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  1. Wahbash

    Valet pushed my car

    That reminds me, I just got new insurance for my model 3. For some reason, Travellers Insurance insists that my Tesla doesn't have any anti theft system, but my wife was given an anti theft system discount for her Subaru....? I didn't have the energy to argue with them.
  2. Wahbash

    Transplanting the key card RFID to my phone Case

    Neat idea, but personally I like to keep them separated. If I lose my phone I still have emergency key in wallet, and vice versa. That is also why I keep a credit card in my phone case...if I lose either one I can still pay for things and drive my car. I like redundancy. Going to get an RFID...
  3. Wahbash

    Can't Enable Scheduled Charging

    I just noticed it too the other day. It kinda is a bug...you need to actually switch off scheduled charging first then tell it to switch to scheduled departure. Ideally it should do the first automatically when you do the second, otherwise you might not realize it doesn't switch.
  4. Wahbash

    Scheduled Departure no longer working

    Oh wow. I just checked it and you are correct. That is WAY confusing. Unfortunately I have to lie and tell it my utility "off peak" hours end at like 9am so it will keep charging right up until I want to leave, but at least it is something. Thank you guys! I never would have guessed that. Tesla...
  5. Wahbash

    Scheduled Departure no longer working

    Hi medphys3, Yes, I am seeing that...are you saying I need to select "off peak charging" in order for it to start charging when it needs to? That doesn't make sense to me. I don't think I have ever used that because I don't have on/off peak rates....and I wouldn't want to limit it to only...
  6. Wahbash

    Valet pushed my car

    Good observation...yes valets probably have ways to move cars if they can't find the keys or battery dies, etc, but would you be able to get a tesla up on those dollies while it is in Park? Not sure how they work... I think you have to jack up each wheel to use them, if so, I would bet they...
  7. Wahbash

    2 small puddles of water on driver side mats after sitting overnight

    I know this riddle. A very small man hung himself to death under your steering wheel, standing on a melting block of ice.
  8. Wahbash

    Valet pushed my car

    I did not think it was possible to push the car while it is in Park. I am guessing the parking attendants aren't telling you the real story?
  9. Wahbash

    Scheduled Departure no longer working

    2018 M3 - Before the pandemic I used to use scheduled departure every day to have the car warmed up and ready for when I left for work, but stopped using it over the past year while working from home. The last few weeks I have been trying to use it again, and either something has changed or my...
  10. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Ok thank you. Maybe if we start the process now, when we are ready for install next Spring/Summer they can get their hands on one with advance notice.
  11. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Ok that's what I thought...I can't cheat the system...but it sounds like I might not need to. If we can get a third party install and still get Powerwall, then we should be ok. Though I was secretly looking forward to building my ground mounted roof.
  12. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Oh? Wow ok did not know that...when did you have this done? One of the installers I called is Tesla certified, because I was looking for someone to install our home charger, and they said they did solar too....but mentioned they didn't know if they could get a Powerwall.
  13. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Hello 2 Questions here, Wife and I are buying a new house and have money saved up for a solar install. Solar panels won't work on the existing roof, so I am left with only a ground mount solution. I understand that Tesla will only sell you a Powerwall as part of a new Tesla solar panel system...
  14. Wahbash

    2021 Performance vibration

    It is more likely a wheel balance issue than alignment I would think. If there is a tire shop nearby I would ask them to check the tire balance first, but let's see what others say.
  15. Wahbash

    TeslaCam stopped working

    That worked! Thank you! I had assumed the in car format was better method, but apparently not. Buy yourself a beer on me.
  16. Wahbash

    TeslaCam stopped working

    Going to necro this thread...same problem as OP. 2018 M3 LR here. Have had car for almost 3 years, with no dashcam issues. Dashcam has been working fine but today while driving with my wife I happen to notice Dashcam icon was completely missing. As luck would have it, we almost got hit by a...
  17. Wahbash

    Finally hit the 1/4 mile with my 21P

    Sorry dumb question - what is a 21P? I assume P is Performance, and probably a model 3 by the forum thread...is 21 the year?
  18. Wahbash

    Tesla automatic braking when approaching stopped car at stop light/sign?

