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    How fast is Plaid when not in Launch Mode?

    Comparing the different Model S versions. What is the 0-60 on the Plaid when not in launch mode.
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    Any updates on Plaid Model S?

    Been waiting to see the details on the Plaid Model S which was promised this year before I make any decisions on my next vehicle. I have not seen any updates for a while on the Plaid Model S. Anyone know the latest ETA and possible pricing yet?
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    What happened to Heated Steering Wheel & Rear Seat Warmers?

    I cant find in V10 in any of the menu's the ability to heat the rear seats or to heat the steering wheel? Anyone know where these settings disappeared to? There used to be a cold weather tab?
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    Anyone else have this issue with rear hatch?

    My rear hatch struggles sometimes to open. When checking my lift struts I noted they are heavily rusted. Sunce water flows in the channel when it rains shouldn't the hardware chosen be resistant to rust?
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    Tesla Solar Roof?

    Is Tesla actually installing Solar Roof? Anyone get one done? When I check the site it asks for a $1000 Reservation before you can get a Quote.
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    Summon now shows available on ordering page....

    "Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really. " Does not say coming soon... Its listed as what is available now... BS.. When is he going to stop with these wording games.
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    25k 2nd Year Service $750.. Wow

    Looks like for $750 I got 2 new wiper blades and replaced brake fluid.. Everything else was just items that were looked at and confirmed good. Seems like a bad deal.
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    Screen has darkening Yellow Band around entire screen

    Over the past few months I have noticed a yellow band going around the entire screen. Anyone else experience this?
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    Have not received an update in a long time

    Anyone else not get an update for a long time? I am still on 2018.34.1 since last year and have been waiting for the 9.0 update for some time.
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    My Model S went Haywire on me

    Driving to the store this past weekend with my 2 kids I started getting all sorts of Errors on the screen (Here is a snapshot) of the screen when it started: In any case I get to my destination and park the car but it will not go into park. The car refused to go into park and there was no...
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    Does your sunroof vent on its own out of nowhere?

    Lately my Sunroof seems to have a mind of its own and it vents out of nowhere. I can be just driving and out of nowhere bam it opens. Has happened around 8 times in the past 2 weeks and there is no rhyme or reason when it will decide to open on its own.
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    I feed bad for all those 90D owners

    In less than one year of ownership (9 months) and less than $8k miles my $113k 90D Model S seems like a terrible purchase and would be worth a fraction of what it cost. Today you can get a 75D brand new (Shipping with 85k Batteries installed) for $20k less fully loaded and fully charge it and...
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    Finally brought my Model S in for service

    3 weeks ago I made an appointment to bring my Model S in for service. I have been having issues with random errors that come and go and apparently my cameras are not pitched correctly so my Auto Pilot has been restricted to 50 MPH for a month now and they said that I needed to bring it in to...
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    For a Luxury Car my Model S sure is noisy

    Am I the only one or does everyone experience wind noise in their Model S. My wife always asks me if I have a window open when on the highway. Not sure if its the sunroof or just the poor design of not using door frames but my car is definitely not quiet like my wife's MB. I expected much...
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    Only me or are other getting constant errors?

    Every few times I start the car I get error messages that some functions are not working. Today was a record and I got the most errors I have ever seen: After I reached my destination for 15-20 minutes I get in the car and it starts again this time with no errors. I can go several days and...
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    Will you still feel the same about Tesla after the Model 3?

    Owning a Tesla has been like being part of a small exclusive club for the past few years and I personally like that I have a vehicle that I dont see everywhere I go. If they go from selling 50k cars a year to their goal of 500k cars by 2020 and you begin to see Tesla's everywhere will you still...
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    Now what is this noise?

