call - WARNING

    800 miles.
  13. Jaguar

    Tesla scrutinized by the NHTSA over Model 3 safety claims

    This is really old news (October 2018) dredged up again. What else would you expect from CNBC? They must have a stockpile of old anti-Tesla stories that they can revive whenever they run out of new ways to bash the company.
  14. Jaguar

    New Kitchener Service Centre is Open.

    New supercharger going up in SS Marie but nothing west of that until Alberta! I'm getting lonely. :(
  15. Jaguar

    What is your Whr/Miles

    Winter driving = 390 wh/m ( highway/city combined; it can get very cold here) Summer driving = 192 wh/m (city driving, no speeding), 250 wh/m (highway) Overall average = 235 wh/m (i do much more driving in summer and most driving is in the city)
  16. Jaguar

    Delivery call - WARNING

    When I couldn't make it to the delivery centre to pick up my Model 3, Tesla did deliver it to my home and at no extra charge. Have you asked?
  17. Jaguar

    Recommendation for 18 inch wheels for Performance

    For my PD3, I got TSportline's 18" wheels and Pirelli winter tires last fall and drove on them til spring. They worked very well and are much lighter than the 20" OEM wheels. However, in late March I ran over a huge pothole, hidden by water, and blew out two tires. The tires were toast but the...
  18. Jaguar

    Model 3 Scratches All Over And What Tesla's Tech Said

    A typical Montreal winter will cause a lot of damage like this, Just removing the ice and snow will result in a lot of scratches. Just imagine a block of ice sliding off the hood or the bristles of a snow brush passing over the paint.
  19. Jaguar

    3p Or Used S100d?

    Haven't driven a Model S, so I can't compare but you have to watch out for the low front facsia on the Model 8 when approaching parking curbs.
  20. Jaguar

    This Happened During My Delivery

    Wonder what the Shorts will say about this?
  21. Jaguar

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Smart ED and Fiat 500 Turbo.
  22. Jaguar

    My Tesla Model 3P @ 6 months - the HORROR!!! ;-)

    I share all your "complaints".
  23. Jaguar

    Corrective Steering Warning

    You can change the sensitivity of the feature in the Autopilot menu. That should minimize the surprises.
  24. Jaguar

    Disappointing Range in P3D. Is this normal?

    214Wh/mi equates to nearly 350 miles of total range! That's amazing. You must be driving on very flat roads. As I live on the shore of Lake Superior every trip I take starts off uphill. My next test will be at 60mph and then I'll try 50mph -- lots of side roads here that will enable that speed...
  25. Jaguar

    Disappointing Range in P3D. Is this normal?

    My car is completely stock with the original tires. I tried to make 56mph my average, which meant traveling at speeds that ranged from 53 to 63 depending on the terrain. I did not use cruise control because my course was a bit hilly and CC accelerates going up hills and often brakes going down...
  26. Jaguar

    Disappointing Range in P3D. Is this normal?

    I took my P3D+ with the 20" performance wheels on a highway range test yesterday. It was calm and 75 degrees; the course was out and back and I used about half the battery during the trip. I wanted to see if 310 miles was possible and what speed it would take to do that, so I drove at 56 mph...
  27. Jaguar

    Emergency Lane Departure - False Positives

    I haven't experienced this much at all. A false ELDA has appeared twice and only on a tricky corner that I drive through daily, but it seems to have learned from that experience as it no longer signals at that spot. As for LDA, I find it operates very gently and only when I have not directed the...
  28. Jaguar

    How was your model 3 quality when you took delivery?

    Since I live 800 miles from the nearest Service Centre, my M3 was delivered to my door. Aside from the truck driver not knowing how to open the doors from the inside (and using the emergency handle instead of the button) the process ran smoothly. There was a bit of adhesive still on the...
  29. Jaguar

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    I got 236 miles on an 86% charge. A quick calculation indicates 274 miles if I'd started with 100%. Can't remember the exact Wh/mi but it was close to 270.
  30. Jaguar

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    Took my Performance 3+ for a highway trip last weekend, as a bit of a range test. I had the 20" performance wheels and summer tires on it. Kept the speed at 65mph on an out and back course -- against the wind one way, with it coming back. Traffic was very light so I didn't have to vary the speed...
  31. Jaguar

    Dirty car/winter driving

    If your climate stays below freezing for months on end, as it does here, there's not much need to wash the car except to clean off the cameras. Otherwise the car's doors and windows freeze up. If it varies from cold to warm, more frequent washings are needed.
  32. Jaguar

    This day will close green or red?

