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  1. DustWindDude

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I tested it with a 5-seater with everything folded flat, and the dogs can't stand comfortably; they are just too tall. So ordered the 6-seater instead and resigned to keep the VW to cart them around.
  2. DustWindDude

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I wish the rear seats were easily removable. We have two 130 pound Pyrenees/Bernese mixes, and it turns out they do not fit in the X. We ended up keeping our VW Tiguan as a dog hauler. Kind of a blessing in disguise, I guess, as the X remains free of fur. :)
  3. DustWindDude

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I use the FOB to open the one closest to me as I am walking toward the car, toss the bags into the space between the seats (I have the six-seat configuration), hit "close" on the FWD and open on the driver door. FWD and driver door closed by the time I get in and buckle up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. DustWindDude

    Snoqualmie Pass

    I have lived in WA most of my life and driven over the Cascade passes a lot. I have predominantly driven AWD vehicles and I can't remember ever owning a set of chains. All of my previous AWD cars (Audi A6, Audi 90, VW Tiguan) have generally had all-season tires and I have never felt out of...
  5. DustWindDude

    Model X with no kids?

    My wife and I have no kids, and we went with the X. I would have been content with the S or the 3, but my wife (to my never-ending surprise) urged the X. No regrets. We got the six-seat configuration and we love it. It still has plenty of cargo space in the back with the rear seats folded, and...
  6. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    Just to throw another thought into the mix regarding the decision to put the Supercharger where they did. The North Bend "trucktown" is likely going to be a key spot for an East-West Megacharger in the future. It's already a full-service truckstop (the ONLY such facility on I-90 west of the...
  7. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Spokane, WA

    They are applying a corollary to the Scotty Principle; under-promise and over-deliver. They advertise them as 150 kW so that people are pleasantly surprised when they get 170 kW.
  8. DustWindDude

    Bellevue Service Center Experience

    Since posts about negative experiences tend to generally out-weigh positive ones in forums, I thought I'd relay my recent experience at the Bellevue SC to help tip the balance. I took my MX 100D in on Wednesday for a scheduled appointment to address the clanking and shudder from the front...
  9. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Moses Lake, WA

    I have a friend in Moses Lake who sent this to me on Sunday. Might be close to opening?
  10. DustWindDude

    M3 Front Plate in Seattle Area

    The RCW says that the plate "must be attached conspicuously at the front and rear," must "be able to be plainly seen and read," and can't be more than 4 feet from the ground. The first two requirements could be up for some interpretation in this case. But, as others said, I also wouldn't want...
  11. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Cle Elum, WA

    I had the same thought! I might just take a long drive to grab some coffee and check this place out now. It looks great!
  12. DustWindDude

    Initiative 976

    But this particular section refers specifically to fees for EVs. The standard $30 tab fee is already referenced in another part of the RCW. If the intent of this initiative is to set the fee at $30 for any passenger vehicle, this entire section should have been stricken. This initiative is too...
  13. DustWindDude

    Initiative 976

    I'm confused. Do the proposed changes to current RCW detailed in section 5 of this initiative mean that EVs will be charged an additional $30 fee on top of the standard $30 registration fee? "...must require the applicant to pay a ((one hundred dollar fee in addition to any other fees and taxes...
  14. DustWindDude

    Does SOC affect regenerative braking?

    If you have the "Energy" widget on your dash display, you will usually see a dotted/dashed yellow (orange?) arc where it normally shows the regen amount when regen is disabled (or diminished). I think it also alerts you with a yellow/orange alert icon in the same general area.
  15. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    Just like Starbucks. I heard there is a Starbucks location somewhere that has an additional Starbucks in its restroom.
  16. DustWindDude

    Poll: what’s your escape strategy when the Big One come?

    It really depends on the kind of natural disaster we are talking about. For weather events (which you can see coming), I would think an EV would be better than ICE for evacuation. Better efficiency at the lower speeds you would be forced into. Once your out of harms way, you will likely be into...
  17. DustWindDude

    Supercharger-Ritzville, WA

    I just made a trip to Spokane last week in my MX. Stopped in Cle Elum and Ritzville to charge. Peaked above 140 kW at both locations. EDIT: March 2019 build.
  18. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Union Street

    What's up with the box with the ClipperCreek logo?
  19. DustWindDude

    Front carpet mats replacement

    I recommend looking into all-weather mats as a replacement. They are more durable and easier to clean. Definitely a different look than carpet, though.
  20. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    From what I have read, the Burlington SC is busy a lot. This is a heavily-traveled corridor. I am guessing someone at Tesla ran the numbers (usage, wait times, etc.) and decided it made sense.
  21. DustWindDude

    My Favorite MX "Lifehacks" So Far

    Using BWD defense mode to prevent the car smelling like food for days after picking up takeout. Didn't want the dogs to track water through the house after a surprise downpour on a walk, but didn't have an opener to go in through the garage instead. So used Summon on the app to tell the car to...
  22. DustWindDude

    Anyone found solution for water collection under rare spolier

    Apply more pressure to the accelerator? ;)
  23. DustWindDude

    NoA: Additional Cameras Calibrating 0%

    The NoAP issue was resolved remotely before I went to the SC. I would suggest using the app to "Schedule Service", select "Driver Assistance Features", and explain the issue. They may be able to fix it like they did for me. The DashCam issue is related to having HW3 as @Tkun noted above (they'll...
  24. DustWindDude

    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Sounds like it. I took delivery at the end of March. At least your dash cam works, though. The SC said they staged me for the latest software update that's supposed to enable DashCam, Sentry Mode, etc. for the HW3 platform, but I have yet to see it.
  25. DustWindDude

