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    FSD removed

    Additional details - 2nd owner and account used to show it. Then months ago account pages changed and now can't see the details...
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    FSD removed

    Good point I'll reach out to original owner as I thought I had all the info, including my Tesla account which showed FUSC and FSD, but can't find it now.
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    FSD removed

    Tesla just removed FSD from our S75D. I don't have my monroney sticker and cannot find a picture of it. It had FSD on purchase. What's my next step? Thanks, DZM
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    Model X demo New Standard Range $69,930 7 pass Kansas

    Priced well it sells quickly.
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    2020 Model 3 Red multi coat Long range full self driving . ~600 miles

    That include FSD? Apples to apples, don't know what non-P goes for
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    Heated Steering Wheel?

    Funny, on the Insideevs website, which I call the rah rah tesla website, they did a "premium ev SUV" comparison with the iPace...yet you can't get a heated steering wheel on the Y...so really not so premium IMO. Kind of 'base' if you ask me. Let the disagrees fly, warm weather people. Dzm
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    Got the Call on Model S

    Never mind, i think it's FSD...Computer? DZM
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    Got the Call on Model S

    Curious - What's FSDC? TIA, Dzm
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    For Sale: Model X 100D (Late 2017)

    Looks like you have it but it doesn't xfer.
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    2019 Model 3 long range dual motor

    Monroney sticker? What options?
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    2018 Model X 100D :: Lease Takeover

    Damn and you even already have it in your signature block - Well played Sir!
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    For Sale: Model X 100D (Late 2017)

    Man that's a nice bonus! Dzm
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    For Sale: Model X 100D (Late 2017)

    Onlyusedtesla and Tesla have the same vehicle as your, except with FSD, for less than you're asking and the Tesla used comes with 4 yr B2B warranty and FUSC. Let that be a guide. I love the look of your X though. What do you mean about the referral wheels - it's already got 22s? DZM
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    What are you talking about....Guam is very similar to Bermuda and Bahamas. And yes I know about USA and you need to reread what I wrote because it had nothing to do with hard to close our border....
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    Two points: Guam has a large economy due to tourism as well. It's not just DOD. Bahamas and Bermuda: 0 cases to date (last I looked)...hhmm probably the smart gov't right? No it was shutting down and Isolating the countries further than they are (which I'll buy was a smart move, one which the...
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    Model Y vs Rivian R1S

    Wrong...try again.
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    2017 MX 90d restored after collision

    Yeah I'd love to know as well, was interested but seller went sinkers.
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    Model Y vs Rivian R1S

    Yeah I know just like 1 yr ago there were so many in the wild sightings of the Y.... Dzm
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    Obsidian Black 90D Model X with HW2/MCU1 and full warranty

    Wrong...it's over 50k on odometer, therefore 2yr CPO warranty.
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    MY walk around video

    So you're questioning if they didn't cover the black with chrome for shipping? Well that would be a first. I think/bet those are 3 parts, handles look the same and they supposedly share 85% parts commonality...but the trim pieces? Who knows, Wonky is all it is. Dzm
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    MY walk around video

    I'm surprised no comments on passenger side black handles and AP Camera vs driver side chrome handles and normal AP camera.....and mixed trim weird.
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    2017 MX 90d restored after collision

    I'll beat that dependent on info provided...
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    2017 MX 90d restored after collision

    Care to share more details or Monroney? Might be interested, and would want to see repair work order....can you buy extended warranty? That would help your resale and I'd be interested if it's "right". Dzm
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    Anecdotaly the X i expressed intertest in last evening via different weblinks, browser clients and other methods, over a few hours - went up $700 to the price it was the day before while I was demonstarting/testing my theory, before coming back down sometime after I stopped clikcing around. Yet...
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    Bet I can make a car price pop up 400 or 500 by clicking for pictures a bunch...but I'm not trying to steal someone's thread here ....
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    Sure speculation...but observation as well. I've seen vehicle's prices rise on particular vehicles when I click for pictures a couple times a day...does your web site update every hour or two to show fluctuations like that? Nope. Matter of fact it has an X on it that's been sold for two days...
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    Model X 90D

    For me the 20 miles of range equates to that 20 now being the buffer for un-useable range, the rest I get to use. So if a 90D gets 257, and a 75D gets 237: I can go 235 in the 90DL, which is a week of work driving before recharging; in the 75D I can go 215, which isn't a week of work driving...
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    Model X 90D

    Zactly, I'm looking for a 90D X and my impression immediately was nope dont bother even asking.
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    The Tesla algorithm responds to mouse clicks...more mouse clicks the less likely price will go down day after day, and may go up on a day. At least in my observations.
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    Model X 90D

    ^ this
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    2019 Model X 100D Lease Transfer

    I'd post this in the Tesla for sale area...I'm looking to assume an X lease, and only noticed this by chance as it's not in the sale area. Dzm
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    Tesla 2017 Model X 100D Black on Black, 6 seats

    Uuumm now that makes me nervous. Guess I need to search the forum. Thanks jhemming. Dzm
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    Tesla 2017 Model X 100D Black on Black, 6 seats

    EAP or FSD, what build month? 2nd set of winter running gear included? What's your 80% range? Where located? What about minor accidents? Thanks, Dzm
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    2016 Model X 60D (upgraded) for sale - $52,500

    By VIN I'd say yes...
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    Someone got a temporary Model X?

    We got a 2016 titanium X as a loaner once. Is this really the right forum for this question? Dzm
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    2019 Model X Raven Long Range 7 Seater - NY - 10,200 miles

    I said it when you initially posted this...let it die and start over. This is painfull.......
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    Model S 100D valuations

    I think your obser I think your observation is spot on and plays across all models produced in 16/17/18 ie the "X" as well. Sellers love to post the Monroney sticker to show the price paid in 2017/18, and some prospective buyers get caught up on the fact that the car was $115k when new. When...
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    Considering Selling My Referral Power Wall

    Why ya gotta low ball like that..lynnpt2001 I give you $401! Learned from the best, Bob Barker that is. Another free bump Dzm
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Yup your right...my bad.
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    JuiceBox Load Sharing

    Why is this in X battery and charging not in "Supercharging & Charging Infrastructure"? I think you'll get a much wider audience there vs just one models charging sub-forum. Dzm
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Love it but it's "promised and paid for" not just promised...
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    Confused on which CPO

    I'm somewhat in same boat...thinking the 16's have already taken a huge depreciation hit...don't care about AP2.0 beacuse in order to get real FSD, it'll cost you a couple $K more, and when the MCU dies from lack of eMMC memory that another couple of $K as well. In the end what did you get...
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    HW 3.0 Upgrade Tracker

    As a drunken sailor I take offense at your inference that I drive as bad as AP can...
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    For Sale: late 2018 MX 75D, MCU2, HW3, FSD 16850 miles for $79,900

    Saw your pics and post on OUT...nice looking just don't want a 75...GLWS. Dzm
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    Model X P100DL

    FUSC and Autopilot status?
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    Black 2019 Model S Lease Takeover. $744.21

    Now I got it then. Thanks. GLWS. Dzm

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