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    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - low miles, ext warranty, top condition - Sarasota, FL

    Sold @ $44k - buyer found via eBay.
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    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - low miles, ext warranty, top condition - Sarasota, FL

    Car is now in Orlando, FL. Anyone know how to update the thread title (says Sarasota, FL)?
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    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - low miles, ext warranty, top condition - Sarasota, FL

    Thanks @Donz_S, appreciate pointing that out. I hope everyone is okay after the crash. Just waiting for the right buyer in Florida, maybe a snow bird arriving very soon. I'll be in Orlando starting 12/20 for anyone in that area.
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    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - low miles, ext warranty, top condition - Sarasota, FL

    Sorry, missed these notifications. Some dude clicked buy it now and then disappeared - no communciation/no payment. Sorted it out with eBay now. Anyway, still available. Located in Sarasota, FL but can talk about further afield. Please PM me for more details (will PM you too).
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    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - low miles, ext warranty, top condition - Sarasota, FL

    Now $46,500. Adding pics of wheels below.
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    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - low miles, ext warranty, top condition - Sarasota, FL

    I am selling my December 2012 Tesla Model S P85 with 43,500 miles which I bought in January 2013. This is a P85 (Performance 85 KWh) with the following options: Gray Metallic Paint 21” Performance Carbon Grey Wheels (all tires deep tread) Active Air Suspension (very comfortable with 21”...
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    Anyone planning to sell Model S?

    Selling my December 2012 Tesla Model S P85 in a few weeks. Minor mods (tint, radar/laser). Haven't figured out price yet but KBB has it around $50k at 42k miles. Will post here but feel free to PM me any interest.
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    Boston, MA: Pirelli Sottozero 19” winter tire/wheel package (Gen1 TPMS)

    Down to $900 for a local Boston area buyer. (BTW, is there a way to update the subject line for a post to update the price?)
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    Boston, MA: Pirelli Sottozero 19” winter tire/wheel package (Gen1 TPMS)

    Will sell for $1,000 if someone will take them off my hands in the next week!
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    Boston, MA: Pirelli Sottozero 19” winter tire/wheel package (Gen1 TPMS)

    Haha, I won't be driving but I'll split the shipping cost 50/50 if needed.
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    Whispbar Ski & Snowboard Attachment WB300 - $150

    Missed your post - will ping you on direct message.
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    Whispbar Ski & Snowboard Attachment WB300 - $150

    Will sell for $100 now. Boston area but at this price would also be worth shipping (probably ~$20 extra). This is $260 new.
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    Boston, MA: Pirelli Sottozero 19” winter tire/wheel package (Gen1 TPMS)

    I have the Tesla classic 19” OEM Model S wheel with Pirelli Sottozero package from Tesla. I also had the gen 1 TPMS sensors, ideal for cars up to fall 2014. Tire depth - 2 are 6/32 and 2 are 8/32 tread. Located in Winchester, MA. $1,400 OBO. Will include the pictured tire rack from...
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    Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System ($300)

    Sold to @cirrussk.
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    Whispbar Ski & Snowboard Attachment WB300 - $150

    Really nice setup for ski & snowboard for the Whispbar rack for Tesla. Only used a few times so in great shape. - Proprietary hinge system to accommodate modern fat skis and boards - Integrated lift mechanism allows rooftop clearance for snowboards or tall bindings - Anodized aluminum and...
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    Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System ($300)

    Just found out that I have the old K704W fit kit, whereas the new kit is K930W. So my K704W will work with a 2012-May 2015 Model S. Anything newer you'll need to buy K930W or maybe just do a free swap with this guy! WTS | Trade: (4) Threaded Rod Studs from the K930W Whispbar Roof Rack Support Kit
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    WTS | Trade: (4) Threaded Rod Studs from the K930W Whispbar Roof Rack Support Kit

    Still available? I'm selling my old roof rack so if someone with a new car wants it, maybe I can arrange a swap. :)
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    Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System ($300)

    Haha, was just editing to say that. Will ping you. Also selling ski/snowboard attachments for $150. Will do separate post.
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    Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System ($300)

    This sells for $549 from Tesla. I've used < 10 times so it's still in great shape. I can help fit it on your Model S as needed. The marketing photo: All the pieces. I also have lots of spare parts as I bought a second fit kit when I lost a piece. I'm located in the Cambridge, MA area. Will...
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    Snow tire woes

    Could be alignment issues? Are you driving 21s in the summers? Have you had alignment issues in the past? I seem to have a lot of alignment issues on my 2012 which Tesla has suggested is because of the 21" wheels which warp on Boston potholed roads.
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    Model X Blackvue Dashcam installation in Boston Area

    Sound in Motion in Allston has done a bunch of Tesla Model S installation work.
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    Proactive Contactor Replacement

    I would have liked a proactive replacement but my 2012 P85 triggered a serious fault while driving two months back with an immediate failure while highway driving at 65mph+. Failed on reasonable acceleration. Usual excellent response ensued from the folks in Tesla service. Logs stated that the...
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    New chargers at Shawnee Peak ski resort (Bridgton, ME)

    Just noticed today a new Tesla destination charger (just one) and a new Clipper Creek charger at Shawnee Peak. It's right next to the ski race school building. There is also a special hybrid parking area outside the main building for a few years. They didn't appear to be active yet, very recent...
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    Car Wash/Detailing

