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  1. grankin

    Arcade games saying waiting to update after 40.8

    To ask for a service appointment? Not when the game decided to work. Except I am now on 2021.4.12 and it has again waited for an update. I would have thought seeking a service appointment was overkill, but WTF, I'll waste their time on your advice. Will report what transpires.
  2. grankin

    Arcade games saying waiting to update after 40.8

    Solitaire continues to tell me "waiting for update", and the car's on 2020.48.35.5 and has been on 'automatic update' since I bought it in 11/19. Anyone have any clues?
  3. grankin

    USB stick & screen

    It is distinctly possible that, when I formatted it in the proper FAT32, that I didn't succeed in creating the correct file for storing the video data. When I got home I did some snooping, and learned that the security section allows one to format a USB stick when inserted. Doing so re-formats...
  4. grankin

    USB stick & screen

    First, I was wrong about the size, for it was a mere 57.3 GB. Second, the manual;'s clearly wrong, for Tesla's service report says: "Upon reviewing logs at time stamps provided by owner technician found that times of occurrences corresponded with USB drive full error messages. Technician...
  5. grankin

    USB stick & screen

    The screen shut down yesterday morning and would not respond to holding the two buttons down, so I borrowed wife's Subaru and made it to my appointment. When I got back, I tapped the key card to the right spot, and the car unlocked & the screen turned on ... so I thought it was now OK. Went out...
  6. grankin

    Model 3 toy car at delivery?

    I took delivery on November 6, 2019, and got nothing except the car itself. I found a red 'official' model on fleabay and bought it.
  7. grankin

    Console organizer?

    I bought that one, and it is OK but not wonderful. I think it could use lips to the R and L to keep it from being able to be shoved down deep into the cavern below. Oh, and I was wrong about the month the dimensions (allegedly) changed. It was June, not April.
  8. grankin

    Do you use your frunk?

    A "frunk" is what I had in my 911 (sold to pay for the Model 3), and it was marginally better than putting grocery bags behind the front seats. It was actually more useful than the Tesla's frunk. As we usually get to the car in supermarket parking lots from behind, the trunk's the way to go...
  9. grankin

    Console organizer?

    I have the one from Amazon reported by jacobguo. It has the same fault as the one reported by PianoAl: they both rely on friction to stay in place, and really need a lip to keep them from being pushed down into the cavern beneath ... and a good place to grip & remove (to get stuff out from...
  10. grankin

    Review: Model3Part PRO - Center Console Organizer Tray

    Having just sent back the organizer made by Evannex, after I learned that Tesla changed the dimensions of the console after June, 2019, the question arises: does this organizer fit cars built after that date?
  11. grankin

    Console organizer?

    My wife bought me the nifty Evannex two-level (with a 3d level below) organizer, but ... as the website says: NOTE: Due to recent changes in the dimensions of the center console, our DD-CCI will likely NOT fit any Model 3 trims assembled after June 2019. Since my car was built in November of...
  12. grankin

    Console organizer?

    My wife bought me the console organizer from Evannex, and it looks like a seriously nifty organizer to make sense of what is pretty much a huge black hole, turning it into a three-level storage device. But there's one little problem: Tesla changed the dimensions of the console in April, 2019...
  13. grankin

    Modifying app features?

    True, the trunk can be opened manually, and I concede it ain't hard (and I have yet to put anything into the frunk). As to a fob? I don't think so. Costs too much, and I have been happy divesting myself of keys (I sold the Porsche and traded in the VW to pay for the Tesla, so I need carry...
  14. grankin

    Modifying app features?

    The app allows one to unlock it, to turn on the fan, and to open the frunk (my 911 had such a thing; didn't call it anything but 'trunk') from the first page seen when opening the app. If one then goes to 'controls', then one has more things one can do. We use the actual trunk nearly all the...
  15. grankin

    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    I bought the premium interior, and thought the level of connectivity was part & parcel of it Color me "wrong", for I just got notified that my 2020-dated AWD LD 3 will lose premium connectivity after a year post-purchase. Then they'll want $9.99/month to continue it. Since I have no use for...
  16. grankin

    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    I ordered mine on Sept. 26, and it arrived the day before 6 weeks passed. When I first got the VIN I called my insuror to get a commitment, and the home office insisted on a year for the car. I told them 2019, and they later decided on their own that it was 2020. I had read comments on wind...
  17. grankin

    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Swag? I consider myself lucky to have gotten the car I ordered Model 3, AWD, long-distance battery), six weeks previously. After driving through the snow 2 hours. Also after a certain amount of nonsense about the trade-in value - this being Nov. 6, 2019.
  18. grankin

    Tesla Lapel Pins

    "Swag bag"? Some folks get swag bags? Where'd I go wrong? I just got the car I paid for. ;)
  19. grankin

    Connecting an iPod Classic to the Model 3

    Been struggling with putting tunes on flash drive. As my pc is on W7, iTunes runs less smoothly than I suppose it does on a Mac, and 'manually' moving tunes from a playlist to a folder on the flash drive (as AAC audio) is messy, difficult, and inconsistent. So I had a look at the 'export'...
  20. grankin

    Connecting an iPod Classic to the Model 3

    A very slight variation on the inquiry, and directed to those now on V10: About to take delivery of my 3, and wish to avoid using my phone via bluetooth to hear the many gig of music stashed on it. I use iTunes as my main storage system, load individual playlists onto my iPhone. So I bought a...

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