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  1. ToddS

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Just had mobile come out and swap the incorrect passenger side Repeater (based on the info here - thanks!). After they put in the correct camera, it corrected the laggy/freezing views I got from the Repeaters when in reverse (which is the only time I see them). So if the image you see on your...
  2. ToddS

    Regen braking reduced?

    I feel like Regen is less, but not all the time. Definitely didnt notice it happening until the last week or two. I am going to start paying attention to when it is happening (time of day, temp, SOC, etc).
  3. ToddS

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    This was SUPER helpful. Based upon this info, I contacted my Service Center. Tesla confirmed I had one wrong repeater. However, they believe my Pillar Cameras are correct: Right - 1092312-98-F and Left - 1092311-98-F
  4. ToddS

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    I got the upgraded cameras on Jan 3. When in reverse (which is the only time I can view the repeater camera video), the picture is very jerky and freezes. Based upon the above, I may have one wrong repeater camera (I have the same correct Triple Camera, but my Pillar cameras are completely...
  5. ToddS

    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    ohmman , JimVandegriff, steilkurve, or anyone else, We are looking at a 23 ft Flying Cloud with a corner bed (the 19 Bambi really doesn’t work as well for us). All the 23 FCs come in at 6,000lbs, but the queen bed 23 FC comes in at 467lbs tongue weight, while the corner bed comes in at 654lbs...
  6. ToddS

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Got the email last week and SC (told it can’t be done by mobile) for first of year. Fingers crossed they have the cameras by then.
  7. ToddS

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    I am also in Florida (WPB is my SC). Where is your‘s being done? I have a 100 SS. It sounds like our upgrades are identical. What magic were you able to work (how did you get it done)?
  8. ToddS

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Any word?
  9. ToddS

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Has anyone experienced the Pinnacle (behind the steering wheel) Screen flashing all the lights and then returning to normal? I have had this happen at least 2 dozen times since doing the infotainment upgrade (I ordered with FSD HW2.0). Service just keeps having the "engineers clearing the...
  10. ToddS

    Upgrade (to HW3.0) fate of AP.2.0 owners who purchased FSD?

    Let me add a small amount of data to the mix. I am scheduled for the upgrade and I am also going to upgrade the computer. Note: this has NOT been done yet. However, on 2 separate occasions, my Instrument Cluster screen (smaller screen) has shown a red traffic light indicator when I have gone...
  11. ToddS

    Midnight Silver chrome delete.

  12. ToddS

    Valentine 1 install with Savvy

    LOVE my Blend Mount and looks OEM. What is a SunShield (I have the Tesla Sun Screens)?
  13. ToddS

    $50k Deposit

    Wait! So you're saying she turned out to be hotter??! ;)
  14. ToddS

    Where to stow tow hook (towing eyebolt)?

    Love that device! And would order but mine fits just fine in the UMC bag. Just sayin. ;)
  15. ToddS

    Phantom drain out of control

    I think it's Sentry. While parked at the airport, mine was losing 4-6% per day.
  16. ToddS

    Who is getting a Tesla Cybertruck

    I'm waiting for the Tesla Truck. Then they can take my money. The CyberTruck is just too angular for my tastes.
  17. ToddS

    Installing HW3 unit!

    Tesla HW 4.0?
  18. ToddS

    Anyone had FWD phantom obstacle fixed by SC?

    I was going to suggest a vehicle wrap (I have Xpel). I know you shouldn't have to do this, but I had a problem (not sure if it is was just a sun issue) and they replaced the sensors. No problems since.
  19. ToddS

    Sentry Mode on V2.0 Hardware

    I thought that Tesla was going to replace all our computers (on Elon Time) for AP purposes and after that we would have full sentry mode. Was I misreading whatever it was that I read several months ago?
  20. ToddS

    Tire Bands for 22"

    Just finished trying another brand and came back to these. I like the ease of application, ease of removal (the ones I just removed were a bitch), their low profile, and the shade of red better (I know, not that big a deal).
  21. ToddS

    Are your 12v Power Sockets live when car is locked?

    Reviving this thread. Did anyone find a solution? My car is in the description. I am trying to run an electric cooler while away from the car. While I would prefer to plug into the back outlet, I can also use the one in the front center console.
  22. ToddS

    NoAP v seat settings

    BINGO! I didn’t know it was tied to each profile, but it makes sense. Thanks!!
  23. ToddS

    NoAP v seat settings

    Has anyone else experienced Navigation on Autopilot kicking you to regular Autopilot if you switch your seat position to a more laid back angle? I have had a seat position named “Autopilot” for almost 2 years now and never had any issues. Now when I move from my regular position to “Autopilot”...
  24. ToddS


    and FYI, don't get discouraged. It can be difficult to get the "P" to show up on your screen. I can usually get it most of the time now, but it is a LONG learning curve. :rolleyes:
  25. ToddS

    Radio Favorites Reversing

    Well I guess there is comfort in knowing we are not alone. Keep reporting it. I'm sure there are higher priorities right now, but hopefully someday they will put someone on this. Notably, it only started for me in the current update. I'm on 48.12.1, fyi
  26. ToddS

