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    Model 3: steering by wire?

    There's a day coming for DBW just as the day came for FBW. When I test drove a Model S, I did not ask how the steering wheel sent information to the steering rack assembly. I drove the car and liked what it did. It doesn't matter much to me if it's a mechanical linkage (that will eventually...
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    Future charging trends

    I'd just buy a 5 year old (+/-) Prius for cheap or a similar Volt as my transportation source to hold me until my 3 comes through. Charging wise, if you put more charging capacity in place now than you need later, you probably spend just a little more than needed, but will be well covered for...
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    Building my hot rod Model 3

    I'm hoping to get panaramic roof {not to be confused with a sunroof that opens} and a color I like. Price dependent, I might get the bio-defense filtration system because it just sounds awesome to me. I'm pretty much satisfied that everything else I want will be on the base car. I mostly...
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    Once my 3 is ordered, what about financing / car loans?

    When I rececntly test drove an S in Decatur, GA I asked about payment for the 3 I've reserved. The finance guy told me not to worry, my $1000 reservation money would do fine right up until I come to take delivery of the car. It is when you pickup you car that you have to pay for it. Not too...
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    Final price on Model 3? ...not concerned

    Well, I find continuous threads proclaiming that price is no object likely tells the folks who set pricing that raising the base price by 25% won't make any noticable difference in sales. That disturbs me as at least a few people besides myself are stretching to afford a $40+ thousand dollar...
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    I'm hoping the turn signals are down in the bumper as well. Many cars now have blinkers so close to the headlights, it is difficult {at best} to see them. Some manufacturers are going as far as turning off the headlight on the side of the turn signal when the signal is selected. However, the...
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    Why did you cancel your Model 3 reservation?

    I applaud your willingness to share why you cancelled your reservation. I've considered cancelling a time or twelve myself. I too am concerned about many items discussed on the couple of Tesla forums I participate in. But, the unknowns may turn out to be something I REALLY like. Ex: I...
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    Model 3 exotic colors

    Agree, but I just went to the Tesla site and looked at colors on the S. Anything but basic black is a minimum of $1000 extra cost. I can understand some extra cost for metallic / candy /pearl colors. But eliminating white, or really any non-metallic / candy / pearl color as a no extra cost...
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    Model 3 exotic colors

    I really want a bright color that is not a silver / grey scale or white, without having to pay too much for it. I suppose the exact color would determine how much I consider too much though.
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    Update to the Supercharger network policies

    I'm going with the liklihood that the 3 will do better than 2.5 miles per kWh on average. I'm guessing ~ 4 kWh per mile, or 1600 miles on my allotment. Considering all of this, I'm thrilled as we typically do fewer than 1600 vacation miles annually and the rest of the charging will likely be...
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    PowerWall when is the best time to install in the garage? Do I need one?

    If you work during the daylight hours away from where the Powerwall is located and you are charging it strictly with PV solar, you may need 2 of them to satisfy your electric vehicle {based on energy used to drive to and fro where you need to go} and your home. I have a Powerwall setup on my...
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    AP2 Pricing

    That's not the way I read the original post. I read it to mean that it cost $8k extra when you configure and purchase your new Model 3. IF you weren't able to pay for an $8k option when you bought the car, paying $200 (extra to activate, so $8,200) $2k above the $8k original price, so $10k...
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    The Model 3 page on Tesla.com has been updated with new wording regarding deliveries

    The way I read it was "Delivery estimate for new {emphasis mine} reservations is mid 2018 or later." I'm ok with this as there are a few hundred thousand ahead of the folks who reserve today.
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    Wiki Model 3 delivery estimator

    I think this delivery estimator has given a lot of people a way to entertain themselves over the year and a half + / - wait most of us expect from Reservation opening until first deliveries. I'm going to use my new rule of thumb on how I get mine. The longer I wait on the edge of my seat...
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    Augmented Reality Projected on the Windshield

    I don't think the windshield will do anything special, no more than the screen people used to project their reel type video recordings on a couple generations ago.
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    Could the Model 3 be the last car you buy?

