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  1. WattMobile

    "ELECTRA" - Interior, Exterior, Power & Lighting Upgrades + Accessory Mods

    Nice thread. May I ask where you got your carbon door sills? Thanks
  2. WattMobile

    Premium Audio post purchase

    I have a OEM sub for sale if you want it. I know you can get it to play by using a third party amp like Mosconi, price around 220$ for the amp which gives the sub 200W, some more power than from OEM.
  3. WattMobile

    Performance Waiting Room

    You guys who have applied/are applying PPF, full car or just the front? I have gotten partial PPF for my older Teslas and plan doing full front and in front and rear of the rear wheels.
  4. WattMobile

    Performance Waiting Room

    I ordered 11 days ago and got my final invoice 2 days ago (Delivery in Norway, Blue/White P, VIN321xxx). I think the VIN is pretty high compared to the cars registered this days. You guys who already have picked up your cars, what are your vin nr starting on?
  5. WattMobile

    SoCal LA/OC wood dash/ white dash Swap

    Picture of the white interior with the wood dash please?
  6. WattMobile

    Tesla Model 3 First Drive Reviews

    Just here to share my experience. Did a short test drive with a Performance Model 3. Conclusion: I just sold my 2018 Model S75D and ordered a Performance Model 3 ;)
  7. WattMobile

    2018 Model S Doing Lane Correction with AP Disengaged?

    I have noticed this a few times on both my 2018 (EAP) and 2017 (without AP), feel it even more on 21'' I think
  8. WattMobile

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    After reading this thread I would like to share my experience with my car. So the car is a 2018 July (25-c) build and I have been driving all the winter season on 19 inches. After owning the car in 3 months, Mobile service finally came to me to fix some issues and confirmed that the rattle...
  9. WattMobile

    NVX BOOST sound system upgrade (Denver, CO)

    Still got? Negotiable?
  10. WattMobile

    Why doesn't Tesla change the rear-liftgate tone on the S?

    Yes please, such an annoying sound compared to the X
  11. WattMobile

    Anyone still with Software version 2018.28.1 7d0461c?

    I got 28.1 since my new car was delivered 2 weeks ago. Going to the SC to see what they can do as well as fixing some other issues tomorrow.
  12. WattMobile

    PPF on my car when delivered.

    I was going to put on STEK PPF on the full front but decided to only take the hood and side fenders because the car already has PPF on the rest from factory. I also put PPF on the car "hips". Although I am not 100% sure it is PPF on the front bumper and mirrors I am pretty sure. 2-3 people I...
  13. WattMobile

    PPF on my car when delivered.

    Hi guys. So I just picked up my new Model S on Saturday and took ut to my detailer to get PPF and some other goodies. However I noticed that it had PPF installed from factory already on the side mirrors and the front bumper. I asked in a Norwegian group and 2 people who newly just picked up...
  14. WattMobile

    P100D: what differentiating features would you request?

    Hi, could you send me pics of the P100D doorsill? Thanks
  15. WattMobile

    PPF worth it? Matte or Gloss finish on Silver Metallic S?

    Yes If I do a full PPF with STEK I wont ceramic coat on top, because it already is hydrophobic.
  16. WattMobile

    PPF worth it? Matte or Gloss finish on Silver Metallic S?

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-06 Kl. 10.30.11 by WattMobile posted Sep 6, 2018 at 10:36 AMSkjermbilde 2018-09-06 Kl. 10.28.24 by WattMobile posted Sep 6, 2018 at 10:35 AM
  17. Skjermbilde 2018-09-06 Kl. 10.30.11

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-06 Kl. 10.30.11

  18. Skjermbilde 2018-09-06 Kl. 10.28.24

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-06 Kl. 10.28.24

  19. WattMobile

    PPF worth it? Matte or Gloss finish on Silver Metallic S?

