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    Downgraded UI in v11

    Well, at least we have options. Er, I guess.
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    YouTube TV works on the browser

    There are humans that work at YouTube??? 😀 Thanks for that. It's definitely firmware related on Tesla's side as well. I just got my 2nd M3 yesterday. It's on factory firmware (2021.39.102.1) and it works fine. Go figure.
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    YouTube TV works on the browser

    Well I'll be darned! Thanks! You actually spoke (assuming email) to YouTube? Didn't think that was possible. :)
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    Stuck on 2021.35.102

    Read the first post in this thread. It explains it all.
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    FSD Beta 10.6

    Source? I'd like to see this.
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    YouTube TV works on the browser

    Old thread, but maybe someone will see this: YouTubeTV (via the YouTube App) has stopped working for me. It will show my library, the Home tab & Live tab. But if I try and play anything now, I receive a licensing error. Anyone else seeing this? It was working fine for me.
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    Reporting FSD Feedback - do you always send email or just "press the button"?

    Regarding when to press the report button, I only do it for egregious errors. Basically safety issues. For example, FSD always wants to make a right turn into a bike lane where I live. It travels in the bike lane for a bit then gets over to the left. I've reported via the button twice or so...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    That is a very subjective measurement. I've noticed on a road I travel often, that upon coming up to cross streets where the road I'm traveling doesn't have a stop sign, FSD will slow down by 1 mph, sometimes 2. So, on this street from 30mph to 29 or 28mph, then once it's through the...
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    Why is the new mobile charging cord 110v only?

    Not a relevant comment. But just a shoutout to Bill The Cat. Classic.
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    FD Beta : TomTom Map, Roundabouts and the Speedlimit

    I'm just at a loss on all of this, I've looked at OSM, MapBox (haven't checked out TomTom). But how can Tesla navi give these instructions for a simple right turn (indicated by arrow). FSD just highlights the issues with map data.
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    How do you activate FSD?

    Seeing this on Reddit too. I'm wondering if they've changed their rollout strategy. In other words, push the software but keep people in Queue and activate the feature by VIN. Another way to slow release the rollout. I dunno, just speculation.
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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    Ahh...that makes total sense. I'm about to be a 2 Tesla household so I don't yet know how that works. I would have thought that when you're in the app and you select what car you want to see, that the notifications would follow the car you've selected. I can see how that would be an issue.
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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    I'm at a loss why this is something that is so annoying you'd have to go through the trouble of opening a ticket etc. I mean, the app tells me when the car starts and stops charging....I don't care, it disappears and I go on with my life. Why is this an issue?
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    FSD Beta 10.4 Changes for Better or Worse, Real or Imagined - What are you experiencing?

    I'm not seeing much in terms of improvements. I have had 3 incidents where it made really fast jerks to the right for no discernible reason. I keep a really firm grip on the wheel now. All the time. I've always kept my hands on the wheel, but after these incidents I make sure I can not let...
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    MASTER THREAD : FSD Beta Issues Tracking Spreadsheet

    From what I've read, it's that they are using MapBox now. MapBox consumed OSM data originally, which would explain why we're seeing similarities between Tesla Nav and OSM. Regardless, we still haven't seen map updates since 2020. FSD is just highlighting the fact of bad map data. If AI Day...
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    2021.36.8 Adds Remote Sentry Live Footage on App

    I'm on that version and have it. Did you enable live view in Safety & Security?
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    Why don’t I have the newest Over The Air update?

    Nope, tried it many times. I finally achieved full enlightenment after reading this.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Home delivery is the best! On my first, I didn't even know it was in my driveway. I'd just randomly checked my email and had one from Tesla to accept delivery in the app and open the car. All the docs were on the seat in a pre-paid FedEx envelope (only 3 docs to sign). And key cards as well...
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    Why don’t I have the newest Over The Air update?

    As has been linked already in this thread, the first post in this thread will answer all of your questions about when you will get off of factory firmware. The tldr: be patient.
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    2021.36.5.3 Installing

    FSD Beta fix for 10.3. Installing now!
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    How bizarre. I ordered 9/22, MSM/White (I'm assuming that's what you mean by silver) and my EDD immediately was Nov 22- Dec 22. Hasn't moved at all since then. Crazy EDD game we have to play (this is my 2nd rodeo with EDDs). I'm in the Bay Area CA. so not sure if they are trying to fit...
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    Safety Scores and Miles Driven in TeslaFi

    Looks like Teslafi Scores are gone. Anyone else seeing this?
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Similar to me. Ordered 9/22, EDD has been Nov 22 - Dec 22 since the day I ordered. This is my 2nd rodeo though, so I figure it'll likely bump to next year (but I'm hoping not!).
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Sorry about your loss. Based upon your post history, have you thought about possible causation here?
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Did they run out of road paint when they built your town? Because either that or it's been burned clean off the roads.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    There is always a lag at the beginning of a quarter. They need to catch a breath or two after the massive end-of-quarter rush they just went through.
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    Yeah, you lost all credibility with me on this comment. There are legions of desktop support people out there that will disagree with you on that one.
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    Autosteer veers to the right when there's a freeway onramp lane