    I use Optimum but only after a touchless wash to get the majority of crap off the car first. Makes for a much cleaner and quicker no rinse wash. I was doing it about once a month in my first year but now 3+ years in, down to about 3 times a year. No swirls or spiders with this approach. Never...
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    Car Wash/Detailing

    Interesting, I also have my roof rack covers flip up but never come off. I use a touchless in Lexington ("Mass Ave") and Somerville ("No Touch"). The Somerville location just did a nice upgrade of their equipment. I think the color of the car makes a big difference - I have the gray (dark) and...
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    Quintessential Car Care

    I believe they are a sponsor of TMC: New England Detailing, Paint Protection, Tint - Sponsored
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    Reus Audio Boston/New England Early 2016

    Try the Mid Atlantic area forum for NYC...
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    Dash Cam installer in the Boston-metro area?

    Sound in Motion has done high quality custom work on several Teslas including sound systems, radar, laser, etc. Not sure on Dash Cams in Tesla but I'm sure they've done them in other cars if not. Give Jim a call and he'd be happy to chat - Sound In Motion - Boston's Best Mobile Entertainment...
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    Autopilot in New York City area

    You may find more New Yorkers in the Mid Atlantic forum... :) Mid-Atlantic It will be interesting to see how autopilot fares in busy windy roads at speed (thinking a Storrow Drive in Boston). As a 2012 P85 owner, I am watching from the sidelines. Anyone got some New England experiences?
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    LTE Upgrade from Dedham-MA SC done; Works well!

    I didn't realize LTE would improve the coverage (speed aside). Since I assume every LTE tower is capable of 3G also, is there a frequency or other difference than improves coverage?
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    Looking to connect with other New England owners who do not or cannot charge at home

    What's wrong with regularly using the level 2 Chargepoint you mention and then topping up on occasion at the Supercharger for a long trip? I don't think Tesla will do any enforcement of Supercharger usage, they are just trying to stop extreme usage and hogging. Keep in mind that you can keep an...
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    Lifetime wheel alignment - Group Buy

    Do you know that they will continue to do more than 2 alignments per year for many cars? At some point, $179 is not good for them for the amount of labor over several years and they will not be happy. I wouldn't be surprised if lifetime alignment has two per year in the fine print. At least at...
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    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I live 25 miles away and got an invite so it doesn't seem proximity is the filter. Could be how long you've been a customer (since 2012 here) or simply random. If anyone really wants to go, I would guess the Watertown service folks could arrange it. Or just wear a Tesla baseball cap and crash...
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    Mat Boarman is leaving Watertown service

    Sad to see, happy to see. Best of luck Mat.
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    Tesla Service Center needs to expand fast....

    Right next to the BMW dealer would win over some customers...
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    Tesla Service Center needs to expand fast....

    Let's update the thread title to "Watertown Service is Expanding to Dedham...". :) My understanding is that Dedham is less than 3 months from opening and will triple service capacity, anyone got more concrete info?
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    New Englanders -- check in!

    This is my third winter with the P85, using snow tires. What I particularly like is the smoothness of accelerating on the slippery stuff. While most traditional ICE cars freak out and jerk around with the power, the Tesla feels quite linear in its acceleration. It is presumably detecting...
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    Configuring P85D, questions on Sound Studio

    This cannot be done as a retrofit and can only be ordered from the factory. It doesn't just include the seats but also a rear impact area redesign to allow for less crumple zone in the back (to protect kids legs). That said, if you don't have any kids yet, I would probably skip. I have them...
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    Anybody near Boston have standard sound in their Model S I could listen to?

    Maybe call Mat at the Watertown service center to see if they have any cars around with standard sound? Maybe he wouldn't mind allowing you to have a quick listen...
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    Paint work near boston

    Mike's in Malden and Dick's in Somerville both recommended here and are both good. Both work on BMWs, Porsches, etc and are do things very well. (My Tesla is at Dick's right now for some minor work but I'm sure Mike's is great too, good reputation.)
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    Paint work near boston

    I use Dick's Auto Body in Somerville. They do a lot of BMWs, Porsches, etc.
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    A sad cautionary tale of poor judgement

    It would be nice if Tesla allowed you to jump to the top of the build queue in the case of a car write-off by the insurance company (provable). It's not like they're ever the fault of Tesla drivers after all! :)
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    Tesla Service Center - Dedham, MA

    Speaking of Foxboro, I parked at Gillette stadium last Friday for the Pat's game after visiting the ginormous Bass Pro Shop. There is one whole charger for the whole stadium, not on Chargepoint. I didn't even bother checking to see if it was free given the traffic. I think it would be great...
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    How do Maine Inspections work with the Model S?

    As far as I can tell, most of the thorough inspection in Maine is the inspection place doing extra "free" inspection work to try to find stuff even slightly wrong with your car. Not only will they claim it fails inspection (although they're not doing required checks), they obviously hope you'll...
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    Will the Model S fit in our garage? Any volunteers? (Cambridge)

    It's easier to see the gap at the sides in the mirrors so backing up is a good idea in general. The hood is a bit deceptive at the front due to the section that drops off towards the corners. I also use laser parking at home to get the position right in my garage. Laser Parking System -...

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