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  1. Empato

    [UK] 2021.44.x

    You’d think so if you read Twitter.
  2. Empato

    EO Smart Home App Is A Stinking Pile Of Garbage

    Yes, it has to be logged in to the Tesla account.
  3. Empato

    EO Smart Home App Is A Stinking Pile Of Garbage

    I also use th ev.energy app with an EO Mini and it works a treat.
  4. Empato

    [UK] 2021.12.x

    2021.12.25 release notes now available. A new game and a couple of new languages. Excitement curtailed.
  5. Empato

    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    The Falkirk hub had tumbleweed rolling through it when I passed today. In my opinion, the charges are excessive and nobody seems to be using them since the charge was brought in. Surely a fairer tarrif would have been more beneficial to them as folk would still use the chargers, and still allow...
  6. Empato

    EO mini pro charging issues

    I have this charger and didn't like the recommended app. I use the ev.energy app, set to charge when the electricity is at 0.055p per kW (Go Faster) and it works a treat.
  7. Empato

    Trickle charge at caravan site?

    Stayed at a site in Filey last year and every time I went to the 2 chargers on site, their vans were plugged in, so I charged from the caravan overnight with no problems.
  8. Empato

    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Not sure what Mad Max Mode does, I have the option to turn it on, but haven't. However, I just had a quick blast along the motorway with navigate on Autopilot on, the car waited to it was right on the motorway exit, before suddenly swerving, without slowing down at all. I had thought it was...
  9. Empato

    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Ooh, I never looked for any FSD modes.
  10. Empato

    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Yes, just appeared in my app. Had to go out to the car to enable it in the car, which it says is beta. Haven't had the bottle to try summoning the car yet.
  11. Empato

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Updated to 2021.4.11 last night. On a short drive today, the heater seemed to be blowing cold air, despite being set to 20 degrees and it being 3 degrees outside.
  12. Empato

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Nope, just checked Teslafi and there's a SR+ just had 2021.4.10 in Bavaria.
  13. Empato

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Perhaps it's a SR+ thing.
  14. Empato

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    I am now 10 software updates behind. Strange how updates usually happened a couple of days after release, then nothing.
  15. Empato

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    I'm not sure if the headlight lenses are glass or plastic, I've been worried I will scratch them by scraping.
  16. Empato

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    Never had to on any of my previous cars, which is why I ask. Don't fancy taking the ice scraper to the headlights every time I drive either if I can help it. Last night I used a cloth with hot water before drying them, but that's not practical before every drive.
  17. Empato

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    Sounds quite Scandinavian doesn't it.
  18. Empato

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    Apologies for the spelling error in the title, can't see how to edit it.
  19. Empato

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    Does anyone have any tips on keeping the headlights from frosting up/freezing over in the current cold temperatures? I made a journey of around 12 miles last night and it wasn't until I joined the motorway I realised that I couldn't see a thing as they were frosted over. I obviously cleared...
  20. Empato

    Drive History

    Another nod to Teslafi, I like the lifetime map. Some great stats available too.
  21. Empato

    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    I've never had an issue with the auto wipers, but I've had to switch the wipers off 3 times now since 2020.48.26 as they have been flapping at full speed on a dry windscreen.
  22. Empato

    Tesla All Weather Protection Kit [mudflaps/ppf] - Anyone in the UK Been Contacted?

    No email here. If I do get it, can anyone who has installed it advise how easy it is to apply the film?
  23. Empato

    Rear Spoiler

    Oh, it does look a bit dodgy.
  24. Empato

    Rear Spoiler

    Very true, hadn't thought of that.
  25. Empato

    Rear Spoiler

    Yep, that sort of thing, but more like the size of the spoiler that comes with the Model 3 Performance.
  26. Empato

    Rear Spoiler

    Was just thinking about the "problem" of water and now snow coming off the rear window and boot lid when you open the bootlid and dripping into the boot. The current model 3 rear spoiler mounts on the boot lid rear lip, which got me wondering if a spoiler mounted at the top edge of the boot lid...
  27. Empato

