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    Tesla BEV Competition Developments

    Charging Lucid Air at 300kW at an EA charger, apparently by an owner who took delivery on Sat.
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    Lucid Air efficiency numbers

    Did you read the review? He said he drove it from LA to SF. He also carved some canyons at Angeles Crest Highway.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    There is Lucid Air with >500 miles, 300kW of charging that provides up to 300 miles in 20 mins, available in 2nd half of the year.
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    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    Elon claimed S Plaid can do under 9s 1/4 mi, there is no video evidence to prove that. The 520 mile range claim is a joke because it is obvious that is a response to Lucid 517 mile. Again, there is no evidence Plaid achieved 520 mile, only Elon's claim. We know how robotaxis and FSD promises...
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    Lucid tri-motor?

    SPAC IPO is a backdoor shortcut for those that do not have funding and little or no IPs, eg. Fisker, Nikola, Lordstown, Canoo.... Rivian and Lucid need to resist SPAC funding.
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    With final specs revealed anyone putting a deposit on a Lucid?

    Right on @uujjj2... Having skepticism with a company is perfectly ok until they prove themselves. But making a Youtube video to accuse them of fraud without a single bit of evidence is classical clickbait to boost views.
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    Lucid tri-motor?

    @BlindPass, @strider it is a waste of time trying to be reasonable and logical with Tesla fanbois. It is perfectly ok to be skeptical about a new company making claims. Even Peter Rawlinson said that Lucid is nothing until they mass produced something. But to make blind accusation that Lucid...
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    With final specs revealed anyone putting a deposit on a Lucid?

    Do your own research before parroting some uninformed dude's YouTube video.
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    With final specs revealed anyone putting a deposit on a Lucid?

    Do your own research before parroting some uninformed dude's YouTube video.
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    Lucid tri-motor?

    Do your own research instead of parroting some uninformed dude's YouTube video.
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    Blog Lucid Motors to Debut Luxury EV Priced $169K

    Tesla fanboys are a tough crowd.... I gave up debating with them long time ago.......
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    Lucid Releases Video Foreshadowing Air's Crazy 1/4-Mile Acceleration

    Why do Tesla fan boys have to feel so butt hurt?
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    Blog Lucid Says 2021 Sedan Will Pack 500 Miles of Range

    Tesla fan boys are out in force........
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    500 mi range S-X after Battery Day...?

    Have you heard of Electrify America with their 350kW charging? Lucid has stated they will use EA's network. More than double the charge rate of Tesla Supercharger. Below is a map of their current 350kW chargers with more to come. I don't understand why people are so against EV that is not...
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    Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

    Here is the real world range test reported by Motor Trend. Basically confirmed the EPA range. https://www.motortrend.com/cars/lucid/air/2021/2021-lucid-air-first-ride-review-range-test/
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    Lucid Air video shows 400 miles range!!!

    110kWh pack with LG 2170 cells according to this: Lucid Air electric sedan prototype covers 400+ highway miles, company teases
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    Did Anyone Attend Lucid Preview?

    From Car and Driver: Lucid Shows 400-Mile-Range Air Electric Sedan to Future Owners
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    Saudi Arabia invests $2B in Tesla: report Still sticking with Tesla?
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    Here’s what Lucid Motors’ $700 million EV factory will look like - The Verge
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    Lucid Motors is Hiring! - SanTanValley.com
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    Model 3 18" Aero wheel snow chains

    The Michelin MXM4 has M+S on the sidewall so that is good enough per California's definition of snow tread tires, though we all know it is not a true snow tire. Under R1 control, you can drive with those tires without chains on but you need to show you are carrying them. Under R2, you must use...
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    Model 3 18" Aero wheel snow chains

    No snowflake symbol needed. See below. Copied from Chain Controls 1 Snow-tread Tires: The California Vehicle Code, Section 558 defines a snow-tread tire as follows, "A 'Snow-tread tire' is a tire which has a relatively deep and aggressive tread pattern compared with conventional passenger...
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    BYTON Founders Exude Confidence At CES

    Since you visited them extensively, what kind of IPs do Byton have? Do they design and engineer their own powertrain and drivetrain in house? Also, the company name is Lucid Motors not Lucid Air. Lucid Air is the sedan. Have you visited them? What makes you think they are like Faraday Future...
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    Funding Secured.....

