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    Plaid+ 0-60

    This ^^^ Range is what kills me now in terms of time lost on a weekly basis. Range is what affects me thinking about a long road trip to Vegas or Clearwater. Range can be countered by rate of charge (at home over night at 40A or on the road at 250 miles an hour) but it's range. For example...
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    Model S underside

    The bottom looks pretty good. It's free from missing parts, parts aren't hanging down, the bolt heads aren't worn off indicating a drive/strike. Seen this on a few though (when you charge at Tesla service centers, you get to wander around and see how bad damage can be) ... the inside wheel...
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    Waiting for an Tesla

    Ah, to be young again and to make the mistakes that teach you lessons that last a lifetime. You don't need the Ludicrous nor Performance models. In fact, after a few times, you may rarely use them. Yes, I cranked it up and launched every light "just because" at the start, but staggered tires...
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    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    I'll run into either a 50 minute supercharge per week, or two 20 minute ones. In the past, when restaurants were open, it would be to go and grab a bite to eat. Now it's take a 20 minute nap, going for the shorter chargers (until kW/h drops to 60-70) but more frequently.
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    That's false. Pick the option that claims that your car is in service right now and you'll get transferred to a human at best, voice mail with a call back at worse. I've tried Comcast (Charter and Spectrum). Try to get someone to help with Internet Essentials at an address that previously...
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    Shipping model X from California to Texas

    I did that too, used DAS to ship a new vehicle from TN to CA a few years back. The cost made absolute sense as it was an ICE with all of the features I wanted, and only available from that one dealer in the US. * You can ship to home, presuming you don't live out in the boonies up some crazy...
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    Picking up X out of state and taxes

    You will pay taxes for the location you register your vehicle. The obligation is on the seller (Tesla) to look up the zip code and State where you reside (aka register) and collect the taxes there. When it comes time to go and register, usually 30 day grace period, you'll go to your DMV and...
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    Cost of model s charge port replacement?

    That's roughly what would happen to mine when it first started. Towards the end, it would fully open, then take 2-3 seconds for the white light to go on (enough time for me to sit there and wonder why it's taking so long). At first, it wouldn't fully extend, then transitioned to fully extend...
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    North to Alaska

    Mt. Ham is nice, I'd take the motorcycles up to there and back down through to I5 or Niles Canyon via Calaveras along with Quimby Rd back past Alum Rock. But it's not especially indicative of driving of the mountains, considering that cold temperature extremes are real drags on the battery...
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    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

    Have to wonder about those people who also got smacked for the "flexible" electricity rate costs in the past, and now sitting on $5000-15,000 if not higher electricity bills for the past month. It was cheap in the short term, and for the most part, but maybe pulling out a gas (or NG)...
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    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    Eh? What exactly is this excessive strain / wear that you are talking about? * Tires? * Axles? * Motors? * Suspension? Driving on the "low" setting isn't going to save any type of wear on drivetrain components, and driving on "high" isn't going to cause increased strain either (logically)...
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    High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) Issue - Questions

    I'd posit it's the battery too. If you don't get the error while it's on the charger ... Then I'd buy another battery. That's how it works. You apply a higher voltage to the battery and it'll charge. The 10A is only how quickly you can charge, presuming you can charge. If you have 1000A...
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    Cost of model s charge port replacement?

    Out of warranty charge port replacement at Tesla cost me $199 72 hours ago.
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    2017 Model S air suspension damaged after tire service

    Having jacked up a few cars, SUV's and even Tesla's ... If the shop doesn't know how to do it correctly, they shouldn't do it. The owners manual lays out exactly where the jack points are. On an SUV, it's the frame (forward and back), cross member (left and right) along with the transaxle...
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    CCI from TapTes for $449

    After 50,000 miles there isn't any rattle and the quality is great. When trying to put it in, could see where there would be some loose areas, most notably the portion near the outlets that you press down on to cover that portion. I mostly leave mine open. Because it also sits on the...
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    Black Screen...Dying MCU1?

    Was told (because I was at a Tesla Service Center yesterday complaining about reboots) that the Tegra Daughterboard Replacement is indeed the recall. It doesn't require you to replace your entire MCU nor do the MC1 to MCU2 upgrade (it was listed about $500 last year) so your cost should be...
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    2015 P90DL Fan Behaviour (Please Save my Sanity)

    25C is ... multiply by two and add 32, about 82F for those Americans. A warm but not hot day. * When charging, the fans can indeed kick on to help keep the battery cool. Encounter this plenty often when going from Las Vegas to Death Valley USA (AFB near that town of Beatty, and then up to...
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    When you have a service, do you get a courtesy car?