    Eo Mini Pro installed

    I ended ditching the Juice net app and use ev.energy app instead. Works well with Agile.
  28. Empato

    Tesla Referral Code Please [the one and only UK thread]

    I'd imagine I'm a bit late to the party for that now.
  29. Empato

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Yes, that's the type of thing, although I've been looking for them without the carbon fibre effect.
  30. Empato

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Sorry, I've worded that badly. A while back I seen one piece covers for the centre of the 18"alloys, which cover the centre hole and the nuts, rather than the separate centre cap and nut covers. I can't find it now.
  31. Empato


    Do you have any other apps connected to your car or charger? I had issues with ev.energy and it turned out the Juice net app that was recommended for my charger (an EO Mini Pro) was conflicting with, and stopping ev.energy from starting my charge.
  32. Empato

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    I've been looking for 1 piece covers for the 18" wheels for when the aero Covers are removed. Anyone any idea where to get them?
  33. Empato

    Real time traffic?

    Have to agree that BMWs traffic info is way more accurate. Had the Tesla's live traffic been more accurate, I wouldn't have been held up for almost an hour on the A66 yesterday.
  34. Empato

    So I just cancelled my TeslaFi subscription...

    I have enjoyed my free trial of Teslafi, some great info in there which satisfies the geek in me. I like the sound of Teslamate, but I have little knowledge of how to set it up. Do you need a Raspberry pi or can it be run on the likes of a Mac?
  35. Empato

    No Spare Wheel

    Some great information here, thanks guys.
  36. Empato

    No Spare Wheel

    Seen one of those earlier. Have you used one? I wasn't sure how easy or effective that would be.
  37. Empato

    LBC Tunein Not Working (after recent eSIM wake up fix)

    Tried You Tube for the first time today while charging and was surprised when the first ad came on and it was Dutch.
  38. Empato

    No Spare Wheel

    That looks like an option. Thanks.
  39. Empato

    No Spare Wheel

    In light of the model 3 not having a spare wheel. What are you folks carrying in your model 3 to cover you in the event of having a puncture? In a way I'm surprised Tesla don't use run flat tyres, which came to the rescue a few times in my last car.
  40. Empato

    Model 3 Colour choice

    Love my Multicoat Red, would have loved the white interior too mind.
  41. Empato

    Aero Covers

    That did worry me a little.
  42. Empato

    EO Mini Pro 2

    Mine did too.
  43. Empato

    Aero Covers

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  44. Empato

    Aero Covers

    I'd like to remove my aero Covers and was wondering if the official Tesla Centre caps and lug covers are worth the £45 or are any of the cheap aftermarket covers decent quality? Also, for anyone running without the aero Covers, have you noticed a big difference in range? Probably not a huge...
  45. Empato

    Autopilot and lane keeping

    The issue I find is that when using AP on the motorway, when I approach slower moving vehicles in front, and indicate to pull out, the car often begins to slow down and takes quite a while to realise the road ahead is clear before deciding to return to speed up to my original speed to overtake...
  46. Empato

    [UK] 2020.36.x

    I too hadn't noticed any changes in 2020.36.10, until last night, when I did a soft reboot and as soon as the car rebooted, it was able to see and display speed limit signs in the visualisations.
  47. Empato


    Have to say my favourite is Spawnpoiint. Jack Massey W.... Is a fun channel. Tesla Brothers irritates the hell out of me, but, I can't help but watch.
  48. Empato

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    Tonight, I removed the rear number plate and holder. Gave the car a snow foam and wash and then stuck the aluminium plate directly to the car with heavy duty velcro. Fingers crossed it holds. It has really cleaned up the look from the rear though. Now, what to do about that front plate.
  49. Empato

    Octopus Go Charging

    I'm using it with an EO Mini Pro. Only tried one scheduled charge when I set it to charge the car when the Agile rate was below 4p Kwh and it worked a treat.
  50. Empato

    SR+ spec?

    I'm not greedy, one would do me.

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