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    12V battery replacement [by tesla mobile service]

    So I just had a mobile ranger fix a broken parking sensor on Tuesday (8-24). I asked him during the service whether I should proactively change my original battery on my 2018 M3. He said that I should get about a weeks warning so he would not recommend it. Fast forward to today and my car is...
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    LR Rear Wheel not showing up in the design

    Would like to know this. Will they move those of us with current LR RWD reservations automatically or should we switch now if we would prefer to get an AWD early versus waiting for the RWD?
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    New Fobs passive entry, old one gets update? [No, not possible]

    Guess I should have also asked how the locking works with the new FOB. Does it auto lock when you walk away or do you need to lock with the FOB button?
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    New Fobs passive entry, old one gets update? [No, not possible]

    Can anyone confirm how this works in terms of starting the vehicle? Does it have a time out like the other FOB or keycard (you have a short period to start after opening the door) or is it like the phone where as long as it's in your pocket the car will start. My biggest frustration with the...
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    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Performed the maintenance today, sort of. I didn't have the replacement filters so I just took them out and blew them off, then put them in a bag with my ozone generator for 10 minutes to clear out any mold. They didn't look or smell bad out of car so I'm not sure the filters really matter...
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    Steering squeaking at low speeds

    I'd like to know this as well. Mine does this when the weather gets close or below freezing.
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    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Thanks for posting this. This is the best solution I've seen yet! I do have one question. What jack stands are you using? I made my adapters out of hockey pucks and they are flush on the bottom but most jack stands are angled. Did you make special adapters to fit your jack stands or did...
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    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    Just to provide an update. The service tech was really helpful and let me look at other cars while I was at the SC. Although my car is worse than the others, I could still see some distortion in other cars as well. In the end I decided to wait on the glass replacement.
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    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    Dropping my car off today to get my back window replaced. I hate to lose the orange effect but I was able to test a non-orange glass recently with my remote+camera setup and it appears that the IR rejection was similar. Hopefully the new glass has less distortion in the back. Will report back...
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    Sleep and Unlock API Question.

    Of course. That's exactly it. I ran a few tests and once I turned the BT off it has to completely wake up before it will allow me to unlock in the app. Thanks for saving me a lot of troubleshooting!
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    Sleep and Unlock API Question.

    Does anyone know what command(s) the official app sends to unlock the car doors? In the app, even if my Model 3 is asleep, as soon as I hit the unlock button the car will unlock. Most of the other commands are grayed out until the car wakes up. If I use the API documented on the Tim Dorr...
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    Model 3 App and API

    I wrote a python script and used amazon-dash to get an amazon dash button to unlock the door. One problem I have is that if the M3 is asleep it won't unlock on the first command. I basically have to wake the car and then wait 15 seconds before sending the unlock command. Is this your...
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    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    I have distortion all of the time. Looks like a cheap fish bowl out the back of my window, sort of wavy sections almost corresponding to the defroster lines. Haven't even tried my rear defroster yet. Maybe I should turn it on to see if it gets better/worse! When the service center took a...
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    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    Ran the remote control/camera test on my "full orange" back glass model 3. Could see the IR through the front windshield, not visible through the top glass or through the front part of the back glass, and partially visible through the back part of the back glass. It looks like the consensus is...
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    Rear license plate screw stripped?

    Same issue for me. Please let us know where you were able to find new grommets that don' spin.
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    Model 3 App and API

    Maybe that's my problem. API might not be active until I put more miles on the vehicle?
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    Model 3 App and API

    Just got my car yesterday (M3) and I can't seem to get the API access to work. I was able to get a token using either a curl command or python script but when I try any of the other commands (e.g. vehicles) I get an "invalid token" error. Tried resetting my password and generated a new token...

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