    Let's see.... I do about 500 miles a week which is about more than the average and actually hit a bit north of 27,000 last year. Since I'm sitting in the car a lot, I get to do math pondering how much it would cost me to drive a vehicle getting 20 miles a gallon. One gallon of gas runs...
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    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    Zero shudder here, and as mentioned earlier, the benefits of the air bag suspension is: * Ride quality * Ability to load level and keep you driving safer at night with a heavy load * Adjustable for conditions, such as a snowy driveway * Reduced maintenance The drawbacks are * Increased...
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    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

    There is a world of difference in pumps out there. Make sure that you’re using the right kind for your application. If you’re driving a pool with sand filtration, you need a pool pump. If you’re making a decorative waterfall, you need a pond pump. The energy should be proportional to your...
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    About that "yoke" steering wheel

    Precision. In aviation, there are planes with yokes, and those with sticks. Cessna comes to mind for the former, and Cirrus for the latter in GA. In the air, you're probably doing two-minute-turns so it's not a big deal. But on the ground, you'll be taxi'ng around the runway environment and...
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    When you have a service, do you get a courtesy car?

    This. Santa Clara Service center (CA), in there a few times and have NEVER received a loaner. The last time when the MCU failed and after getting the run around a few times (and literally throwing my hands up) it was parked there and I drove another vehicle. Never received Uber credits...
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    BUG: Autopilot engaging the HDMI interface

    Maybe it's a confusion of existing CAN signals? The CANBUS is a system where multiple devices can be connected, send signals and listen. It's like standing in a hallway and saying "Jim" and then asking "Jim" for something or to do something. The benefit is that you can have a single set of...
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    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    Coil suspensions are easier to fix and replace. There is little to no chance of a catastrophic failure (e.g. compressor going out, hose line becoming disconnected or a hole impacting the bladder). Springs can be linear (1" = 100 lbs) or progressive (first 1" of travel is 100 lbs, 2-3" is 400...
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    How much snow can it handle ?

    How much snow can it handle? These are the two primary factors in understanding how winter driving works. * Tires * High centering Tesla vehicles, because of the wheel well limitations, are limited in terms of tires for winter. If you're running dedicated winter tires then +1 to you (the WA...
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    Does swapping the 12v battery reset ride height?

    My hard won experience playing with automatic ride sensors would make it clear that the answer is no. There are a series of sensors attached to links at the four wheel locations. These sensors send a signal to the onboard system which inflates (or cuts out) the air compressor at the correct...
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    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Ah, that's great to know! It would appear that your MCU is more likely locked up (stuck on display) and the following would help: * Use both steering wheel buttons and brake. I can't recall if it's the scroll wheels or the up/down but try them both and hold them for 60 seconds to get multiple...
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    Insurance won't pay certified Tesla body shop their charges. Claiming they're too expensive!

    You are hit - other party accepts responsibility and they have insurance. You have some insurance but drive an expensive car. Your insurance company is there to help recover SOME costs but not necessarily all costs. The other party has insurance which can cover SOME of the costs, but not all...
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    Is this MCU or eMMC failure?

    Be aware that you can search Tesla for recalls involving your VIN: VIN Recall Search | Tesla Service Did that for mine, and didn't show. However, I do have an appointment for this Friday coming up to address an MCU issue (even post Tegra daughterboard upgrade/replacement), and a charge port...
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    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Frozen as in black, switching to grey and then black to black when you try everything to reboot? Or frozen as in you see something on the screen? If the former, pulling the fuse, disconnecting the battery and other options won't do a thing. This is all about the MCU failure (and probably...
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    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    I had the daughter-board replacement and it simply doesn't help solve the core problem, though it did solve my problem about a black/bricked MCU1 * Random reboots * Freezes / lagging * Disabling of Autopilot Went back to the dealership and at the time (30-45 days ago) was told that there was...
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    Big Snow Storm coming in NE USA! What to Do?

