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    Bug in Forward Collision Warning (FCW) setting?

    you're not going to be able to get it to stay at "off" all these safety systems have to be on by law each time you start the car. Late should be ok though.
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    Tessie App

    Smart summon doesn't really work in the EU - standard summon doesn't really care where you are. My Tesla ticket was closed as they say it's a problem within the app they are aware of and are fixing
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    Summon stopped working

    you'd need to look at Android/ios/car software/phone app version to get some kind of correlation.
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    Summon stopped working

    Service request closed due to known issue being worked on - sit and wait for app update
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    Summon stopped working

    Just about to raise a service request for this or is it better to wait if they're aware of it? I must have this working or a large part of the EAP is wasted for me
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    If not this Tesla what?

    iPace - interface just to slow for day to day use
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    A few last minute questions before I fully commit

    I'll just leave this here.....
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    Helping out our petrol friends

    Although you do have to specify to your insurance if you take passengers on a motorcycle, I know of no such requirements for motor insurance. don't ask for money for it and I don't think you've done anything wrong, unless you know different?
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    Is the Model Y the new Reliant Robin?

    What makes you think such a thing in the first place? with the underfloor battery it is almost impossible to roll.
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    Are other OEM's using Tesla Superchargers already in the UK?

    I think people miss the point about opening up superchargers, surely we can assume that the EU was going to force them to do so - after all that is the main thing holding back German car manufacturers compared to Tesla, they're hard to charge. This way Tesla opens them up but still keeps control...
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    Are other OEM's using Tesla Superchargers already in the UK?

    still not plugged in though
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    Does anyone wave anymore?

    After covering 100 miles on the C-Evolution Electric Motorcycle today (Stick that Guy Martin) My other half just informed me she'd been madly waving at every Tesla she saw, resulting in some confused waving back. So if you were waved at by a mad woman on the back of a bike today, that'll be her...
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    Does anyone wave anymore?

    If you were the blue model s, who waved in Godstone today, I was the white model 3 you waved at. Sorry for waving back too late but it was the end of a long trip and I was too stunned that someone waved at me first!
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    Sentry mode ranks who's got highest in one night?

    Turned mine off on holiday last year after over 200 - turns out Pandanoia is scared of the dark
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    Rear door won’t open

    I'd suggest asking in the USA section - Uk is not going to be much help for a car we don't even have
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    Whitley Bay Overnight Parking

    used JustPark in that area a couple weeks ago to park on someone's drive - even got access to a charger. Better than running the roulette that parking there seems to be.
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    Beaulieu Simply Electric day

    Thanks. That white one in the photo is mine. Anyone else?
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    Beaulieu Simply Electric day

    Agree completely, liked the monorail preview of the museum!
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    Beaulieu Simply Electric day

    Did anyone go to this on the 23rd May and have photo's? I would like to see if anyone has photo's of my car please. PM or post if you think you might be able to help
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    Remember when Musk promised swapping batteries instead of charging?

    As these guys already go equipped with vans battery or petrol powered cutting tools, lifting gear and weapons to threaten anyone that disturbs them I'm not sure a bit of weight is going to put them off. I'll leave this as it obviously isn't a problem over there, but it wouldn't end well for...
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    Remember when Musk promised swapping batteries instead of charging?

    Don't know about you, but over here, theft of catalytic converters is epidemic levels. Partly cos its easy quick money with little to no risk. Personally I do NOT want my expensive battery pack to be easy to remove, I'm quite happy if it takes hours so long as I can charge at a decent rate. I...
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    KICK mats?

    I've used these for the back seat - easy to put on, have stayed put and still gives you the seat pocket https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07YHKKQV1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    ICE to EV doubts

    If I'd had a Dyna or something I probably wouldn't either, but a solid mount Sportster stage 2 is a different thing. Livewire a bit out of my pocket and really needed better pass accommodation, CCS would have been nice though
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    ICE to EV doubts

    Model 3 proved to me that EV's have become so good with one pedal driving, smoothness, quietness and just general lack of fuss day to day that I've put my Harley up for sale and bought a BMW C Evolution - basically a two wheeled i3. Zero fuss, zero drama and so easy to live with two ev's
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    Model 3 Ground Clearance

    try one of these https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/?s=lift and one of these https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/product/mpp-model-y3-skid-plate/ then go laugh at that track
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    M3 towing advice

    Question comes up alot on forums, I'm led to believe the plated weight of the trailer is what matters rather than the actual weight. In your case as the trailer is plated for 1050 and the car is rated for 1000 you would be in trouble if anyone looked close enough at the plates
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    Why is Tesla asking for payment for SC'ing when I have free SC miles left?