    My Model S has been starting to piss me off with quality issues. My latest noise seem to be coming from the front end when I turn the wheel. This only started happening the last 100 miles. Any idea what is causing this noise?
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    New Summon Beta

    Can someone please explain the benefit to this? Or explain how it really works. It seems to me all you can do is make the car go slowly forward and backwards. Is it supposed to automatically pull out of a parking spot and come to you. How does it know where you are located? Can anyone make a...
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    Really feeling like a Beta Tester

    I spent a nice chunk of change for this Model S and day after day new issues come and go. It feels like we are a Beta tester and I certainly did not buy the car to be a Beta tester. Today when I head for a drive all sorts on bings and bongs are sounding and then the following messages appear...
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    Are updates making Wh/mi worse?

    Over the first few months I have been averaging around 450 Wh/mi in the winter here in NJ. Over the past few weeks my averages are climbing quickly and I am now seeing over 600 Wh/mi trips. I have not changed anything and weather has been as cold as it was in the past and lows around 17. Is...
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    How to leave vehicle on when outside of vehicle

    If you want to let's say polish your car and listen to the radio with the windows open how do you do this without leaving a brick on your seat? Seems even if you leave the fob in the car if no one is sitting in a seat it shuts down.
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    Sent letter asking for a refund for FSD paid feature

    I sent a letter asking Tesla to refund me for the FSD & AP functions I paid $8000 for. At this point I dont trust that FSD will ever come and there is no reason I should have paid for a feature that might never become a reality. In my opinion they should not have sold a feature which was not...
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    What happened to notifications?

    I have the new Tesla App for Android and I now no longer get any notifications. In the app all the options are enabled but I am getting no charging notifications and no software notifications. In fact when I open the app it shows me data from the last time I had opened the app and then it...
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    AL Priority & Net Radar Laser Install

    I will post up more details later on this install but wanted to share a few pictures of my Model S with some additions. We had the AL Priority Front & Rear Laser Jammers installed with the Net Radar front and rear radar antennas for complete protection. We swapped out the factory 19" wheels for...
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    Where are the Auto Windshield Wipers?

    Where are the Auto Windshield Wipers and Auto High Beams? Shouldn't these be some of the easier projects to get done? Also, I have not really noticed any benefit from Adaptive Lighting. Is this working? On my other 2 cars when I make a turn you can clearly see the light moving towards the...
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    What is the best size tire for 20×9.0″ wheels?

    What is the best size tire for 20×9.0″ wheels? to match existing 19" overall dimensions?
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    Why are there no apps available?

    I would like to see apps such as Waze, etc. be allowed to be integrated. Does Tesla not allow 3rd party companies to build apps for Tesla?
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    Need 4 TPMS Sensors for new Model S

    I seen threads where some folks picked up the new TPMS sensors at a Tesla Service center for $18 a piece which is a great deal but the closest service center is over 1 1/2 hours away from me. I was hoping to be able to buy them online and have them mailed to save me a trip. Anyone know where...
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    Is there anyway to get more performance out of a S90D?

    Just curious coming from vehicles with engines there were always tunes available, New headers, New intakes, etc. The cost of the S90D to the same equipped P100D was $40k and that was out of the question at the time I ordered it. Is there anything that can be done to squeeze anymore performance...
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    Looking for a set of TST 20's in Metallic Grey

    Looking for a set of these: Metallic Grey - TSportline.com - Tesla Model S & Model X Accessories Anyone looking to sell a set?
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    Anyone run Model X wheels on Model S?

    Picked up stock 90D with the 19" wheels because the 21" I felt would cause too many issues with potholes etc but the 19's really look small. I see a set of 20" Model X wheels on eBay: Four 2016 Tesla Model X factory 20 Wheels OEM Rims NEW black powder coat Fits S | eBay I think going with...
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    What is the total price of the X?

    Unlike many I dont have an unlimited budget, I do find it strange that I cant find the price on the Model X anywhere? You can put $5k down and then have to pay $35k more putting $40k down on a vehicle but you still do not know how much more you will have to pay when produced. Does anyone have...

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