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  1. qadaemon

    NEMA 5-20 & TT-30P to 14-50R adapters

    I have a first gen mobile connector NEMA 5-20 adapter ($25) and a TT-30P to 14-50R 2' corded adapter ($35) from evseadapters for sale. Small enough that we could work out shipping, or pick them up in person in Champaign IL area. I could also bring them to the Cape Canaveral, FL area between...
  2. qadaemon

    Model X sunshades

    I have all three OEM sunshades for a Model X. I believe they should fit all models. All have their original zippered cases as well. - Front sunshade, asking $50 - Falcon Wing Sunshade pair, asking $50 - Rear glass sunshade, asking $50 They could be picked up in Champaign, IL area. I'll also be...
  3. qadaemon

    Model X Complete floor mats

    I have all of the Tesla/Weathertech floor mats for sale. They could be picked up in Champaign, IL area. I'll also be in the Cape Canaveral, FL area from Nov 17-24 and could bring them with advance notice. Prefer to sell them all at once and in person, but I could split them up and work...
  4. qadaemon

    72A charger availability

    Does anyone know if the 72A charger still comes on a new 100D or P100D Model X? I can't find any mention of it on the order page now. Hopefully it is there and I just can't find it.
  5. qadaemon

    Model X Stock Hitch

    Garage cleanup time. Stock hitch & receiver from my 2016 Model X. Used a couple times before I went aftermarket. Prefer local pickup; I can't imagine what shipping would be. Currently near Champaign, IL. I could likely get it to Cape Canaveral, FL in May.
  6. qadaemon

    2005 Fleetwood Excursion

    Possibly the most ridiculous place to list it, but you never know. More pictures on request. Asking $73,000: 2005 Fleetwood Excursion Class A Motorhome Model 39S All the room you need for a cross country trip! Triple slide-outs! One for a huge bedroom suite and two opposing slides in front for...
  7. qadaemon

    He's dead, Jim

    Got a message while driving to work that the car needs service and may not restart. I was able to physically get in at lunchtime, but it's now 100% dead. This afternoon a co-worker said it was smoking, which I thought was a joke given the car is a running office gag. Turns our he wasn't actually...
  8. qadaemon

    Air conditioning failure & charging

    Just providing information for others in the future: If your air conditioner starts to fail, get it fixed immediately. It significantly affects DC and AC charging. Mine has been making a terrible racket for a few days, and the front AC was basically useless, but I was taking care of hurricane...
  9. qadaemon

    Airstream basecamp towing

    Anyone towing one with the X? I'd be interested in hearing about your experience.
  10. qadaemon

    Lost 1772 adapter downtown Toledo, OH

    Stupidly forgot my 1772 adapter at the public chargers on superior last night. If someone finds it, it'd be great to get back.
  11. qadaemon

    Towing suspension height

    Sorry, another towing question: what do you use for suspension height while towing? So far I've used standard but I suppose high might be beneficial for better tow bar height and such.
  12. qadaemon

    Weight distributing tow hitch reccomendations

    Those with camping trailers or other large trailers, what WD tow hitches are you using? I have a camco that worked great with the truck, but isn't so great with the X, and I'm thinking of replacing it. Thanks!
  13. qadaemon

    19" wheels & all-season tires

    I'm getting close to needing new tires, so I'm thinking out loud. The 20" contisilents have been reasonable, but I was wondering if the 19" cyclones with some tire of equivalent circumference would have any benefits. Tesla sells them as a winter tire rim for the X, so I assume the size is close...
  14. qadaemon

    Towing mirrors

    Anyone have suggestions for towing mirrors or extenders for the X? Thanks!
  15. qadaemon

    Hitch fabrication

    Has anyone considered fabricating a new hitch? I'm mulling it over, and would rather not duplicate effort if someone else is crazy like me. The Bosal one is nifty and all, but is quite tedious and finicky in practice. I removed the bumper cover and diffuser, and the stock one is basically a...
  16. qadaemon

    Front door armrest changes

    The armrests on the front doors on my X (White interior) are almost perfectly flat/level and actually rather comfortable. I currently have a signature X loaner with black interior, and the door-side armrests are at an angle--perhaps 60 degrees or so--and not nearly as comfortable. Is this a...
  17. qadaemon

    FW doors rubbing through paint

    Anyone else have bumpstops rubbing all the way through the paint on their FW doors? It looks like it's already damaging the metal underneath on mine as well. Going to see what the SC says next time they pick it up. Model X Falcon Wing door bumper damage
  18. qadaemon

    Public charging with credit card

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. Why aren't there public charging stations that just take a credit card like a gas pump? Or why haven't I seen them? I have three different smart cards and multiple apps, and it's horribly frustrating to find a new one that I have to sign up for and...
  19. qadaemon

    Heated mirrors

    Just checking: to turn on the heated side mirrors on a cold weather package X, you turn on the rear defroster, which is the square button between HVAC power and passenger-side HVAC temperature, correct?
  20. qadaemon

    Fuse map

    Is there a published fuse map for the X? Tech support sent me a manual but there's nothing in there. My right front fog light and turn signal are out and I'm trying what I can before sending it back to the sc, given I just got it back this afternoon. Thanks!
  21. qadaemon

    Supercharging only shows kW on binnacle

    Since V8, while supercharging my binnacle displays current kW, but the center display only shows 0. Is it just me?
  22. qadaemon

    Driver door not closing completely after 8.0

    8.0 installed Friday and I never had this problem before. Coincidence, perhaps. Every few door shuts, the driver door doesn't pull in the last 1/4" like it's supposed to, leaving the car unlocked. This happens both if I shut it or if the car shuts it. Anyone else with the same issue?
  23. qadaemon

    How many have lost the hitch cover?

    I have and it appears Bjørn has as well. I think mine vanished while driving, but I can't be sure I just didn't misplace it. ~$25 for a replacement isn't outrageous, but if I've already lost one, I predict I will lose more :-/
  24. qadaemon

    Business card in charge port

    Not sure if this is common knowledge & most people probably won't do this for privacy reasons, but for those who don't care: a standard business card fits in the hinge when the charging door is open. This way others can contact me if they need the charger while I'm away.
  25. qadaemon

    Random "Contact Tesla Service" messages

    Anyone else have random "Car Needs Service Contact Tesla Service" messages pop up on the dash display? Once or twice a week I get it, and the car won't go into gear while the message is up. I've called Tesla while it is happening several times, but they never see anything wrong with it remotely...
  26. qadaemon

    Front doors stuck shut

    Does anyone else have problems with the front doors getting stuck closed? About once a week, I'll walk up to a locked and probably sleeping car, press the door handle and nothing will happen. If I open the FW doors, the display then shows the front doors open, but they are obviously...
  27. qadaemon

    Midwest spoiler problems

    It's harvest time; driving by grain trucks being filled gets corn stuck in the spoiler notch under the glass. What a pain to get out, and causes quite the annoying rattle. Probably a non-issue for most of you, but I got them out with a pipe cleaner bent into a hook. I think some is still stuck...
  28. qadaemon

    How to get fresh air only

    In my old vehicle, I moved the temp knob to coldest, and made sure the ac switch was off to just get fresh air out of the dash vents with no heating or cooling. On the X would I get the same by setting temp to "lo" and turning the ac off? I'm not sure it's doing what I think set this way.
  29. qadaemon

    Handle on driver side in trunk

    What is the handle formed into the left side panel of the (rear) trunk for? Seems like a way to pull the panel like some cars and vans have for a spare tire, but I don't know what would be back there and it doesn't seem to come off easily. I can't find it in the on-screen manual either.

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