    Yes, what Cartman said above is correct - the behavior you are describing is more like Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) where it will slow and stop depending on the car in front of you. TACC is like the less expensive version of autopilot/FSD.
  19. Wahbash

    Tesla automatic braking when approaching stopped car at stop light/sign?

    Without autopilot, I think the car will only apply the emergency braking at the very last moment as an emergency. You will probably get a warning chime before that depending on your sensitivity settings, but it won’t automatically slow you down in a gradual sense. I’ve had a few close calls...
  20. Wahbash

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    I have been using a new SanDisk 128gb micro card in a USB adapter, and it has worked fine for months. Formatting on my Mac usually. Will try the other reboot method, and then plug it back in this time. Thanks!
  21. Wahbash

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    OK, actually this didn't work. I removed the music usb, then rebooted the interface with a long press of both scroll wheels. When the car came back online, the option to reformat was still greyed out. UPDATE: This appears to be a Tesla software issue. When I remove the Teslacam USB and plug it...
  22. Wahbash

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    Oh Derp. Yeah indeed, I have a separate USB for music. Good call didn't think of that. Thanks!
  23. Wahbash

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    Two things I discovered recently when I went to try out the new (YAY!) feature of the in-car Teslacam Viewer ... 1. The option to "Reformat USB drive" (in Security settings) for some reason is greyed out for me, it won't let me press it. Is this the same for everyone? 2. My Teslacam only...
  24. Wahbash

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    So, I assume each plane is home to each of the different paths weaving their way past each other in the animations? All the sats going in the same direction share the same plane?
  25. Wahbash

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    These are some great links, and this is all fascinating the more I learn about it. Hopefull that beta will come to us here in northern NY relatively soon, looks like we may have about 85% coverage now. I had no idea it took up to 75-100 days for each batch of birds to settle into position, but...
  26. Wahbash

    Charge Port Door "Error"

    /bump Update. I found this old thread again searching for charge port door error and realized this was happening to me again back in June. A few days ago, my charge port door started randomly opening whenever I opened one of the doors or trunk. I go to get in the car, charge port opens. I get...
  27. Wahbash

    In house glass replacement

    Yes I got it last night. My thoughts on reading it, in order: 1. Is this a recall notice? 2. No, it's a poorly worded advertisement. 3. LOL like Tesla can handle more people at their service centers.
  28. Wahbash

    OK who is this?

    Maybe not, but they would know who to call I bet.
  29. Wahbash

    OK who is this?

    At first I thought maybe the house showed up as a private/public charge point on a plugshare map, but that doesn't look to be the case. That's a jerk move. Never would do that. I would call Telsa roadside or AAA before considering such a move, and even then. It's a good thing the homeowner...
  30. Wahbash

    Current Order to Delivery Time

    Does anyone know about what the current wait time is for a new Model 3 these days? People stop and talk to me about my car all the time, and the most common question I get is how long does it take to get one, or the misconception that it takes a year or two. I want to know what to tell them...
  31. Wahbash

    Talk me into or out of Model 3 Purchase (mostly range anxiety)

    OP, living in MA keep in mind the winter cold will reduce battery range. Here in NY I've witnessed as much as 40% loss on very cold days, and you will not get any regen on the highway. Most of my trips are short so it doesn't bother me, but for your commute I would be careful. You would need the...
  32. Wahbash

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Turned in my VW Jetta TDI sportswagon, as part of the emissions scandal, for model 3 LR. Though technically I drove a 2002 Buick Century "beater" for while as a temp car until the M3 was delivered. Looked funny with the tesla vanity plate I had gotten in advance.
  33. Wahbash

    Reckless driver, Model 3 prevents accident…

    Wow, impressive. I wish I could test this sort of stuff, like automatic braking, but am afraid to hit something haha.
  34. Wahbash

    Model 3 buzzing after parked

    I had the same thing today. I was parked at work for about 2 hours when I went out to the car to get something...as I was walking up to the car, from several feet away, I could hear it whirring away loudly. Never seen that before and thought it was odd. Why was the car making so much noise...
  35. Wahbash

    Do you wave?