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    Funding Secured.....

    Unfortunately, not a single dime of that 2 billion went to Tesla. All of it went to shareholders that sold theirs.
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    Funding Secured.....

    ...... for Lucid Motors. Lucid Motors closes $1 billion deal with Saudi Arabia to fund electric car production Oh, the irony......
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    CA Rebate + HOV

    You can still get both if you are under the income threshold. California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers
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    Formula E and Battery Development ?

    Lucid (Formerly Known as Atieva) Will Be the Sole Battery-Pack Supplier for Formula E
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    Blog Executives Depart Faraday Future, Company Threatens CFO With Lawsuit

    Fake news https://jalopnik.com/jaguar-land-rover-parent-company-says-reported-900-mil-1820470747
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    Blog Bollinger Motors to Unveil All-Electric Sport Utility Truck

    Reservations that are not backed by customers deposits are meaningless. Just like FF claiming they had 60,000 deposits.
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    Can the Beetle fit in the golf bag like the way the Air does with room to spare on the right and left? Guess not.
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    Anyone notice how wide the trunk opening is? See the rear tail lights going up with the trunk, widening the opening. I wonder how their frunk looks like? Did anyone see the frunk?
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    The rear seats you saw are the reclining Executive seats that eat into trunk space. There is a base bench seat version with deep trunk. I can assure you that it is bigger and deeper than Model 3. The Air is not as practical as the Model S hatch big opening.
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    Lucid Air Tested at 235MPH

    FYI, Lucid Air starts at $60k before rebates. 400hp, 240 miles, cheaper than a S75 Clear the Air – The $52,500 Lucid Air
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    Lucid Air Tested at 235MPH

    Why would Lucid spend money to build a supercharger network when they can use a 320kW charging network for free courtesy of VW? See below. VW is installing ultra-fast 320 kW chargers in California as part of its $2 billion EV infrastructure plan
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    Lucid Air Tested at 235MPH

    You confused Lucid with Faraday Future.
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    Uh oh for Faraday Future

    He is only a minority investor in Lucid. Other investors in Lucid are Venrock, Mitsui, Tsing Capital, etc.
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    By this definition, Model 3 is vapoware. Hmmmm.........
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    I completely agree with you but it is also not correct to call Lucid vapoware when they have several alpha and show cars running around.
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    You sound a lot more reasonable than the hypocrite Tesla kool aid drinking fanboys that have flooded this forum. Well, this is a Tesla forum afterall so I should not be surprised.
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    Lucid Air base price $52500

    You sound like those guys who put Tesla on deathwatch back in 2008/2009.
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    You know that most of those Tesla engineers are now Lucid engineers, right?
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    Designing a crash structure that can manage energy effectively to minimize injury to passengers goes far beyong Engineering 101. Advancement in material science, processes and joining methods has allowed smaller structure to control deceleration very effectively. Advance CAE tools like ANSYS...
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    You don't have evidence that cab forward design will likely cause more injury. Also, I never said cab forward design is new, just that Lucid is using it. You obviously have not seen the Air in person and you don't know much about it. There are two structures, one for bench seat and another for...
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    Of course they did not break any law of physics. If you watch their presentation, they explained very clearly how they did it. First by having a cab forward design. They push the dash and front occupants forward to create more room for the rear. Second, they sculpture their battery pack to...
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    Thanks Dennis for the pics. The rear legroom is HUGE! My understanding is the Air is a slightly smaller car than the Model S on the outside but is much bigger inside. It puts the Model S to shame. Somehow the Lucid folks are able to carve out more interior space from a smaller package. Perhaps...
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    Lucid air and media touting 400miles from 130Kwh...

    Lucid(formerly Atieva) was founded in 2007 as a battery company. They supply battery packs to fleet vehicles in Asia. Also, they are the sole supplier of batteries to Formula E. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that their tech is inferior.
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    Autopilot and other Tesla info from Tesla's lawsuit against former employee

    I am not defending Mr. Anderson. I even agree that Tesla's allegations are pretty strong. All I am saying is that he should be given a chance in court to defend himself.
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    Autopilot and other Tesla info from Tesla's lawsuit against former employee

    Reminder to all, we live in a country with a judicial system that assumes a defendant to be innocent until proven guilty.

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