    My wife & I bought a Buick Century Coupe in 1990. It wasn't a top of the line car then and it isn't now, but we have enjoyed it since new and have no plans to replace it, ever. It has great "cruise night" possibilities! :) That said, I don't expect to buy another new car after the 3. If a...
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    Engadget claims Bolt cheaper than Model 3

    I just looked on the Tesla site and it gives $95,500 as the base price on a Model X P90D. Sorry I was vague by only saying it was a "90" when I could have been more specific if I'd said P90D.
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    Engadget claims Bolt cheaper than Model 3

    I had a nice time talking to the lady who brought her Model X 90 to the Huntsville Drive Electric EVent this past weekend. She said hers started at about $100k before she checked off every available option. But, WOW, it was seriously sweet!
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    [Poll] Would you take a Bolt over an M3 in these situations?

    If the Model 3 is so much more expensive that I walk away, I still won't buy a Bolt. IMHO, it will be years before it comes to my part of the country in enough volume that the few dealers that actually carry it and a bit longer before they quit price gouging for it. GM's choice to compete on...
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    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    The rationale the utility gave was the added demand required for an EV, forcing them to install a larger transformer to carry the heavy load of an EV. Of course, this was an off the cuff threat, not a well thought out response. But it only takes one person to put a kink in a plan, if it is the...
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    Charging Port on both sides of Model 3 please?

    Frankly, I didn't consider ahead of time that I might be able to afford a Tesla. And, I had a 240V 50A outlet installed before I ever reserved the 3. It would probably make sense to have my electrician relocate it before I buy an EVSE.
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    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    Very poorly worded, indeed. Having lived in a condo, I was introduced to some of the dumbest reasons on the planet to prevent people from doing things that were visible when driving through the neighborhood. I do not live in an EV friendly state. My local utility told me they would have to...
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    Would you be willing to buy your M≡ options now?

    When the Model S was coming, there was a 40 kW version on the list, albeit at the back of the priority line. Then, shortly after release, no 40 kW cars. I can't see putting any more down until it comes configure time and the base price is what I have been it would be all along. For...
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    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    I agree that this is a huge issue on EV implementation. At some point, I believe it will take regulatory intervention to force apartment and condo operators/owners to make available EVSE connections. It may be that third parties will own the actual EVSE and it would, of course be fee based...
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    Charging Port on both sides of Model 3 please?

    I really don't expect to use public charging that often, but in my garage the EVSE will be located on the passenger side of the car. I will likely put a hanger on the wall near the tail of the car if the charge port is near the left taillight as I believe it is on the Model S. It just isn't...
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    Why are you buying a Model 3?

    Because I own my own fuel source, so when I retire I won't have to worry about buying gas versus groceries. Owning a solar powered home and EV is an immense draw for me. I was holding out for an EV that had 150 or more miles of range at a price I could, at least by stretching, pay. The Bolt...
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    Media outlets really think that only certain markets want EVs...

    The number in each state represents the number of EV models available for sales in the state. Here ya' go, pulled it out of the article. It took me a minute to notice it. And I didn't know there were 5 different EVs available in AL. I know the Leaf is, the Volt {gets credit for being an EV...
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    Steer by wire

    Steer by wire (sbw) does not automatically mean an F-16 style joystick in your left hand while you are going down the road. Video consoles have optional (?) steering wheels for some of their games. No doubt, a manufacturer trying this sbw concept would use a traditional looking steering wheel...
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    The M3 terrifies BMW

    I guess I'll have to admire your will power. I sat in a Tesla Model S once when I stopped in at a National Drive Electric event. I've never been in one that was moving under its own power, much less driven one. The wife and I plan to drive one when we pass through the Atlanta area in...
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    Standard Wheel/Tire Size for Model 3

    IIRC, the original {1964} GTO came with E78-14 Redline Uniroyal Tiger Paws. They sucked at traction and wear resistance, but would allow the greatest burnout from a standing start you could imagine. I'm really hoping for less rim, more rubber so 17's or 18's would be okay with me as standard...
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    The M3 terrifies BMW

    I agree that corn based ethanol is not as energy dense as gasoline. IIRC it is ~ 70%, so your fuel economy is going to suffer by ~25%. Therefore, if it costs more than 75% of regular gas, the math is not positive. The other ethanol possibility would be sugar based, like Brazil does. Their...
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    What is Tesla doing now concerning the M3?

