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    Truck ICE'ing supercharger spot

    Just park at the CITGO pump #2 for 30 minutes tomorrow. Even.
  2. K

    Chipped trim from window, driver and passenger ('21 LR)

    It used to be in early Model 3 production, but then they started providing proper winter care guidance and tips and I believe they no longer cover it. I had a piece of trim replaced under warranty in the 2018 winter because of this issue.
  3. K

    Thoughts and questions on delivery and quality control - help please?

    Doesn't look crazy bad. So yeah, normal.
  4. K

    Model 3 Efficiency

    Completely depends. The heat pump will help. I have one of the early LR 3s, and in Boston my usage is upwards of 350-400 wh/mi. In the summer I'm around 240 wh/mi. These are fairly short trips, but even 10mi+ have poor efficiency due to heater use. In sum, Summer range is probably 280-340mi and...
  5. K

    Text notifications pulling texts from 2 years ago

    Happens all the time for as long as the texting feature has been enabled for me. I use the Samsung Galaxy phones.
  6. K

    How to turn off rainbow road animation and music?

    Dang, I came here to find a similar answer. Perhaps you can share with me via PM? Thank you much.
  7. K

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    Drive home from picking up my car in April 2018 hit a curb since the wheelbase was so much longer than my prior car. Super pissed at the time...but now all my other wheels match after curbing the others. lol
  8. K

    Hood gap/dent

    Hood looks normal - i mean, a lot have hoods like that. The white paint is totally off though, wow.
  9. K

    My upgrades 18 LR RWD

    This reminds me of people who post shirtless selfies in a bathroom mirror that has popped pimple remains on it.
  10. K

    Smart Summon Snafu

    I've used it twice. First time was okay - parked crooked in a wide lane near me but fine. Second time it almost backed into a car trying to do a strange 3 point turn where it wasn't even needed, so I had to stop it. Moral of the story, everything is "normal" when it comes to Smart Summon because...
  11. K

    Declined delivery for next week

    Did you pop it yet, tho?
  12. K

    Does Tesla always provide a loaner when car is in for warranty work?

    Sometimes get a loaner, sometimes get $100 in uber credits.
  13. K

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    see my sig
  14. K

    Sold my '19 model 3

    so what?
  15. K

    Need help ordering my M3 Performance..!!!

    Isn't that 100% a personal decision? How can this forum help? You also can buy it now and either DIY the chrome delete or have a professional do it. I don't know the cost - a few hundred bucks, and half that if you do it yourself?
  16. K

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    My mobile service invoice from early June showed replacement part -G.
  17. K

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    Mobile tech did my drivers side arm in about 1.5 hours. Sad it failed after ~15,000 miles. Tech said it was a poor quality part on early Model 3s and they now use a new vendor. Planning to get the passenger side replaced before warranty expires.
  18. K

    MICHELIN® Primacy™ MXM4 Holding up pretty good

    Mine were in red and replaced at 12,000 miles. Avg wh/mi 257. Pretty bad.
  19. K

    Soon to be owner of new Tesla Model 3 long range

    If you're looking to assess the drive, you're going to love it so I don't think a test is needed. If you're looking to assess the comfort, quietness, and materials, I'd recommend it. Of course you also have the 7 day return policy.
  20. K

    Bumper falls off in rain

    Cool party trick
  21. K

    is lifetime 270wh/mi high?

    257 Wh/mi in Boston. A little over 2 years and about 17,000 miles. Average to slightly faster than average driver. Had to replace the stock tires at 11,000 miles though - already tread low...maybe I'm spirited driving in the city. Only 1 person in this thread has posted below the rated...
  22. K

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    My April 2018 LR RWD did NOT require electrical rework for HW3 upgrade.
  23. K

    Model 3 P, LR, SR+ time compare on 400km

    I did a 24 hour drive + charging recently. I have the LR RWD and the planning was around 27.5 hours with stops. For fun I compared this to a SR+ and the planning showed around 29.5 hours with stops IIRC.
  24. K

    Sleeping at super chargers?