    I'd say "Brown", a mixture of red and green.
  33. Jaguar

    Did Tesla’s Sale Alienate Everyone?

    Jeep is offering a 10% discount until April 1 and my local dealer is adding another 5% on top of that. Don't hear any earlier buyers asking for a refund. Tesla is being held to a higher standard.
  34. Jaguar

    Please give the Model 3 CHAdeMO

    The nearest Supercharger to me is over 600 miles away (unless I cross the international border, in which case its 220 miles). The nearest Chademo/CCS charger is within 2 miles. So yes, an adapter would be great. Tesla has been promising Superchargers all across the Trans-Canada Highway for a...
  35. Jaguar

    Supercharger V3 unveiling in Fremont

    Is that wailing I hear coming from Volkswagen?
  36. Jaguar

    Windows lowering by themselves

    I had that happen to my car and wondered what the problem might be. I found out a day later when I was exiting the car and accidentally brushed the down window button on the passenger side with my forearm as I was pushing the door open. Human error.
  37. Jaguar

    Lets hope Tesla doesn't go bankrupt with 35K model 3

    Agreed, especially when GM is still losing money on each Bolt sold.
  38. Jaguar

    Why would someone choose a Polestar 2 over a Model 3?

    I haven't owned a Volvo since my 1960 120 Series. It didn't have headrests but it did have lap belts, standard! It also ate clutch slave cylinders at a rate of one per year. Otherwise, it was as solid as a rock.
  39. Jaguar

    Canada owners

    Got my Model 3 too late in the season to go on any lengthy trips but I've heard of a Model S that crossed Ontario, North of Superior, by charging at campgrounds. You'll need the appropriate charging connector, however and I'm not sure which ones will work with M3s. There is a Chademo-CCS charger...
  40. Jaguar

    How do I like / dislike a post?

    On the bottom right of the screen, just above the words Quote and Reply, a selection of options come up with you hover the mouse over them. Choose one and click on it.
  41. Jaguar

    Quick question about Model 3 when backing up

    No EAP required. It works well as long as the backup camera is free of snow.
  42. Jaguar

    Quickest state inspection ever

    Don't they charge tax on the electricity you use? It's not as if the road tax actually goes to pay for roads -- it goes into general revenue along with the tax on your electricity bill. But perhaps it's different where you live.
  43. Jaguar

    Starting to regret FSD pre-purchase in a major way

    It looks like Elon has just announced FSD will be available by the end of 2019, but regulatory approval may still hold up its release. Tesla will release fully self-driving cars in 2019 — with a big asterisk
  44. Jaguar

    An expensive and wet supercharge

    We have superchargers in Canada? :D The closest one to me is 600 miles away.
  45. Jaguar

    Tesla Model 3 Update in Toronto without WIFI

    My home WiFi isn't powerful enough to reach my car so I sometimes use the local library's. However, my car is still updating via 3G. Got an upload only last week via 3G.
  46. Jaguar

    Anti-Tesla/EV road rage experiences?

    When I was driving my Smart ED everyone wanted a piece of me because they all felt they's beat me (most couldn't). But nobody wants to challenge my Tesla. Looking forward to summer when the muscle cars come out of storage.
  47. Jaguar

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    Yes, back when PUP meant something.
  48. Jaguar

    Calling all former M, AMG and RS Drivers

    The Tesla more than fills the gap, IMHO. I had an E46 M3 from 2004 which I thoroughly enjoyed when it wasn't being repaired.Of all the cars I've owned, it's the one that most resembles the Model 3 Performance, both being solidly planted and responsive when being driven quickly. Both also feel...

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