    They did extend for a few months in the beginning/middle of last year
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    London TfL Congestion Charge / AutoPay

    my understanding is you register because it was a badly-ported disabled vehicle registration system rather than a built-for-purpose coded thing. This is upheld by the fact the ULEZ does use DVLA lookup as it's purpose built not adapted
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    Change charge rate from app please!

    I Would like to be able to change the charge rate from the app. Live in an apartment with underground c/p so it takes a while to go and change the rate.
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    MPP "Smash "Me" skid plate

    My solution (1st time) was to drive up on some caravan levelling ramps I had (using summon!!) then a trolley jack on either side - left ramps in place just in case. If people cleverer than me would like to look at the draper series of locking jacks, the one I used has a mechanical lock which...
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    Tesla Offer frunk kit

    Frunk is easy to fit, helps if there's two of you. My wife and I fitted it in about 2hrs having never taken anything off the car before, just followed the youtube vid and pausing when needed. Only thing altered on the car is the struts. Find out by accident you can also close the frunk as normal...
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    Hansshow Trunk V4 Reviews/Opinions

    I've attempted to communicate with Hansshow customer service a few times, while they initially attempted to help they never really understood the issues and then just stopped comms at all. I won't touch them again because of the after service. I won't mention the product but ended up having to...
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    Tesla Theft

    As far as I am aware, model 3 is immune to relay attack as they only use bluetooth and not radio
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    Auto headlights

    silly question but headlights or daytime running lights?
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    Does TACC avoid undertaking?

    It'll slow down unless/until you press the throttle to allow it to pass. I believe it will then continue to pass until you cancel autopilot.
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    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    I'll take the tyres please
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    Favourite/handy voice commands that work [in the UK]

    I was talking to someone with Alexa about this yesterday, they said the same thing - they have to ask for "BBC Sounds, radio 2" as apparently everything is now grouped under BBC Sounds, not radio. Might be worth trying
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    Anyone actually get Overtake Acceleration on TACC working?

    If you're in EU it's all working as the UNECE demand it works https://unece.org/transport/vehicle-regulations No automatic lane changes, car can suggest it but you have to confirm and it has 5 sec to complete. Suggest you check the forums relevant to your country as the USA isn't really going to...
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    Abstract Ocean - Cease & Desist From Tesla - Litigation Sale

    Not that dramatic, road was long enough and I've been well trained on old cars/bikes/trikes so ignition off (carefully) and apply brakes until stop, get out and fix with pocket knife (frayed cable cut down), while trying to make sure no-one had seen me, until I could re-engineer the throttle...
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    Recommended Jack and Puck

    standard trolley jack will not fit - tried 2 and 2.5T, the saddle on the 2t is really too small - 2.5 is really but did not damage the rubber puck, I'd have thought a 3T low profile would be a good bet unless anyone knows if the low profile saddles are bigger
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    Abstract Ocean - Cease & Desist From Tesla - Litigation Sale

    Just to amuse you two - I had a Capri (Surrey, not Essex) that had an ex Corvette Stingray engine fitted complete with autobox - all slightly breathed on (OK, it was for drag racing). The throttle jammed open going to work one morning, in the middle of Croydon.
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    they originally said there would be gear buttons above the wireless charging pad as well as the touchscreen
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    MPP "Smash "Me" skid plate

    Working as animal rescue and using the Model 3 as an ambulance occasionally I'll leave it to you to picture what the car will go through. Following some stories of expensive coolant line/battery repairs after something punctured the under shield I got around to thinking about the Mountain Pass...
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    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    watch this guys videos for your answers, but it's mainly UNECE
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    .12 downloading
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    If the car can haz a frunk, I can haz a z Actually a few Z's seem a good idea, first Lizard rescue for a while makes a long day
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    Just waking the car up as she's gone off for her snooze - 2021.4.11 I think that's the latest? We seem to be about 10 days behind the first sighting of a release here
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    I feel I owe you all an apology, Today I have been out on a 140ish mile drive around the M25 and Nothing Happened. NOA worked with all requested lane changes, there was no phantom braking, nothing fell off in the rain even autowipers worked flawlessly in all conditions from full sun, spray...
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    Orbital Wheel Covers

    Best I can do in the car park - Black on white
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    Tesla Model 3 UK Manual Towbar Accessory Limit of 55Kgs

    EU uses over run brakes on pretty much all trailers so nothing stopping you using the full trailer weight limit - no different to every other EU car out there.

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