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    Model 3 Standard range Plus question

    I’ve had my SR+ for a year now and was initially disappointed with the actual range of 190 miles with the way I drive (~70mph). To compound it there’s the 80-20% SOC non-trip guideline to extend the life of the battery. Even with these limitations, the SR+ still ended up being the right car for...
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    Pocket Lights

    I have SR+ 2020 that was delivered in 2019 and didn’t come with the pocket lights. Does anyone know what type of light it is (part or standard #)?
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    Any SR Owners Wired Up Map Pocket Lights?

    Was able to finish tapping into the door puddle lights (so they only turn on when the door is open). Was able to string the line without taking the front windows out. You have to take out the rear windows. It took me a couple of days taking it slow. I installed slightly brighter lights from...
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    2020 SR+ Foglights

    Ebay for the Euro version: Mzorange Parts Link
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    2020 SR+ Foglights

    There seems to be 2 primary "new" sellers on Ebay, one from CN and the other US, with one coming from CN being cheaper. Anyone have any luck with either?
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    Passenger footwell issues after service

    Assuming that the driver side still works, I would swap them out to see if it is simply a bad light or if they did not seat the connector properly. That red glow is probably not coming from light, but coming from one of the computer modules (I have a SR+ and I have faint red glow).
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    Any SR Owners Wired Up Map Pocket Lights?

    Finished powering the front passenger footwell light by tapping into the door puddle light. What a pain just to get some semi functioning lights. 3 more to go. I didn’t have pocket lights and it wasn’t obvious where the cut wires were (I didn’t open any of the wrapped tape).
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    Any SR Owners Wired Up Map Pocket Lights?

    Ok, for my SR+, after finding the wiring diagram, it looks like the puddle lights are controlled at the door latch switch, therefore the primary area to tap into the line is basically right at the puddle light. Tapping into the puddle light prior to door wiring harness, you can only access the...
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I think you are right about the latch on the light. I do remember having a positive feel when plugging it back in.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    Like most have said, the DIY kit is worth the effort and cost, early 2020 with rear deck speakers. I actually didn’t have any issues with the stock system, just wanted to enable what was already there. I’m not into heavy bass but I do like my music a little louder than most. Now I’m noticing...
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    Any SR Owners Wired Up Map Pocket Lights?

    Anyone have any luck finding and tapping into the puddle or overhead lights? Not too interested in the ambient light solution.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I just finished mine as well. I didn’t need to touch the horizontal panels underneath the drivers side. Also, instead of completely pulling out the drivers side center panel, I was able to pry enough from the lower section, seat side, to get to the rug rivet and push the wires underneath the...
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    Please Tesla offer SR+ with premium audio so i can buy your car!

    I wished they still offered the LR RWD and an option for premium interior. I didn’t need or want AWD, so my only option was the chintzy SR+. I love the driving dynamics, but it ticks me off that there are parts in the car that aren’t enabled (speakers, puddle lights, rear heated seats).
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    Went with the insurance associated with Costco, Connect. Was with Allstate with 2 cars, when I added the 3rd (M3) I ended up paying the same total premium for 3 cars as I was for 2 cars. Wish I shopped around earlier.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I’m also leaning towards the DIY kit but want to get some reviews from the group if there’s a noticeable improvement. Also am curious if the speakers inside are also used when the alarm goes off and the implications if any if the additional speakers are connected.
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    body flex glass crack?

    I would also avoid situations that could flex the car. Saw a model 3 parked on a pretty steep embankment due to lack of parking with a large cracked rear glass. Looked like it just happened as the dirt on the glass was wiped to get a better view of the crack. I cracked my wife’s MB GLS...
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    Increasing SOC without charging

    M3 SR+ V10.2(2020.36.10), Left the house at 92%, just completed charging so the battery was warm, and arrived at the first destination with 88%. In the 30 minutes I was parked and waiting in the car with just the radio on, the SOC is now 90%.
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    Almost burst my ear drums

    This happened again to my wife today. It's happened to me once as well. Any ideas on how to avoid the blaring music? It seems obvious that the volume is jacked for the alarm, but forgets to reset the volume back the alarm is disarmed.
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    Cannot schedule service through the app

    Getting Error, try again later, Failed creating appointment Anyone else having issues scheduling an appointment? I've tried for the last week.
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    How much do you value SR+ to LR (AWD) range upgrade?

    I wish this had really sunk in before purchasing my SR+. I accounted for some degredation but my estimates were too optimistic (I drive 70+ on the highway), and I wasn't truly prepared for what I experienced. A short 130 mile round trip 2 days after getting the car was a rude way to learn...

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