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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    I’ve had this issue many by times. The last time I was able to stop and call service with the exact log time. tesla advised there is a gpu firmware fault and it’s being worked on. I have hw3 and an MS.
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    Problem After Updating to 2021.4.18

    …or before you try hardware, try the Power Off car menu on the main display.
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    ADELAIDE: MS Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) door recommendation

    UPDATE: There are actually three dents, from the one hit it seems, the largest one obviously visible here but it took me over 4 months to notice it (ie: past the sentry video logs I had kept) Before: Sorry for different lighting, they were done and moved their light source before I could...
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    How to Remove Wall Charger/Stop Charging

    I had that issue when I first received my car, but tried press-and-hold and it works 100% every time, for the last 2+ years.
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    No Mcu 2 with hw3
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    21.4.11 installed today...same issue /\ occurred - but this time I was driving the family - Not Happy Jan!
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    ADELAIDE: MS Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) door recommendation

    Hi All, As per the title; an experienced referral to a PDR, ideally mobile, for some very shallow dings in my rear passenger door - looks like someone opened their door hard against mine :(. I think it was a long time ago, barely noticeable unless in the right angle; nothing on sentry that I...
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    this morning before the update BOTH DISPLAYS went black. Completely. Thankfully indicators still worked as I could see the reflections since it was dark outside. I performed a two thumbs reboot with no feedback obviously and some time later the screens booted back up. update came an hour...
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    I installed 2021.4.3 this morning. Shortest release note ever!
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    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    Installing 2021.4.3 now, 30% through, I'm in Australia so it's weird to not be waiting a week for two to get this update after the US people.
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    Model 3 Glass Roof Wrap

    I am in Australia, it was 44 (Celsius) and very sunny this week, i _hate_ the glass roof. I have sunshade and some dark tiny lying on that but the sun is STILL hot. I like your idea and I think it looks good; I've called a few local wrap places, they say NO to wrap on glass. How is your wrap...
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    FSD Hardware 3.0 upgrade for Model S/X

    Are you happy with the new system? Make any real difference? Is the reaction time better (for braking for cross traffic)? Mine is still HW2.5 and the car crossing my path has gone before the car brakes!
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    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    Hi Paul Any senate suggestions to complain to about this?
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    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    GPS tracking in our cars, time to write to the local MP; what else will they do with that information? Sell to a private company for some extra cash? Put it on a public DB like the 100,000 NSW drivers' licences leak? Issue parking and speeding fines?
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    Dealing with ICEholes, don't lose your cool

    I have tried this with my gen1 unit and my wife’s Kona. Doesn’t work. Some do, some don’t.
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    Did you buy the Elon EOFY FSD upgrade? If so 2021 Q1 is the ETC :(

    I upgraded my EAP HW2.5 equiped 2018 MS on 30 June, hoping the increased processing power would help with cruise control reactions; and improve my car's resale when it's time to change, BUT after several calls, Tesla finally informed me the HW3 upgrades for Australia won't be available until...
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    Model s broken control arm.

    Maybe these will help your case: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2015/SB-10057891-5587.pdf ( Replace Lower Rear Control Arm Assemblies) https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10153421-9999.pdf ( Front Lower Control Arm Washer Installation)
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    Supercharger-Adelaide (SA)

    Am I imagining it, or did the sc cables get much thicker this week? Higher capacity charging coming?
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    Sentry mode

    hi, it only said no usable disk, or something to that effect. oddly it would still let me review and play the extant videos on the drive. Alas pretty useless moving forward so I reformatted in f32,anon journaling fs, awaiting the next corruption
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    Sentry mode

    I just installed 2020.12.5, and they have deprecated the Ext4 support :(, pity, it worked more reliably than FAT*
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    Sentry mode

    After the recent update my fat32 512gssd started playing up. As the system is Linux I tried formatting in ext4- it’s been working perfectly ever since
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    2020.8.1 Raven X and no exFAT TeslaCam :(

    It is available on Windows, in fact I bought the "bundle" so I received MAC and PC licences. If you want a free option, download VirtualBox, and install your favourite desktop linux on it, then format the drive in extFS.
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    2020.8.1 Raven X and no exFAT TeslaCam :(

    I can't edit my post, but I CAN confirm TeslaCam is working fine in extFS mode. *TeslaCam works, Music does not - the MCU does not see the extFS drive at all.
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    Receiving and replying to text messages with 2020.8.1.1

    I did this for the first time today; there should automatically be a”Reply” option on the console which one can select right the right wheel button. Then dictate the message. It actually worked first time for me.
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    DAB is here

    Does anyone with a Model S had DAB+ working? I cannot see it on my 2018 MS 75D - and really actually need it as LTE drops out for me all the time around the foothills.
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    2020.8.1 Raven X and no exFAT TeslaCam :(

    I have been using a 512G M2 SSD with a mini USB adapter for about 6 months, works very well, until the 2020.8.1 update. It corrupted the drive in a minor way, but enough that Tesla did not recognise it; so had to repair in the PC, which worked again for a few minutes, and was then subsequently...
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    Vehicles blocking charging spots

    Adelaide supercharger; model 3; pretty sure this is the local Chaufer vehicle company.
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    Any chance "dumb" cruise control will come back as an option?