    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    If yours doesn't have HW3, you must have just missed it. I think ours were in production around the same time, and I just confirmed with the SC when I was in yesterday that mine was built with HW3.
  26. DustWindDude

    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    I am in the same situation as you (purchased EAP with a new vehicle in Jan/Feb time frame when FSD was not an option to add in the order configuration). I no longer have the option to purchase FSD. I am assuming that they came through on their promise and upgraded us like they said they would. I...
  27. DustWindDude

    Locking the Driving Mode for other drivers to Chill only

    HAHA! This is another reason I have only dogs.
  28. DustWindDude

    NoA: Additional Cameras Calibrating 0%

    Yep. I tried that.
  29. DustWindDude

    NoA: Additional Cameras Calibrating 0%

    Good to know about the DashCam and HW3. I am relatively certain that mine was delivered with HW3, as well. Hopefully they can remedy the autopilot issue when I bring it in.
  30. DustWindDude

    NoA: Additional Cameras Calibrating 0%

    Yep. Called CS, and they had me make an appointment with the SC.
  31. DustWindDude

    NoA: Additional Cameras Calibrating 0%

    I picked up my MX a week ago and put about 500 miles on it (mainly well-marked highways). The Navigate on Autopilot option is still grayed out and the "Additional cameras calibrating" message still shows 0%. I've seen other posts where people are reporting that percentage stuck in the 90s, but...
  32. DustWindDude

    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Notice that note above the Fuel Economy section "Vehicle has been ordered with 270 miles of electric range...may be delivered at higher range so you can evaluate upgrading." I ordered SR, and my sticker has this same note, but I am definitely able to charge to 295 (LR) miles. I'm guessing/hoping...
  33. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    This is an uncovered parking area that's part of the Bellevue Square parking garage complex. There is no cost to park at Bellevue Square.
  34. DustWindDude

    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    I have to disagree vehemently that time spent at a winery is wasted.
  35. DustWindDude

    Model X consumption on 22inch versus 20inch, not all that bad.

    I wonder if it wouldn't have such a dramatic impact overall if you passed the truck more quickly at a faster speed. It looks like you took half a mile to overtake the truck, if I am reading that correctly. At 65 MPH, that's almost 30 seconds in the turbulent wind created by the truck. Thanks...
  36. DustWindDude

    So I received a HW3

    Ah. I didn't know that they don't build in VIN order.
  37. DustWindDude

    So I received a HW3

    Well, that shoots down my thought that maybe they are prioritizing HW3 in new builds that selected FSD, Very strange.
  38. DustWindDude

    So I received a HW3

    Interesting. I have a 153,xxx VIN that I take delivery of on Thursday, and my spec codes indicate HW3 (APH4). Which AP option did you choose when ordering?
  39. DustWindDude

    Ordered Model X on 3/15, was told delivery would be by end of March. Possible?

    I just got a notification that mine is in transit. I am guessing early next week for delivery.
  40. DustWindDude

    Ordered Model X on 3/15, was told delivery would be by end of March. Possible?

    I ordered mine five days before you (Seattle area), and mine is still in production. :( Biggest difference I can see, based on the tracking sheet, is I ordered the six-seat variant. I can't imagine that would impact production time so drastically, so I am wondering if they are having supply...
  41. DustWindDude

    Post delivery ludicrous upgrade?

    I was under the impression that the P100D does have a different rear motor than the 100D and you can upgrade the P100D to Ludicrous with software update after delivery (but not the 100D, as that would require swapping out the rear motor).
  42. DustWindDude

    Is this reasonable? Model X in SC for 3+ months.

    Yikes. I hope you at least get a four month extension on the warranty when all is said and done. And if they killed the battery by letting it sit at naught for so long, I imagine they will be replacing that, as well.
  43. DustWindDude

    Model X cost? Used too high?

    If the car you linked to were a new build (FSD + 6-seat interior), it would be about $99,000 after tax credit. If the new build you are looking at is only $90,000 after tax credit, it doesn't have FSD or 6-seat interior like the used one you linked to.
  44. DustWindDude

    Model X consumption on 22inch versus 20inch, not all that bad.

    This is great information. Thanks for sharing. My MX is on the way with 22s, and I have been a little nervous about the increased consumption reports. I opted for style in this regard, though, as 1) I don't commute that much since I mainly work from home, 2) there are plenty of Superchargers...
  45. DustWindDude

    Model Year

    Yes. Mine is set to be delivered next week, and it is listed on the MVPA as a 2019 model.
  46. DustWindDude

    Steve Hobbs D-Lake Stevens trying to increase EV licensing by $200

    Oh, I get it. And I'll be as loud as I can about it.
  47. DustWindDude

    Steve Hobbs D-Lake Stevens trying to increase EV licensing by $200

    Apparently, there is a pilot program for per-mile usage tax in WA. They need to at least wait until they have the results from the pilot program before making such drastic and sweeping changes to legislation. This is putting the cart before the horse.
  48. DustWindDude

    Steve Hobbs D-Lake Stevens trying to increase EV licensing by $200

    I would like to see this at least as an opt-in solution. Let people decide to pay a flat fee, or opt-in to a system that measures and charges based on actual mileage. Tesla could even provide a geo-fenced usage report so that you don't get charged for mileage outside Washington.
  49. DustWindDude

    Tesla is hiking prices and keep half of the showroom open

    Well, technically, you can charge at 48 amps if you have the HPWC connected to a 60 amp circuit. Regardless, it is too bad that they don't come with the 72 amp charger anymore. They should have kept it as a option for people who wanted to install on a larger circuit.

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