    It will be interesting when the FSD Single Stack is done (maybe with 10.2 this weekend?) if that has an impact on Autopilot with respect to this issue (even when you don't have FSD). I would imagine that it would...but that's a complete and utter uninformed guess on my part.
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    IOS Shortcuts

    Someone posted in some post (I forget where, sorry), that in iOS15, you can create custom Focus behaviors that are location based (leave/arrive) and these don't require confirmation. Then, you can add that focus to a shortcut that has your open or close garage door shortcut in it. Haven't...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Well, there's The Checklist. But I wouldn't worry about it too much. My June build was fine in every way. Some people are going overboard bringing calipers to their Pickup to measure gaps. I mean, c'mon!
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    IOS Shortcuts

    I'll just share this, because I'm a geek. In MyQ I named my garage door, "Pod Bay Door". I then changed the name of the Shortcut to "Open the pod bay doors please HAL". Then, I learned a little Shortcut "coding" and downloaded some MP3s from 2001 Space Odyssey. Long short, I could pull up my...
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    IOS Shortcuts

    You can create "Automation" shortcuts in the Shortcut app that are location based. When adding it, select "Arrive" and then tell it to run the Open Garage shortcut. Then do another automation and select "Leave" and assign the Close Garage shortcut. The only problem with this is that you have...
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    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    Oh, if you're moving to SLO, we'll convert you for sure. I'm up in Napa, and Tesla's are everywhere (as in all of CA.). Actually was thinking about a weekend trip to Cambria at some point. I'll be either in a White or Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3 (have both). Look out for me, we can...
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    It sure would have helped us all if someone had made a post about when we can expect updates.
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Well darn. I guess I better call my lawyer to cancel my breach of contract lawsuit. Damm. /s
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Chill people. You'll get your updates. OP on this thread told you that. In the first post. Half the people on this thread right now....
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Problem is "regularly" is subjective. Is that once a month? Once each quarter? Once each year? Every other year? It's different for everyone and Tesla made no claims as to the frequency. As they should IMO. This is software, in a car, and it needs to be really safe of course.
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    If delivery was same as us in the U.S., then you did have to accept certain terms with vision only cars. I did back in June, had to do it before I could get my VIN. Maybe things were different in Canada. Me, I'm looking forward to Friday this week for "the button". Not sure if you'll get it...
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Sorry about, that I missed it. I was getting frustrated that after OPs post (that was thoughtful & beneficial...I'd hoped) we were then up to five pages of people asking questions about when they were going to get updates and blah, blah, blah. Turns out I was doing the same thing by not...
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    The future is now? [model 3 new owner review]

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. It's particularly important that you gave your impression on build quality. I received mine and had no issues. These folks with calipers at their delivery make me laugh. It's so overblown. Like the fire stuff or hitting first responder cars. Loved the video...
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Sorry, that's incorrect. You were on a Wifi network. You said you turned on your phone's Hotspot and connected to it, which is a Wifi network. So, even though your "router" (e.g. phone) was getting to the internet via LTE/5G, the car just sees that it's on a Wifi network and can download...
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    PG&E bill significantly higher, is it my Model 3?

    On the PG&E site you can drill down directly to see your usage by the hour. If you're on the EVA2 rate (or have just gone on it) remember it takes a while for it to take effect. Like one full billing cycle. We have our M3 set to start charging at 12:15AM so it starts at off-peak hours. For...
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    Not getting any software updates??

    Tesla is a mess? Really? As you said, they are working on unifying FSD into a single stack (v10), first to be released to the FSD Beta testers on Friday. While you may not have FSD, you will benefit from this undertaking. It will allow them to be more agile (pun intended) in future...
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    Quality of recent delivery VIN 250xxx

    Agreed on your last point. Recently drove my June 2021 build M3 on the freeway, and we all commented on how quiet it is compared to our ICE car. I really think that the lack of engine noise really makes people think the car is loud on the road
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    Does Pearl White issues still exits?

    Well, since all the posts in this thread before yours are from 2020, I'm not it's relevant for today. I'm not seeing this at all on my June '21 M3. No panel gaps, nothing wrong with it.
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    New tesla system [question about firmware]

    Why are you yelling? We can hear you just fine.
  47. Q

    Master Thread: 3 Delivery experiences

    I'm sorry I'm confused. Are you implying that your Tesla wasn't made by US workers? Or maybe California doesn't count? Sorry if I misunderstood you.
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    Day 1 impressions

    Frunk = Food. Popped mine the other day to put some food in and experienced a Karen in the wild. "Is that all the space they give you?". I had to explain, no, there is a huge trunk as well. I don't think she knew there's no engine. The other day I drove 4 family member to the airport. So...

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