    I live on east coast, so seeing another tesla only happens about once a day. I wave to everyone usually, but started toning it down...I think I have noticed a trend. It seems like other Model 3 owners (I drive a model 3) wave back, but model S drivers usually dont even notice me. I rarely see...
  36. Wahbash

    Reckless driver, Model 3 prevents accident…

    Were you on autopilot when this happened?
  37. Wahbash

    Why don't people drag race with mirrors folded?

    Because then you can't see the people you are racing.
  38. Wahbash

    V3 Supercharging Profiles for Model 3

    I can't wait to try one of the V3 charge stations, but I'm on east coast so figure it will be awhile. :( Are there any maps available which show where they are being installed?
  39. Wahbash

    New England Driving With RWD

    My RWD drives better in the snow than I expected, however after my first winter I definitely intend to get snow tires for next year. If you are used to AWD, and can afford it, I would recommend the upgrade just for peace of mind. Once you have it, you aren't going to be in a situation where...
  40. Wahbash

    Flat Tire Today.... Great Warning System!

    Quick thinking! That was very smart. What are these pucks people talk about? Are they cushions for jacking the car up? Seems like I should get me some..
  41. Wahbash

    P3D+ owners.. how often do you mash the pedal at stoplights?

    Having now owned my Model 3 for over 6 months, I can say the following: The first few weeks or so I had the vehicle, I drove like a complete a**hole. After the initial rush, I calmed down my driving a lot, and try to be a responsible "Tesla Ambassador" if you will, not wanting to give our...
  42. Wahbash

    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser

    Holy cow, that's awesome. Nice work. I was so confused when I couldnt find a "Download" button the the webpage...then I realized the webpage WAS the viewer. Neat.
  43. Wahbash

    Is the model 3 too common now?

    The whole point of the Model 3 was to be "too common." I put a few stickers on the back to personalize it. I keep telling people, you are going to start seeing a lot more of these around, and even here on the east coast I am seeing more just about every week. That's a good thing, as more...
  44. Wahbash

    First song you played in your new Model 3?

    Happy Birthday! I strongly suggest Enjoy the Silence, it sounds awesome in the M3. You will notice things on that sound system you never heard in songs before
  45. Wahbash

    First song you played in your new Model 3?

    The last few cars I have bought, I have "christened" the car by driving off the dealer lot blasting Back in Black by AC/DC...not sure why it started, but had the CD on me and it was a rocking song. When my wife and I picked up our Model 3, I had made a USB playlist in advance, but I switched...
  46. Wahbash

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    Doh. Yeah you are probably right. Didn't even think of that. Good thing I'm not an engineer.
  47. Wahbash

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    I think they can add a software fix that notices if you use the "one swipe" wiper button a few times in a given period and takes a hint that the wipers need to be doing more.
  48. Wahbash

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    Good idea. I assume the sensor is center top, above or below the front camera?
  49. Wahbash

    What would you like to see added in software updates?

    Yes, agree with you there. I'm just finding that I have to erase or reformat my USB every week or two now because it keeps filling up for some reason even when I'm not saving any footage. Perhaps I need to try a different USB, but instead of keeping a rolling set of 10 one minute clips like it...
  50. Wahbash

    What would you like to see added in software updates?

    Things I would love to see added in the future: Teslacam recording of rear camera. Ability to review sentry mode incidents on main screen Ability to view, wipe or erase teslacam recordings from main screen without having to take USB out and plug into computer Ability to view teslacam live...

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