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    Model 3 - 2018 LR AWD , EAP , FSD , HW3.0 Northern NJ

    Bump - last one before sale!
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    Model 3 - 2018 LR AWD , EAP , FSD , HW3.0 Northern NJ

    Model 3 LR AWD , pearl white multi-coat exterior with premium black interior 25,870 Miles Delivered November of 2018 - EAP and FSD added post purchase with HW 3.0 added as well Condition is pretty close to excellent - two small paint chips on bumper can be fixed with Tesla paint kit and a...
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    Charger choices

    Hey everyone! Looking for some thoughts on which charger to install. I have a HPWC from a referral bonus and also have a 14-50 charger that came with my Model 3. Looking to get an idea of which you would install. The Electrical Panel is in my garage so it is easy for either one. Short 10...
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    Tesla Energy - Rental

    Just checked PSEG. They have net metering.
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    Tesla Energy - Rental

    Quick question... looking to get the Solar rental as I am not sure if I am going to be in my house for over 10 years. If I go rental and don’t use the energy during the day I understand it feeds the grid an I don’t get the credit. What happens at night? So At night I have to buy the electric...
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    Help with HPWC install

    I have a Model 3 so not sure about dual chargers.
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    Help with HPWC install

    So I have the high power wall charger that i am setting up in my garage. Breaker box is 200a and I have no room on my box but electrician said we can do a tandem breakers to create space so not a problem. Electrician said we could do a 240 volt 60 amp direct line. Does that make sense and...
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    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    Heading to Chatham as well and presenting my Model 3 as well. See you there!
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    Model X is a terribly unreliable and unsafe car....

    2017 Tesla Model X 100D Does that work for you?
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    Power off button

    All good. Thanks for checking in though. Sentry mode is set to be off at home.
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    Funny message when opening Tesla App

    Haaa just found it! Cute
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    Funny message when opening Tesla App

    Ok, so I got this message when I opened the Tesla App and my wife was plugging into a ChargePoint Charger. Anyone else ever see this? I just closed the app and it never showed up again.
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    If I purchase AP thru website, how long will it take to become operational

    I bought AP And then FSD a few days later. Make sure you are connected to WIFI! As soon as I did my purchase came thru in a day.
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    Anyone going to upgrade to FSD before March 18th?

    Was on the fence and just got off it. . Got FSD Had AP before.
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    Anyone going to upgrade to FSD before March 18th?

    I bought AP the other day for 2k and am debating to buy the FSD for 3k before the price jump. 50/50 right now. Dont know what to do! :)
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    If you didn't order EAP at $5K, would you buy AP+FSD for $5K now?

    Agree with you on just getting AP. That is most likely what I am going to do. Alway upgrade later.
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    Referral Reward: Forged Performance Wheels

    Strange that in my loot box i show all rewards EXCEPT the wheels option. Should i call Tesla or shoot them an email?
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    Referral Program Rims

    Sorry. I have the Model 3. Ahh. No choice then?
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    Referral Program Rims

    So I just got my referral program for the rims. Woohoo! Ok TMC, what are the best rims? The turbines or the arachnids. If Turbines, black or silver? I am looking to keep them so not for resale.
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    Power off button

    Oh I am enjoying it! And enough with the ultimate insult....thinking like an ICE car. Just trying to make sure she is running in tip top, perfect condition. I am losing a few miles of charge overnight so was just checking. Peace!
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    Power off button

    Thanks everyone. Very helpful. After I park my car at night there is a slight hum that sounds like it is still on , hence why I was asking.
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    Power off button

    got my model 3 about a month ago and noticed a power off button on the security section. What is that? Besides the obvious. . Should i power off the car at night when i am done driving?
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    I named myself be Bandit. As in Smokey and the bandit.
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    Front license plate holders?