    I agree with the OP, dumb cruise toggle would be great for our(Australian) thin and windy roads. Even a slight undulation on a straight road can cause a full brake for milliseconds which results in passenger necks being whipped forward and back as the car accelerates again.
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    How good are Tesla’s in Australia’s extreme heat?

    In summer I put the car in Lo and control the heat with the fan speed. I’ve never been hot since and Adelaide is pretty hot in summer. The roof and rear sunshade helps as does 35% tint!
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    Yellow screen border issue and Australian consumer law

    The unit is only available in Adelaide this week.
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    Who’s got V10 in Aus?

    2018 MS, Eap, no fsd. v10 last week on wifi
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Spotted my first Australian m3 at the Adelaide supercharger parked one bay over from me on Friday-yesterday.
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    Left Repeater Video Corruption After 2019.32.2.2

    DCEV, that is an interesting way to shut down a conversation; please provide your source of information and background; an experienced automotive engineer apparently, so I'd like to know more. I work with embedded processor signal processing for sensor systems which feed the ADAS for several...
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    Left Repeater Video Corruption After 2019.32.2.2

    Yes I am getting this issue too since sentry started working in Australia. I wonder if this corruption causes the “dancing cars” on the dash surrounding vehicles image.
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    Adelaide Model S owners ( or thinking about ordering one)

    Pearl white. When it is clean which unfortunately isn’t too often. But it looks great with the tinted windows when it is. You?
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    Adelaide Model S owners ( or thinking about ordering one)

    Yes. 2018 S75D. There are a couple of Tesla s at the avea meetings but a Tesla only group would be more common group
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    Aftermarket wheels for model S ?

    There is not much detail about the 19x8 on the king site. What offset are they? AFAIK the MS is +40mm. If they foul the suspension then they are not road legal and not fit for purpose; but whether they are refundable depends on if jax advised they are suitable or you assumed they were.
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    Supercharger-Adelaide (SA)

    Whilst charging today I noted they have updated the chargers to dual cable/ CCS2 & TeslaAU plugs. The (4) chargers will get busy when the M3s arrive.
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    A Wh/Mile to Miles/kWh (or Wh/Km to Km/kWh) converter

    Well we are metric in Australia too; easiest way to convert is change units in display options and the consumption figures change real-time Toggle the setting as required. No data lost.
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    Micro brakes when cars pass or when using lane change

    I experience this when there are undulations in the road. At 60kmh. It’s like driving an ice car with fuel flow issues- the drive is jerky. Not even auto pilot - just using cruise control. Cruise control occasionally slams the brakes on when going past a parked car - I wish there was a “dumb”...
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    Vehicles blocking charging spots

    RE the Adelaide superchargers - I spoke with the parking inspectors who happened to be walking by as I was charging. They said the signs are advisory, and currently there is no relevant law as those spots are not council parking spots.
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    WTB or Swap 21" Staggered Silver Turbines for 19 " Slipstreams

    I have near-new (2000km) 19" silver, unmarked, slipstream wheels on an MS75D and would like change to 21" Staggered Turbines, ideally Silver; but other colours are okay. Thankfully there are few potholes where I drive so if you purchased 21's and are regretting it and would like to swap, then...
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    Software Update 2018.46.x

    My MY2018/05 just updated to 46.2 in Aus - I thought I'd be waiting weeks!
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    Model S Window Tint in Adelaide SA

    If anyone is also looking for a tinter, I did go with Innovative Window Films as PaulP suggested. Very happy with their work.
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    Model S Window Tint in Adelaide SA

    That doesn't sound ideal; I'll have to make sure I'm not on a tight schedule when trying it out.
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    Making homelink work In equipped model S/X/3

    Hi Paul, So the next step was learn on the B&D controller, I found the manual, but the B&D did not respond as it is meant to (as per the manual). And as you mentioned, the car did not prompt to train the door receiver unit after accepting the remote, it just moved to the "test now" prompts...
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    Making homelink work In equipped model S/X/3

    Hi Dilin, Yes, left + right scroll wheels until both screens blank. Since the speedo goes I now only do this whilst stationary :) Cheers, Matthew
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    Making homelink work In equipped model S/X/3

    I have an MY2018/05 MS, there has been no Homelink icon onscreen, so today I rebooted the UI and it appeared. I followed the Tesla instructions, headlights flashed after about 25 seconds of continuous button holding and said it was programmed. So far it doesn't open or close my (B&D) door, but...

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