    I just did a 24 hour drive (28hr w/ stops) solo round trip and each way just stopped at a rest stop. The superchargers generally were in less "safe" places (e.g. behind a Wendy's or in a large empty parking lot) or in obnoxiously lit places (e.g. at a bright gas station). I was much more...
  25. K

    NoA brakes on highway for merging vehicles

    I think this is why often on NOA it will move from the right lane to left lane right near an exit and on ramp and say "following route". Sometimes it just tries to avoid these situations. But agree, I had a few of those hard stops in a recent road trip I took.
  26. K

    Expiring miles on June 30

    I mean they are worth what, $60 or so? Just stop charging at home and hit a few local superchargers to fill up in the interim.
  27. K

    Received messages sometimes shows the wrong contact and associated message

    Still had the issue after 20.12 here.
  28. K

    Driving Cross Country Female + 2 Dogs

  29. K

    AC Blowing super cold on Auto

    My HVAC acted weird in the first drive I used it since getting the 2020.16 update. I set it to auto and 65, and it ramped up to 9 speed, fine. Then it would just randomly turn off for about 1-2 seconds, then immedaitely go back to 9 for some period of 5-60 seconds, then turn off 1-2 seconds and...
  30. K


    LR RWD got updated to 325. A few people saw the boost. Mots didn't. And those who "got it", often later lost it. Most people don't think there's any actual difference in range capability. Don't worry about it (nor assume you can now magically drive 10 more miles).
  31. K

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Tesla also left a mark on my headliner on the passenger front side (probably grabbing onto it while installing the HW3 computer behind the glovebox). I didn't notice until I got home. I called and they said they'd clean it if I brought it back in, or they recommended I use "any" household...
  32. K

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Tried it this morning and probably won't use it. Can't drive 25 down roads that everyone goes 45. One, because it annoys others, but more importantly, two, it's just too d*mn slow. ha.
  33. K

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Speed Limit + 5 already almost makes TACC useless on non-highways here in Boston. If it's now +0, I think I'll leave it disabled.
  34. K

    Thoughts on Future Resale

    Is there any arbitrage right now in selling used to buy new? Hmm
  35. K

    Does tapping "Advanced" in software update actually do something?

    I used to think it worked, but I've always kept it on Advanced and the last big update I got about 4 days after the initial wide release (1000+ in a day on TeslaFi) began despite being connected to wifi daily.
  36. K

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Thank you. Click his name, then there's an option under there for "ignore". Pollutes so many threads here...
  37. K

    We need all members to petition for an extension of the mileage expiration

    I mean even here in MA with high electricity prices, 1000mi / 4 (mi per kwh ish)= 250kw * $0.28= $70. Big deal
  38. K

    Is the Model 3 on death row because of the Model Y?

    The online pictures of the stationwagon Y aren't very attractive. If it looks better in person, your premise makes a lot of sense. These are similar cars.
  39. K

    wireless phone Charging pad

    One is bought at Amazon, the other is bought through Tesla.
  40. K

    Tesla Ventilator

    I hope the panel gaps aren't too wide. Might not work very well.
  41. K

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Just had my upgrade completed at Watertown, MA. HW3 retrofit is without electring wiring rework (I thought early 3's got the wiring reworked?) and the part number is 1462554-R0-J. Also got my 2 year work done (brake fluid check $19.50, brake caliper pad cleaning and lubrication ($195), and HVAC...
  42. K

    Values on used model 3s?

    Wow. Just plugged in my info at Tesla.com's trade in tool and got an offer for $42,700. 2018 Red LR RWD with FSD and about 12,500 miles. Higher than I thought I'd get.
  43. K

    Heat pump retrofit

    The cold really wrecks range. On my LR RWD, got an effective 200 miles of range driving on highway at 70-75 in ~35 degree weather and HVAC set to 69.
  44. K

    Shopping cart hit and walk-caught on Sentry cam

    that video is so extra.
  45. K

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Just requested HW3, in addition to the 2 year service items (brakes, cabin air filter) via the mobile app here in Boston. It scheduled mobile service, and an hour later I got a text saying my car is eligible but both the HW3 and brake service have to be done in the service center. I scheduled...
  46. K

    Winter tires....All (No) Season?

    There are better true "All Seasons" out over the past year or two. I swapped my stock ones for the Michelin CrossClimate+. Excellent reviews, including very good in snow, ice and rain.
  47. K

    Should I repaint the fender?

    Curb rash is so common with the stock tires. I wouldn't do repairs until the tires are replaced with some that offer some protection to the rims.
  48. K

    Crashed-missing last minute of video. Any suggestions

    When I had an issue like this, I reached out to Tesla and they said they don't keep videos on their servers and there was nothing they could do. This was about 9 months ago though.

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