    I wouldn’t drill holes in my car. Check out The Bandit license plate holder. 120 bucks and no holes in your car.
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    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Have extra USB and want to swap for your extra lightning. Hit me up for a swap!
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    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Paramus , NJ Have extra USB C Looking to swap for lightning.
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    AWD delivery thread

    That was about my timing. Call the store and just ask for an update. Might help move things along.
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    AWD delivery thread

    I am in Paramus. Other side of the state. :) GL!
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    AWD delivery thread

    Just got an email that my car is in and I can pick it up anytime. Woohoo! Pumped. Wanna get tomorrow before thanksgiving.
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    AWD delivery thread

    Just got my VIN verbally from Store. VIN Is 120,xxx. Not in tesla.com account yet. White AWD LR ordered 10/25 Delivery scheduled for 11/30. NJ Does the VIN seem to be inline with others? Peace everyone! Excited to join the family soon.
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    When will the Dual Motor badges arrive??

    They are in! This was in the Paramus NJ store this weekend.
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    Help me: Buy a Used Model 3 or Used Model S?

    I was in the same boat as you are three weeks ago. Went with the 3 instead of the S. I went with the AWD LR in white. All came down to newer tech in a 3 vs problems of a 3-5 year old car. Plus no miles on it. I think the 3 handles better as a smaller car as well. Both good choices so let...
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    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    Working some plates for M3. MLNM FLCN NO MO GAS Thoughts? :)
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    AWD delivery thread

    Hi everyone! What does MSM stand for ? I see everyone using that verbiage. Thanks and I am proudly a member of the AWD waiting room. :)
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    Model 3 or 2013 Model S

    3 hands down for me. I WAS in the same boat choosing between the two up until 6:45 last night. Pulled the trigger on the 3. My reason was a new car with much newer hardware.
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    Vendor Tesla continues to add more New/Inventory cars for sale

    I think that is a very good price. Mid 40s for a 2016? Get it before I do. :)
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    Buying a Showroom floor Model 3

    It’s the old Silver too. Light color. I love that color.
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    Buying a Showroom floor Model 3

    Was in a store the other day that had a Model 3 showroom floor Silver LR. Asked about the availability and they said it was about to become a test drive model. I asked if I could purchase and they said absolutely. Any thoughts on buying a showroom model? I know there are issues with the...
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    CPO Tesla - Smart Air Suspension and Tech Package

    Thanks Fobble. Big help.
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    P3D vs MR 3

    I am in the same boat of which 3 to get. Just test drove the 3 LR car for an hour and it is awesome. I am in between the LR two wheel drive (heard you can still order for a da6 or two) cost is 49k or the all wheel LR for 54k. Thoughts? Not looking for Performance. Also, I can wait on EAP and...
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    Why are P85D's "cheap" now?

    What year was the car?
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    CPO Tesla - Smart Air Suspension and Tech Package

    I am looking into buying a CPO Model S. When I go to the Tesla website I do not see a lot of cars past 2014 that have the Tech Package or Smart Air Suspension. What is the reason? Are they built into all cars or I just can’t find them? Thanks everyone!
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    2014 Model S P85 for Sale

    And I am in NJ. Tempting. If you list options and packages that would be great.
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    Selling my 2016 AP1 Model S 75D (Refresh)

    Damn nice looking car. :)
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    Selling my 2016 AP1 Model S 75D (Refresh)

    Where is the car located?
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    Is this a scam?

    Emailed that gu6 a while back. Scammer for sure. He’s also under this CL ad: 2014 Tesla Model S 85 Free Supercharging + Cable Viplounge email address.
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    Anyone ever hear of autoexpostore in great neck ny? They are financing teslas and the prices seem to be real good. Was going to call them in the next day so just seeing if anyone has any experience with them. They are doing 72 month financing on Tesla was 3k down. Cheaper then anyplace else I...
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    2015 P85D with Insane mode, new tires, very fun to drive

    Why do you think they aren’t selling?
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    2015 Model S 70 For Sale - $39.5K - Orange County

    Not sure of all the options but def a good price Wish I lived on west coast! GLWS
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    Are these good deals? 2013 P85

    Ok ok ok. Was waiting for someone to say that. :)

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