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  1. J

    [UK] 2021.12.x

    False alarm, I'm afraid. I was in park. In drive there's no change after all. Sorry.
  2. J

    Autopilot - Not Avaliable (most of the time)

    I've had it when I've set the headlights away from Auto.
  3. J

    [UK] 2021.12.x

    I haven't tried it for a while so it might be old news but I can now swipe for tire pressures or trip meters (after the UI change had made it all but impossible to find the place to swipe).
  4. J

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    I worked in software design audit in the 80s and 90s, in big science, like CERN. We used to talk about the "version 4" phenomenon. There was a common pattern to software maintenance. Version 1 should never have been delivered but management forced it. Version 2 was what version 1 should have...
  5. J

    Headlights adjusted unexpectedly?

    I got the impression that mine were resetting themselves to night sky pollution mode with each 2020.48.* update. But with the 2021.4.* it doesn't seem to have happened. Just a suspicion; not a thorough investigation.
  6. J

    Camera colour reproduction

    That's my understanding too. A green filter removes too much useful information, so apart from the rear camera, I think the rest of the cameras are Red Clear Clear Blue.
  7. J

    FSD - Change lane without NOA

    It confuses me as well. (I have FSD and I always have NOA requested.) If there's one blue line down the centre (NOA active) I always get automatic lane changes, needing a light indicator tap to confirm a suggested lane change, and needing a solid indicator tap if I'm asking for a lane change...
  8. J

    Echo Auto

    It's difficult for me to determine. I don't have a Spotify account and my phone doesn't have the Spotifiy app. However (complicated story), my Alexa account does have a link to a Spotify subscription; we've linked my daughter's Spotify account to my Alexa account. In the house, if we ask Alexa...
  9. J

    Echo Auto

    Not quite sure what kinds of things they might be.
  10. J

    Echo Auto

    This is true. There is a small speaker it uses if it's not BTed to the car. But I doubt you'd hear it when moving. That was the problem with the Dot. You could have the car connected to the phone or playing the radio; but you could hardly hear the Dot's speaker above, say, 20 mph. Maybe if and...
  11. J

    Echo Auto

    It comes with an adapter plug to give you USB from the 12V power socket, but I just plugged the USB cable into the USB socket.
  12. J

    Echo Auto

    I've simply put the Echo next to phone on the phone tray. Here's the install: The Echo Dot that this replaces was too tall for the phone tray so it sat just beneath in the forward part of the center console storage. Voice recognition here on the tray was as good as the Dot's; maybe a little...
  13. J

    Echo Auto

    I saw that the Echo Auto is now available in the UK and I ordered one. It arrived today. It's small - a bit bigger than a compact cassette (for those who remember them). I haven't had an opportunity for a long journey, but I might have an opportunity tomorrow. It's interesting. It connects to...
  14. J

    Feature Request

    On other digital radios I've seen, the information scrolls horizontally in order that you can read all of it. Could we have the Tesla digital radio scroll horizontally please. And perhaps broken into two lines. (DAB in a Model 3 in the UK in my case.) On the station I usually listen to, the...
  15. J

    2020.12.5 Rolling

    I'm seeing stop lines now. That is, in addition to the visualization of the traffic lights themselves, there are now visualizations of the line on the ground where it thinks it would be stopping once autopilot starts using it. (Here in Lambeth the road markings are so badly maintained that it...
  16. J

    2 Phone keys in the car together

    Recent tweet from Elon:
  17. J

    Assisted lane change when in AP but not NOAP

    Is it known when and/or where Autopilot will carry out lane changes when it's not in Navigate On Autopilot mode; i.e. there are a pair of blue lane lines in the visualization rather than one solid blue line? Lane changes, both those it suggests and those you ask for, are pretty predictably...
  18. J

    can someone confirm in this looks ok

    Uh, oh! As I also have a piece of trim that's floating about not clipped to anything, where the lower driver corner of the windscreen meets the body, it looks like it's time to put in that service call. The corresponding piece of trim on the passenger side is attached. The floating piece does...
  19. J

    can someone confirm in this looks ok

    I'm not sure that does look OK. Here is mine:
  20. J


    I'm in the UK too, and my voice commands have also started working – even 'show the rear camera'! Still at 2020.4.1
  21. J

    Insurance New Vehicle [2020 Megathread]

    I had to ring Direct Line. I told them about my quote (which I'd obtained using the registration unknown option) and gave them my new registration number, My collection was the following day because Tesla didn't give me my registration number until I rang them the day before. So I also asked...
  22. J

    DAB radio text and scrolling

    I was going to post a Feature Request in the Model 3 UI forum asking that the DAB information text line scroll. On the stations I listen to, the programme name often takes up the whole space and I can't see the name of the track. I seem to remember that other DAB radios I've seen scroll the text...
  23. J

    Car transporter confuses TACC

    I remember my first drive back from collecting my Model 3 at Heathrow. Each car transporter (and there were quite a few for some reason) caused great confusion to the AP visualization. It kept flipping from car to lorry to something else and back around again. I was new to everything and...
  24. J

    Holder, Creeper, Roller?

    I'd had my M3 for a couple of weeks and had been reading about one pedal driving. Then the new Hold mode came in an update. I was so impressed that entire journeys could be done without touching the brake pedal. (Now, if it could only turn off the brake lights when someone is stopped behind...
  25. J

    Spare Wheel?

    Be careful if you're thinking of taking a Road Hero on a journey. I bought a Road Hero and the scissor jack had a weird top; it needed removing before it would safely go under a Tesla jack pad. And it only just fitted under the car with tyres inflated; with a flat I would not have been able to...
  26. J

    State of Pod point, Polar chargers

    I've had my Model 3 for two months and I used the Pod Points at my Sainsbury, where they are free. Excellent. However, only about a third of them ever displayed the white status light that seems to indicate ready. And even out of those a couple didn't actually deliver current. Then just after...
  27. J

    Sentry mode USB drive too slow

    You can also go for a solid state drive. They use a different memory technology to USB sticks. They will also wear out eventually, but take a lot longer. I use a 250GB SanDisk SSD. It's reasonably priced and it has a USB interface already so no need for an adapter. (It's said that the bigger...
  28. J

    Frunk Hooks

    I also didn't realize there hooks in the frunk (November collection). Useful to know. What a shame they just dropped them.
  29. J

    M3 getting a public ip address address from Spain!

    Ah. Interesting. I was wondering about this. Normally when I look at the BBC News website I get the UK version of the site (no advertising) but in my Model 3 I get the international version of the site. How does one use the browser to get the car's IP address?
  30. J

    Payment at Tesla superchargers

    When you set up your Tesla account, you would probably (certainly?) have given a payment method, e.g. debit card. If you use a Tesla supercharger then that card will automatically be debited once your free miles are used up. (I've only had my M3 a month so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...
  31. J

    Brake lights at traffic lights

    +1 for wondering how to do this (and not having found a solution). I too was always taught to put the handbrake on and let off the foot brake once someone had stopped behind you, especially at night and in the wet.
  32. J

    Smart Summon in the UK

    True, however when someone comes along after you've parked with room to spare, and they park their vehicle four inches from yours, it's very handy to summon the car out.
  33. J

    UK Model 3 Christmas update - what should i get in the UK

    Look for a new button in the middle of the representation of the car.

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