    How big is big? This past weekend we had a foot of snow drop with the temperatures in the 20s. Tonight to tomorrow, Winter Weather Advisory and ridge gusts up to 100 MPH and maybe another 8-12” This is a typical winter pattern. Anyhow, have the car parked outside because the garage is full...
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    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    Picked mine off of eBay. Shipped straight to home and just waited for a coupon to show up to get a bigger discount.
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    Front Passenger Window Cost

    Am curious, how much does Tesla charge for the passenger window? Was the victim of a smash and grab in San Jose (Denny’s down by Tully Road and 101 at 730P) and afterwards, this was one of the first places I turned to in order to figure out the cost (and options) It happened on the 8th and the...
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    Pondering new tires for 2015 MS 85D

    My main thing is a good and safe tire. Because I run staggered tires in the summer and have sizeable snowfall in the winter, I need to be a bit more particular. My typical run can be the 250 miles between SF and Lake Tahoe or the 350+ miles from Tahoe to Las Vegas with side trips to Death...
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    Wing/side mirrors stuck folded and RHS door handles not presenting

    Zip tie can can be inserted and tied off to get you the ability to easily enter and exit. If you don’t have it set up yet, a credit card can be used (inserted) to present enough of the handle to get it open for you to enter. When the mirrors on mine didn’t present, it was the main MCU that...
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    Pray that you dont get in a car accident

    Oh, they hit your car? They are liable for how ever long it takes you to get your car back and for the rental. No need to be nice, you’re out of a Tesla and that means they’re paying the cost for the rental of one. Not sure what the issue is then. Rent a Tesla and make sure their insurance...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2 for $2500 [$1500 as of Jan 21, 2020]

    Just an FYI, the upgrade isn't available from everyone. The word back from my service center a few weeks back was that my VIN wasn't eligible ... yet. But the hope was that it would be about 2-3 weeks back. Latest word (Monday) was that it still wasn't eligible by the VIN number. So I just...
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    Anyone want to swap 19's for my 21 Performance Wheels?

    Can also check Craigslist. I picked up a set (including rubber and TPMS) for about $500 in the SF Bay Area. los angeles auto wheels & tires - by owner "model s tesla wheels 19"" - craigslist I have an obsidian black Tesla and needed a winter driving set for Tahoe. The silver actually does...
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Under warranty? I've been unable to reasonably drive my car since the beginning of July - no center console means no venting, no ability to open the sun roof and most importantly, no AC when the temperate rises to triple-digits (F). As such, it's been parked at the service center for about a...
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    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    I've had one (hitch) sitting on my porch for a good 3 months, so thank you much for the video!
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    If MCU1 fails under warranty, can MCU2 be negotiated cheaper?

    I'd definitely push for the MCU2 upgrade, but the problem is the horrendous delays in getting them. My MCU1 failed at the beginning of July and I'm still waiting on parts, with the latest delay via text message today pushing out my appointment to 26-Aug, and of course that's not guaranteed...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2 for $2500 [$1500 as of Jan 21, 2020]

    How long is it taking for people to get their MCU's upgraded? My system is down (MCU literally black screened) at the beginning of July and the latest update is that the parts still haven't arrived and that I have to wait another 3 weeks (8/26 from 8/3) as the service appointment got moved out.
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    How do you actually talk to someone from service? MCU failure & replacement

    FYI, got the text message today - it looks like the MCU replacement is on order, and the service date is 8/26. At that time, it'll be about 2 months without driving the vehicle.
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    How do you actually talk to someone from service? MCU failure & replacement

    Pleasantly, the "leave a voice message" worked as I received a call back at 9:15A this morning from James at Santa Clara. Explained the situation and the bullet points of our conversation included: * The VIN range for the MCU2 upgrade was just updated on 28-July to include mine. This would...
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    How do you actually talk to someone from service? MCU failure & replacement

    Thanks! Getting frustrated (and reading the others who are having the same type of issues as well, so not alone) and want this fixed :) Cancelled the existing appointment and scheduled another one for the same day (next Wednesday at 9A) for a warranty replacement of the existing MCU. That's...
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    How do you actually talk to someone from service? MCU failure & replacement

    About two months ago, my MCU1 was on the way out so I opened a service request in Reno NV to try and get the MCU1 upgrade. Well, about a month ago the MCU1 basically died and I moved the service request to Santa Clara, CA as they had a faster availability date. Obviously there's a lag in...
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    Why is Tesla not using used cars as loaners?

    Driving a loaner right now. It's a Model S (70) and almost as basic as basic can be. The driver side door handle (auto-present) doesn't work, but it's better than literally nothing. Would like to have the opportunity to drive a Model X (it's on the short list as next purchase) but that's...
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    P85D showing as P90D?

    Also check and see if the battery sticker (right wheel well with the tire turned) is missing. That can denote the battery being removed & replaced as the SN doesn't match anymore.
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    Blog Tesla Considering Cybertruck Factory in Central U.S.

    Personally, I'd think that Nevada would be a nice fit. He is close to the Fremont (NUMMI) plant, being about 4 hours away. Reno (Sparks) sits on the crossroads of two major highways (I80 and US50) and has rail yards nearby. Weather is rarely a concern (no snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes...