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    TuneIn problem- MSNBC

    I’m signed into TuneIn, and for the most part it works. I can stream our NPR station, CNN, etc... but although I did get MSNBC to play previously, lately it simply won’t play at all. I see the little “play” icon jump rapidly between play and pause, but it never loads and plays.... am I missing...
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    Homelink question re auto close distance

    I continue to experiment with this.... Interestingly, it just isn’t consistent... without changing anything, twice I left and the garage did not start closing until I was turning out of the driveway, which is perfect. But then yesterday, again, it closed quickly just after I finished backing out...
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    Tesla Stats App

    Yes! As a new Model 3 owner, I paid the $35 for the app, and glad I did. Along with the iPhone app, it has a good Apple Watch app as well. I've had some issues, and the developer is extremely responsive (typically answers emails within minutes). I strongly believe in supporting good developers...
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    Homelink question re auto close distance

    Just got HomeLink installed, and overall works great. I've read through other posts, and it appears the "distance" that is set controls the arriving "open" distance, which I have set to 40 feet- works fine. I have it set to auto close, which has been working reliably, but not quite how I'd...
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    Problems connecting Gen 3 home charger to wifi

    New charger is working fine. However, I cannot get it to connect to wifi. I've tried scanning the QR code with iPhone camera, which just gives an error in Safari (cannot connect). Have tried using QR scan app which doesn't do much. And tried setting it up manually in iPhone wifi, with name being...
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    Autopilot cameras unavailable?

    Also curious to hear... I have a 1 week old M3, appt 10/7 for Homelink and Autopilot Cameras Unavailable as well! I did a chat with Tesla (took 30 mins for them to actually answer), and the guy was reportedly able to see my left camera had only reached 99% calibration. He told me to power off...
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    Static on FM radio

    Perfect- just what I was looking for- thanks!
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    Static on FM radio

    New Model 3 owner! I'm in the Boston area, and when I play WBUR (90.3 FM), it comes in fine here, but as I drive south I get more and more static, like a regular station. So I instead switched to my iPhone, and just streamed the WBUR website, which was perfect. Is there a way to "stream" a...
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Got my new Model 3 last Friday (LOVE it, I must say). Not spending 8k for FSD, but when I saw this pop up, and had a 150 mile trip today, I decided to try it. The auto lane change is really great- certainly not "essential," but it just makes the whole driving experience with the care much...
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    Is the extra $$ for the Long Range AWD worth it over the Standard RWD?

    Have to say I'm not completely clear on what is "counted" when being under 50K for the rebate, even after searching. But I'd suspect that taxes are not included, and hopefully not Destination/Documentation either-- anyone have info on this?!
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    Is the extra $$ for the Long Range AWD worth it over the Standard RWD?

    Howdy- I'm in the Boston area, ordered my Model 3 last month. As noted, lots to read on this, but short answer, at least for me (and many on forum) is that yes, LR is worth is for increased range and AWD. In talking with others, I've heard RWD is "ok" in snow, but AWD is better, Also, the cost...
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    Ceramic coating right after delivery or wait a bit

    Thanks for all the input! And yes, Craft Detailing in Dedham.... I had already done the research on ceramic coating vs PPF, and decided just on the coating. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm not really worried about minor scratches, etc that PPF would protect against, and do not...
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    Ceramic Coating durability- Any issues at end of life?

    Looking at getting Opti-Coat Pro Plus ceramic coating on new model 3, which comes with 7 year warranty. It looks like a great product and the install shop has an excellent reputation. My question is after 5-10 years, is the coating just "gone" and the car looks fine (but obviously without...
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    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    Is yours a 2020 Model 3 LR AWD? That's the specific model where it specifically states they don't fit... I did see from one other post (I think on Amazon) that the reviewer bought them for this model, and they DID fit fine.... But I'm assuming there must be some reason the company is...
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    Ceramic coating right after delivery or wait a bit

    Appreciate all the feedback! Will likely give it a few days before doing the ceramic coating.
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    Ceramic coating right after delivery or wait a bit

    Looking forward to expected delivery of 3 LR next month. I'm planning to get ceramic coating at a great place located near the pickup SC in Boston area. I was going to bring it over there right after pickup, but now wondering if I should wait a few days and just be sure all is ok with the car...
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    18' Wall Charger back in stock

    I managed to see this and get my order in as well.... then saw it was back out of stock in an hour. Unfortunately, it does appear that one needs to just keep checking frequently, and not rely at all on a notification email (I had signed up, but never got it).
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    Tesla wall charger availability

    I'm in the same boat, waiting for Tesla 3 which will hopefully come next month, and want to install the Tesla HPWC. To reiterate the previous question which I don't think was answered, it's been out of stock for at least a couple weeks- does anyone have a sense based on history how long before...
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    Buying M3. Any last advice from you'all before I jump?

    I'm in the Boston area, and looking to jump in to buy a Tesla 3 LR early Fall. Is there any reason to order in September (is end of quarter) vs waiting until October (more towards end of year)? Thanks, and really appreciate all the great info here!

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