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    Questions about 1000 miles supercharger referral bonus

    Hi all I got my model 3 about 6 months ago and still have 650 supercharger miles. My plan has been to keep them indefinitely and use on a rainy day when I really need them, however I noticed a few weeks ago that there is now an expiration date on them. A few weeks ago the expiration was May...
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    Is the Roadie still necessary after Software Update 2020.12.11.1?

    Hi all Ive been eyeing the Roadie USB accessory that makes it easy to view sentry mode clips right on your smart phone with your app as soon as you notice there's been a recorded Sentry mode "incident". However with the new software update Im not sure the Roadie is necessary any longer, since...
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    Several Questions on Sentry Mode

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to explain it all to me! I understood everything, I just want to know if it would help increase the life of the Sandisk microsd card if I periodically wipe it clean instead of having the card overwrite by itself? (or would that make things worse?)
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    Several Questions on Sentry Mode

    This will be a bit of a long post so I will number my different questions: 1) I did not get the USB stick that has wifi (the particular one that many of the tesla youtubers have reviewed) instead I got a high endurance microsd card along with an adapter. Just after my first trip with it and...
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    Max Battery Range on Model 3 Performance

    Oh dang I wasnt aware of that, from what Ive read, once the number on the battery display drops (again assuming youre at 100% charge) then its permanent which reflects the small degradation of the battery. Wasnt aware that the actual 100% charge mile that it displays could fluctuate...
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    Max Battery Range on Model 3 Performance

    I think you may be misunderstanding how the battery display works, basically the 310 miles that it shows when the car is brand new (and for some thousands of miles afterwards) it the best shape the battery will be in, which is rated at approximately 240 Wh/mi. So essentially if you notice the...
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    Just got uniform 30% ceramic tint

    I have a white interior M3, but the front passenger tint looks lighter than the rear passenger tint, though I dont think they accidentally put darker shade of tint on the rear passenger windows. I think whats happening is that since there's more light that comes into the front passenger seats...
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    New car, still on V9 update

    I also got my car recently (end of October) and have yet to get V10 update myself... I called the customer service department that specializes in software, and they said it could be that I havent driven the car much since getting it (only 250 miles on it so far in the last 3 weeks) and that...
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    Took Delivery of P3D today, went smooth but few unexpected changes...

    Hey everyone Im officially part of the Tesla family now! So with that out of the way I had my checklist in hand when inspecting the car and I had several things come up that surprised me, that I figured I would run by the forum to see if I got stiffed. They are the following: a) As I was...
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    Question regarding Ceramic Coating & Ceramic Tinting

    Thanks for the detailed post! So Im thinking then that it may be worth it to pay extra to have the tint done by the most reputable shop since its a one-time thing as well as having the potential to ruin the tesla if even slightly improperly executed. As far as the percentages on the side front...
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    Question regarding Ceramic Coating & Ceramic Tinting

    Hi everyone I have 2 questions, the first one being, does it matter if I get ceramic coating done before ceramic tinting, or vice versa? My second question is about whether or not I should shell out more money to get the ceramic tint done at what I believe is the most skilled shop in...
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    Best way to record myself and others when driving Model 3

    Oh cool! I didnt know they had a cabin camera. However upon searching Youtube I wasnt able to find a video showing a guide on how to set it up, or even a video of someone using it to record the inside of their model 3. There were a couple of videos of using it as a dashcam, but it seems like...
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    Best way to record myself and others when driving Model 3

    HI all! I will be taking delivery of my Model 3 in a couple of days and since it will be a watershed moment for me (as it will be the first non-used car I will be buying) I wanted to record my genuine reaction and stream of consciousness the first time I drive it off the lot. I dont believe...

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