    Agreed on a very frustrating year. And, I knew that going in. To keep the $1k for two years in perspective, my credit union pays .15% (yes 15/100ths of 1%) interest on normal savings. So, by giving Tesla my $1,000.00 for 2 years will cost me $3.00 in lost interest earnings. I'm okay with...
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    Reservation Bump after buying Model S

    Sorry about the negativity, I guess I need to stay off of priority bump threads before they drive me crazy! Have a great day. Mark
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    Reservation Bump after buying Model S

    Well, at least by being a non-owner, living in a non-EV friendly state, and trying to purchase a lesser optioned 3, I should get offered to configure on the 31st of next February! At least I'll have more time to save up the money. Just a thought, but if I could afford a Model S or X and...
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    Design Studio - model3config.com (unofficial)

    Pinewold, personally I'd call that color gold, but irregardless, I LIKE IT A LOT!
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    The M3 terrifies BMW

    I find it easier to enjoy this site since I used the ignore. It would be one thing if he stated his viewpoint and went on, but to beat it like a dead horse is just pitiful.
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    Ridiculous Bloomberg article: some people would die waiting for Model 3

    One Statistic Shows Why Everyone Needs To Relax About The Recent Tesla Fires This article was written after all the attention was paid to the three Tesla vehicles that had caught fire. So, a better question would have been, "I wonder how many Tesla reservation holders will have their ICE cars...
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    Poll: Would you buy an early production Model 3?

    I chose two conflicting answers. First, I chose I'd like a few thousand to be built first. I'm all but guaranteed that will happen since I live in Alabama and do not plan a heavily optioned car. Second, I chose I'd like to See One, Drive One, blah, blah, blah. Since that isn't likely and...
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    Model ☰ License Plate Ideas?

    Would you elaborate on getting the custom frame? I wouldn't mind getting one of those myself.
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    Did anybody else frame their Model 3 thank you gift?

    Here I go, loved the concept, did the Hobby Lobby thing last weekend and.......... I did not have it double matted, instead I used a sheet of their very nice linen-looking construction paper(?) to make the blue border and here it is waiting on me to put hangers on it and put it on the wall...
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    LED Headlights Are A Must

    I'd like to see LED lights with a real glass lens, like the ones from the past, so that when the car is three or four years old, you don't have to polish out the dirty yellow looking lenses in order to see the road.
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    Can Non-California residents pick their car up in Fremont?

    Since they will still be collecting the delivery charges, "free" use of the Supercharger network for a limited time so people could drive their new purchase home would serve two purposes. First, they collected the shipping charges and didn't have to pay to ship a vehicle {+1 for Tesla} and...
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    Wiki Model 3 Reservation Tally

    I live iin north Alabama, so Nashville & Atlanta are the closest 2 service centers to me. I put my reservation in on 4/5. I don't care if there's a service center, I care if the car gets serviced. If they send a guy out to fix it, ok. If they bring me a loaner car when they fetch it for...
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    Door Handles, 2 different styles?

    I just hope that the door handles aren't in any shape, form or fashion connected to an electric power supply. In all fairness, I don't need an electric trunklid pull-down either, but neither would cause me to stop waiting and buy a 330e to avoid the wait. I like the looks of the "hockey-stick"...
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    Don't go to Cali just to get your car-state tax still not waived

    That was my original plan, fly out, tour factory, pickup coolest new car ever, and road trip home seeing the sights with my wife. Long trip, absolutely! And as the CC commercails would say, "priceless!"
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    Don't go to Cali just to get your car-state tax still not waived

    So, in order to have a great time out with the wife, I take a few vacation days, we hop a plane to CA and tour the facility, do some tourist traps and fly home, while Tesla ships my new 3 to either Nashville or Atlanta {maybe somewhere in AL if they allow Tesla to sell in-state by then}. Then...
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    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    Except EV manufacturers, like Nissan with the LEAF and Mitsubishi with the i-MiEV. An article I read yesterday mentioned Tesla testifying that the other manufacturers aren't even trying to make and sell EV's, and that seems correct to me. IF Tesla were to fail, I believe that every other...
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    Model 3 reservation page screen shot

    Mine's a blue one, too. I'm hoping that means they'll offer one in a medium blue without charging Model S prices for metallic paint choices.
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    Did anybody else frame their Model 3 thank you gift?

    I kept looking at this thread and the original picture, thinking, "How ridiculous is this!" and then "I got to have one of those!" and went back and forth. So, I did the only reasonable thing I knew how to do. I printed a 40% off a single item Hobby Lobby store coupon and will be there...
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    Anyone want to team up on a savings thread to keep each other motivated?

    Been throwing my checkbook at the house payment for the past year to get it paid off before having to pay for the Model 3. I'm just jazzed to be here. Budget is $45k, expect to have $5k for down payment, the balance on a 2% or less APR credit union note over 60 months. As for extras...

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