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  1. K

    AC Cycling

    I've been having this problem for the past month, and my SC hasn't been able to pinpoint the issue yet. After some googling tonight I've found this.
  2. K

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Everytime someone asks, it'll get pushed back by half a year ;)
  3. K

    3D MAXpider Mats for Model 3

    I'm thinking of going with this for now: https://www.costco.ca/3D-MAXpider-Universal-All-weather-Car-Mats.product.100303139.html All I have to say is that Costco has a generous return policy.
  4. K

    International Centre delivery experiences

    I had a head splitting headache when I got home after being in the car for an hour, my wife was fine though. Much much better this morning when I got into the car after I aired it out last night. I think it's just the fumes from production sitting in the car for so long that's causing me...
  5. K

    International Centre delivery experiences

    I find that it doesn't change lanes unless you press all the way down, when you press the indicator halfway and it does the flashes only 3 times, it just stays in the lane.
  6. K

    International Centre delivery experiences

    Picked up mine yesterday. 5:30 Appointment, signed the papers around 6PM, and then waited almost an hour and half before they brought my car around. Took about 2 hours to get the car, not the smoothest process, but not as bad as some other people though. Car came charged at 89%, I was...
  7. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Congrats!! 12 more days until I can pick my car up!
  8. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Haven't asked yet. Shortening the term would work out for me too though.
  9. K

    First road trip in Model 3 - Adirondacks

    Nothing on supercharge.info, as with every 'coming 2018' supercharger, it's just nothing right now. Unless they pull a Markham Woodside and just have it pop up out of nowhere.
  10. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    How many months term did you do? For me I figured it was an open loan, and I went with $0 down + deposit to make it simpler on the car delivery day, later on I'll pay more to get it down to the cash flow I want. I chose 72 month term and it was $1237. I'll put in the $14,000 rebate when I get...
  11. K

    International Center Phone Charger Wire Swap

    June 5th - 5:30PM Have: Lightning Cable Want: USB-C Cable
  12. K

    First road trip in Model 3 - Adirondacks

    Ah, I'm actually planning to go through Sudbury to Sault Ste Marie. The last supercharger is in Sudbury and will be level 2 or wall plug after that.
  13. K

    Waiting for delivery in Ontario

    June 5th, right after work!
  14. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    I'd just go with this: Tesla sucks at logistics and they don't have much of an urgency to push for better because we're all fanboys and willing to take the *sugar* they pile on us. If it wasn't for the rebate possibly expiring, I don't think I would've configured and ordered the car. Don't think...
  15. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    No progress so far. I call, and they say I'm still within 4-8 week timeframe and to keep waiting. I never found out who my DS was, so I can't even ask anyone except for the general Tesla number. I wish putting the 4k+ down would at least mean something.
  16. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Ahh so that's probably what happened to my VIN. I wasn't contacted by a DS so I couldn't get a straight answer from calling either the Lawrence store or the Tesla phone number. Glad to know what happened.
  17. K

    Anyone who got VIN, still did not get contacted by DS?

    They did it for me, I had a VIN #227xx and then it was gone from my account. I haven't got a response on what happened yet. I hope it was a faulty car/damaged vehicle and maybe I dodged a bullet, but no communication from Tesla sure does make it frustrating.
  18. K

    VIN Support Group: Passed Over and Still Waiting...

    I had a VIN on May 4th (18" wheels). On May 8th it was forcibly taken from me, and now I am VIN-less with no end in sight and no calls from Tesla.
  19. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Keep us updated. I went from having a VIN to getting it erased from my account, and no one knows why. The only answer I get is that I am still within the 6-8 weeks delivery timeframe, and a reassignment of VIN is normal.
  20. K

    Ontario Delivery Phone Call

    It's at Victoria Park and 401, maybe I'll go check it out after work
  21. K

    Check your account, my VIN disappeared!

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking as well. Hopefully a dodged a bullet there.
  22. K

    Check your account, my VIN disappeared!

    I got my VIN on May 4th, and today the VIN disappeared. Called the Tesla, but there wasn't anything they would tell me except "expect another VIN in a couple of weeks" Configured: April 14 Metallic Blue PUP 18" w/ Autopilot
  23. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    April 14, 2018 Blue Aero 18" Autopilot
  24. K

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Well, I went from having a VIN, to no VIN on my account page anymore. Guess I'm not getting the car.

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