    Radio Favorites Reversing

    After I input my radio favorites in a certain order (and they work in that order for a few days), they completely reverse themselves so that the one that was last (appeared all the way on the right) now appears first (appears on the left-most of all Favorites, right next to where the Recents...
  27. ToddS

    911 Help - Gainesville charger cable needed asap

    Eric, Wish I could help. Have you looked for destination chargers or ChargePoint, etc? Also, I don't know if it is online yet, but there is supposed to be one soon at Butler Plaza.
  28. ToddS

    Tesla DC donation to City of West Palm Beach -- 38 EVSE + installation across 3 city garages

    This is great news! I used to use the ChargePoint stations in the Clematis Garage all the time. Now they are always occupied (Interestingly, mostly by hybrids - at least they are a step in the right direction). Way to go Tesla!!
  29. ToddS

    The dreaded 12v battery needs service message

    I know I am the exception and not the rule, but be thankful when that Notice comes on. Mine just died without any notice (I did see some strange behavior from the screen - button not working sometimes, etc) and it had to be towed, etc. I know it's a pain, but much better than my alternative...
  30. ToddS

    Elon Canning Referral Program!

    For a company that needs cash NOW, seems that NGR a few years from now may not be the issue. Tesla has given away WAY more in supercharging money than cars.
  31. ToddS

    SeaSucker Monkey Bars (roof bars)

    Sorry, just sold them.
  32. ToddS

    Knocking noise under accelator pedal, when floored

    Mine had it and they replaced the parts around 15,000 miles. It's coming back again at around 30,000. My understanding is that they used some of the same configurations from the Model S for the Model X. Since the MX is higher off the ground, the angles are wrong. That is what is causing...
  33. ToddS

    SeaSucker Monkey Bars (roof bars)

    I just DM’d you. Let me know if you didn’t get it.
  34. ToddS

    Weird Locked Car Situation

    I apologize if this has been discussed, but my parents had a weird locked car situation and I would like to hear other Model 3 owners thoughts (I gave my 1st day reservation to my parents when I pulled the trigger on a MX - just couldn’t wait - LOL). While my Mom was putting groceries in the M3...
  35. ToddS

    A Fart Toy. Seriously?

    I am curious: Is your fear that your family will be in jeopardy such that you don't want updates or just not silly updates? My point being: isn't it just as likely (perhaps more, but you were in the software industry, not me) that an update to fix your mirror problem will jeopardize safety as a...
  36. ToddS

    Supercharger - West Palm Beach, FL - Garden Road

    Has anyone tried charging at the Gardens Mall? I was in the area the other day and low on charge. It didn’t occur to me to try it, but I made it home fine.
  37. ToddS

    SeaSucker Monkey Bars (roof bars)

    I own a set of SeaSuckers. They work great! Hold like crazy. HOWEVER, be very careful. Before you lock them down, make sure the one FWD you want to open can fully open and not touch them. I measured it before locking them down, but apparently my FWD was not fully extended when I measured. When...
  38. ToddS

    New Anti-Theft package at Tesla Shop

    I mean this sincerely: what advantages does this have over the current security system? What are the circumstances where someone would not trip the standard security, but would trip this Tilt/Instrusion enhancement?
  39. ToddS

    Elon is asking for what you'll like fixed

    I don't know if it solves your problem, but why not grab your phone and unlock from wherever you are? I use this all the time.
  40. ToddS

    Nail in sidewall - repair/replace? SC or 3rd party?

    I am not easy on my tires, but got over 30,000 from the stock Pirellis.
  41. ToddS

    First Road Trip - Am I Doing It Right?

    Ek993, Looking at your consumption, I am surprised it is not flatter if you are using EAP most of the way. Mine always flatlines when I am on highways using EAP.
  42. ToddS

    Orlando - Miami - Model 3 where to stop?

    usually just follow what the Nav tells us
  43. ToddS

    Disney's current position regarding electric chargers

    That is my daughter's favorite park. It would be great so we don't have to go north (to Supercharger) to go south. Next time someone is over that way, let us all know.
  44. ToddS

    Supercharger - Delray Marketplace, FL [Operational]

    lonely people? LOL
  45. ToddS

    790HP Ferrari 812 Superfast vs Model P100D (1/4 mile)

    Actually, I think he adds weight. His own Starman is usually along for the ride. :D
  46. ToddS

    V9.0 in September?

    yes. It says V9. Is that all of the Release Notes or is there more? Can you post all the Release Notes? I want to see what was taken out and what was kept? ETA: it looks like, with just over 1,00 miles, this is a AP2.5 car (thus the Dashcam).
  47. ToddS

    Diehard Tesla Fanatic Turning in MX

    Happy to hear that they were fair and you are giving Tesla another chance. Might I suggest a change to the thread title (perhaps after you have had your 100D for a while). ;)
  48. ToddS

    Brand New X - Charge Port Door Won't Open With Wand

    make sure you hold it up above the port. I am told that the receiver is somewhere along the edge the rear hatch. it works for us.
  49. ToddS

    First Road Trip with X - mixed feelings

    It's definitely a different mind set for getting places. It is a slower pace, but with AutoPilot, I don't feel the need to get there as much. Also, know that the car learns your driving habits and the estimates will be much closer after a while.
  50. ToddS

    How many guys driving Model X?

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