    Hi guys. I know this question is asked a lot. But is PPF on the entire car worth it? I had it partial on my old Model S. I live in Norway and there is a lot of salt and stone chips in the winter. However I drive very little in a year. I know a friend who owns a wrap shop and has STEK dyno...
  20. WattMobile

    PPF, Ceramic Coating, Window Tinting

    I am tinting my new Model S just like this one with 15% on the back and 35% on the sides. I am taking 15% because it matches the glass roof. I had 35% front, 20% rear and back on my previous Model S.
  21. WattMobile

    First look v.9!

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.53.06 by WattMobile posted Sep 3, 2018 at 5:56 PMSkjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.53.01 by WattMobile posted Sep 3, 2018 at 5:56 PMSkjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.56 by WattMobile posted Sep 3, 2018 at 5:56 PMSkjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.51 by WattMobile posted...
  22. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.33

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.33

  23. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.41

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.41

  24. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.46

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.46

  25. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.51

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.51

  26. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.56

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.52.56

  27. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.53.01

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.53.01

  28. Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.53.06

    Skjermbilde 2018-09-03 Kl. 17.53.06

  29. WattMobile

    Software Update 2018.32.4

    Got 32.4 today but Pin to drive did not appear in release notes.
  30. WattMobile

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Someone who just picked up their new car with the standard trim? Dark ash wood with textile/white seats and can post pictures please?
  31. WattMobile

    Time to renew: 75D vs inventory 100D

    The newer 2017-2018 has a much better standard audio system compared to older models. In fact I don't think the difference is too big to the UHFS especially not paying the price. I am a bit audiophile but dont use my car that often so I can live with stock system while having much better...
  32. WattMobile

    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    Which color should I get on my Arachnids? My new S will be silver metallic, with tint and red calipers. I am thinking about Onyx Black, Gunmetal, Sonic Carbon or leave them Silver.
  33. WattMobile

    Model X Order, Build, Delivery: Just Right

    I have ordered a new car with same interior. Could you post some pictures please if you have the graphite trim. Thanks
  34. WattMobile

    Requesting pictures of standard interior (Graphite trim)

    Hi, I have a 2017 Model S and I am going to place an order on a new inventory. The car has the standard interior with the new graphite trim. Could someone with graphite interior please post pictures. I am wondering how the combo is with the glossy ash trim, else I will wrap it in carbon. Any...
  35. WattMobile

    New Model S and X colors?

    Just was taking a look at the configuration page and saw these. Maybe an error or just new colors? I must say they are very nice at least.
  36. WattMobile

    Dry Carbon Fiber Vinyl that matches OEM trim/spoiler

    I have the small leather lock in the center console wrapped in 3M Carbon Fiber and it is almost a perfect match to the OEM. Just a bit more texture when you touch it but aesthetically the same. I will post a pic when it is possible.
  37. WattMobile

    Software Update 2018.18

    Shiiet, I am still at 10.4. Such a long time since last update. Just keep waiting I guess
  38. WattMobile

    Model S - New Body

    I still dont see the need for a interior update yet, however I can understand that people want door pockets and better cupholders, hud etc. Remember that other car manufactures keeps their flagship model in many years before making a whole new Model. I still think a new model S is a bit more...
  39. WattMobile

    Model S - New Body

    I don´t think so. They are focusing on the Model 3, maybe it will be unveiled some mayor changes to the S when the Model Y gets unveiled. But not for now.
  40. WattMobile

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Hi guys, I need some advice at how much I should have the cars SOC between. Today I charge everyday at work to 80% but I am thinking about lowering it to 70%. I drive under 60 miles one week and under 20 the next week (rotation). I still dont have a charger installed at my home but the weeks I...
  41. WattMobile

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Why tho?
  42. WattMobile

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Looks very nice, do you have info on which wrap is used on the front T? It does not look like chrome. Thank you
  43. WattMobile

    So, sideskirts & diffuser are coming to Model X

    Know several people who just has had this done by professionals, so not sure if it will be a change in the production line or not.
  44. WattMobile

    Uncorked: Thanks TMC Friends!

    Use the Remote S app to see API data. I used this to found that if my 75 was uncorked by factory. However it was not and the service center took care off that and made it faster.
  45. WattMobile

    Exterior refresh?

    Just somebody who has painted the matte black panels..

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