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    MPP coilover installation cost

    I got mine installed at mShop in Kirkland, WA. Li and Pete run a great shop for tires, suspension, brakes and alignments. Mine turned out to be great, and I'm really enjoying the MPP coilovers. My M3P is soo planted and smooth, definitely a noticeable upgrade from the stock performance...
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    Where to shop for used Teslas?

    The Tesla buy/sell forum in FB is fairly active. Have you checked it out? For instance, there were a couple listed recently, one of them in CA (no affiliation to sellers).
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    All Season Performance Tires recommendations?

    I have the quatrac pro in 245/35/20 and they’re awesome!
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    For Sale - Tesla HomeLink

    I bought an unopened kit from eBay and got it installed through mobile service for no cost.
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    FS: Set (4) 235/35R20 Pirelli PZero PZ4 Elect Summer Tires $750

    Shipping dimensions would be 26x26x9 and about 27 lbs. You’re probably looking at around $60 per tire in shipping. You don’t need to pack, just slap a shipping label on each tire and drop it off.
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    2020 Model 3 Performance OEM 20" Wheels, tires, & TPMS (Not turbine)

    $2500 might be a bit ambitious with tires nearly at 50%. The wheels sell for about $300-$400 each without any blemish, reduce about $75- $100 for each wheel with curbing. Easier to sell wheels separately due to ease of shipping. Tires are probably worth $100 each. I’d say $2k would be a great...
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    Aftermarket coilovers and warranty repairs

    This seems to contradict MMWA as generally understood - from the link you shared: “Furthermore, a manufacturer can only deny warranty coverage if it can demonstrate that a non-original equipment part or related service caused a defect to occur in the original product.” The onus is on the...
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    All Season Tires for 20” Uberturbine Wheels

    I went with Vredestein Quatrac Pro in 245/35/20 and have put on about 1000 miles. Pretty happy with it!
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Yes, MPP adjustable coilover kit.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Thank you! Stock 20” gray performance rims that came with my 2020 M3P.
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    Best financing rate for an used Tesla

    Digital federal credit union - 1.25% for 65 mos
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    2020 Model X Long Range Plus - Carmax

    Interesting, and scary too. How did you verify that FSD was pulled?
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    2020 Model X Long Range Plus - Carmax

    Not true - my M3P from carmax still has FSD. Unless the vehicle went through an auction sold by Tesla, FSD stays.
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    WTB: 2021 Model Y Gemini wheelset - SEA/PacNW

    Not mine or affiliated to the seller, came across this - Log into Facebook
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    20” uberturbines with 13miles on them, austin Texas, $1200 wheels only.

    Same as these? 2021 M3P 20" uberturbines, wheels only, only 13 miles on wheels, perfect condition $900 Texas pickup only
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    MPP coilover installation cost

    What’s the typical cost of an MPP coilover install for an M3P in the Seattle/PNW area, including alignment? I have obtained a quote of about $1100 from a couple of reputable shops, but that’s nearly 2x of what I would expect given the 3.5 hrs of labor estimated by MPP themselves.
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    WTB New Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 245/35/20

    Have you tried discount tires in your area? They seem to be able to get them in a week (at least that’s what it says in my area).
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    20 Inch Model 3 Performance Wheels and Tires 2020

    Wow, killer price! You can get a lot more for sure. Someone in FL listed just the wheels in the FB marketplace for $1400 and it was gone in a day. Have you looked into listing in the FB marketplace and other FB forums such as “Tesla buy & sell”, “Tesla model 3 owners”, etc., with a bigger owner...
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    @DarkNightP3D - a forum member in your state appears to be looking for one, in case you haven’t seen. WTB: 2019-2021 M3 LR/Performance
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    If it helps, here are some recent data points - a 2018 M3P with FSD with 19k miles at Shift Seattle sold for $51500 10 days ago. I bought my 2020 M3P with FSD with 25k miles at carmax for $55k 3 weeks ago. Tesla Seattle had a 2018 M3P with FSD 14k miles listed for $59k which eventually sold when...
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    WTB: 2019-2021 M3 LR/Performance

    This was listed today in the Tesla buy/sell FB forum.
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    Front control arms: how long to replace at SC?

    No, they said alignment isn’t needed I wanted them to fix a groaning noise when turning the steering wheel when backing out of the garage, and I provided a video. The SA said it’s the upper control arms & covered it under warranty.
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    Front control arms: how long to replace at SC?

    Mine was done today at the Bellevue SC, along with cabin air filter replacement and a couple of minor rattle/squeak fixes. Dropped off at 10:30, was ready by 4:30
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    Carfax says 40k miles, screen says 20k miles!?

    What is the source of carfax mileage report? My X5M with 53k miles went to the dealer for service and they misreported the mileage as 106k to carfax. It took the dealer to issue a correction with carfax to fix the discrepancy. Mistakes happen.
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    WTB: Model 3 OEM 19” sport wheels (New or Like new)

    There is a brand new set listed locally to me (no relation to seller) for quite sometime in FB marketplace. The seller might be inclined to make a good deal with you. Log into Facebook
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    WTB: 4 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires for M3P (Portland, Oregon)

    Are you still looking? I’m going to swap out the MP4S tires (all of them at 8-9/32) that came with my 2020 M3P next week.
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    FS: New Mobile Connector Gen 2 $225 Shipped $200 Pick Up SoCal 92585 or 92140

    Interested if you can ship. I can supply shipping label. Thanks!
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    Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats for sale

    I might be interested, and I can provide shipping labels. Can you provide shipping box dimension & weight? I’d like to check shipping cost before deciding. Thanks!
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    two new 14-50 adaptors for sale--

    Hi Alan, I’m interested in one if you still have them. I can send shipping label.
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    WTS: BRAND NEW Gen 2 NEMA Adapter 14-50

    If you still have it, I’m interested too
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    How to tell the difference between FSD full purchase vs subscription

    Awesome, this clears it up! Thank you
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    How to tell the difference between FSD full purchase vs subscription

    This is in a dealership. I see this (see attached). There’s no way to tell if it’s the full purchase vs monthly? that’s a bummer 😕
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    How to tell the difference between FSD full purchase vs subscription

    I'm in the market for a used M3P with FSD. How do I tell the difference between what's on the car: the full FSD upgrade ($10K) or the monthly subscription ($200)? On one of the cars I'm considering, the software screen does say "Full self driving capability: Included Package", and does not...
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    2018 or 2020 M3P?

    Thanks, leaning towards the 2020. Thanks for the affirmation!
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    2018 or 2020 M3P?

    Hi folks, New member here, looking to buy my first Tesla. I’m debating between 2 identically spec’ed vehicles, both with FSD. 2020 M3P 25k miles vs 2018 M3P 20k miles (late 2018), $2.5k cheaper. I’m leaning towards the 2020 due to being 2 model years newer. The 2018 has the cost advantage...

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