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    Radenso RC M Radar Detector - Hidden Remote Model - $1650

    Fwiw, I use a windshield mount radar detector in my model y with no issues. Be very careful mounting radar behind metallic painted bumpers. You will lose a lot of range.
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    Michelin Sport All Season MYP OEM tires - 255/35/21 and 275/35/21 From New 2022 MYP

    Strongly suggest keeping those tires. They perform very well in all weather conditions. I switched to them from the Pzero. Much better.
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    Model 21 Ubertine Value? Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires. Brand new

    Listings tend to start around 3500 and sell between 1800 and 2200. GLWS.
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    FS: Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbine Wheel set with TPMS, 10 miles, Boise area (will ship)

    Thanks for sharing. My UPS store quoted the best price on me to ship these (to midwest/west from Ohio) was 480.00 for the set of four. Hopefully, you protect yourself on the shipping. GLWS!
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    FS: Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbine Wheel set with TPMS, 10 miles, Boise area (will ship)

    How did you calculate shipping and with which shipper?
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    Phantom Braking - Has it gotten better?

    Radar is disabled with FSD beta, so they behave the same. I'd strongly prefer to have a radar based model y with no FSD beta for reduced phantom braking. Just drove 8 hours each way do Thanksgiving and my family was extremely frustrated by the dozen phantom brakes each way. One was so hard I...
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    FS: 21'' uberturbine wheels, Tires and TPMS

    I did. I shipped some once using LTL for around 500.
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    FS: 21'' uberturbine wheels, Tires and TPMS

    I found they cost about 400 to ship UPS. Would love to find an option for 200 or less.
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    Anyone regret joining FSD-beta fleet?

    I opted out just a week before my FSD subscription ended. To my knowledge, that's when I went back to base. Never got a reply from Tesla on being out of beta. I emailed them twice.
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    Anyone regret joining FSD-beta fleet?

    I opted out. Vision only model y performance. After removing beta, my phantom braking dramatically improved. It's at best a serious cognitive load to constantly monitor what it's going to do wrong and most trips were a serious nuisance to those around me...creating many unsafe situations. I...
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    Model S & X wireless charger kit

    I read the title too literally...someday. :)
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    2021 MYLR

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    Phantom Braking - Has it gotten better?

    I'm not sure you need to slow down to 30MPH or lower on the freeway to be concerned. In bumper to bumper high speed traffic around our beltway, I'll often lose 5-10MPH very suddenly (worse with FSD beta now...every trip). When a car is close behind me, I tend to get lots of fingers, aggressive...
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    Model Y aftermarket instrument cluster

    My first Tesla and it took me a couple of weeks to get completely used to looking at upper left corner of center screen for speed. I've also enjoyed the in-app navigation (with Waze also on my phone mount for longer trips), Spotify, and my USB SSD hard drive for music. It also works well with...
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    I got 100 and the beta. I have to disengage every few minutes around my town and take over from situations that may harm my car (curbing wheels) or my family (running off road, roundabouts, etc.) and piss off other drivers (stopping 30 feet in front of a stop light, waiting to turn left across...
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    Model Y aftermarket instrument cluster

    Also, you may want to place an item (tape paper, book, etc.) in front of you to block your air and see how you'd like that. Blocking air flow is a typical concern. Also, there are issues with connecting your phone to both the tesla and the device. In short, there isn't a popular solution at the...
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    I use it and it works well, however, if you use your car and stream music on it, it will use your phones data plan instead of tesla premium lte. For me, this wen through my 10gb max tether on my unlimited plan in two weeks. It also drains my phone battery faster than the wireless charger can...
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    Autopilot lane position

    If anything, I'd imagine it should err toward the white line for safety. Too often, large trucks and distracted drivers can drift over the center line.
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    Autopilot lane position

    Fsd beta did not fix mine. Still hugs the center for my vision only MYP
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    Looking to trade MYP Rear wheels

    What are the expected outcomes of such a swap, in addition to more even tire wear from full rotation options? Small set: Better fuel economy Better performance in snow (with as/snow tire setup) Potentially burn through rear tires more quickly Maybe slightly less hookup on strong acceleration...
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    Looking to trade MYP Rear wheels

    I really like the idea and it appears that several people on the forums have made the swap. Curious how people have enjoyed moving to the large or small square setup through this trade. Also, I'm too far from you or I'd give it a shot.
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    Model Y TeslaVision Autopilot

    My MYP 21 vision only tracks curves very well.
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    Blog Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 Coming This Friday

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    Blog Musk Gives Details on FSD 10.2 Beta Release

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    Tesla FSD Celebration Donuts 🍩🍩🍩

    Yep. Delayed again... Elon Musk blames ‘last minute concerns’ for delay in FSD Beta update
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    safety score multiple drivers

    From the "over 9,000 posts" in your profile, I will take your word for it.
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    safety score multiple drivers

    That doesn't seem to make much sense to me. Raising teenagers on the same VIN will likely prevent me from ever getting the FSD beta...
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    safety score multiple drivers

    So, their driving affects my safety score?
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    safety score multiple drivers

    How do you keep safety scores separate for different drivers of the same Tesla?
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    Help finding AS Tires for Performance Y

    You can rotate them side to side, just not front to back.
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    [For Sale] Used 21" Überturbine Wheels + Pirelli tires

    I'm selling just the tires. New take offs. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-y-performance-21-brand-new-take-off-pirelli-pzero-tire-set-of-four.238434/#post-5970951
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    Model Y Performance 21" Brand new take off Pirelli PZero Tire set of Four

    bump. Open to offers. Also, happy to drive up to 3 hours from Columbus Ohio to meet someone. Date codes are mid 2021 on these tires.
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    MYP 21" Uberturbine wheels and tires for sale, I will deliver anywhere in lower 48 states.

    Keith's tires were 11 months older than mine off of my model y. That wasn't the primary reason I chose not to purchase from this seller.
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    Model Y Performance 21" Brand new take off Pirelli PZero Tire set of Four

    Any suggestions on best shipping options? A LTL came up to high. Trying UPS today.
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    Model Y Performance 21" Brand new take off Pirelli PZero Tire set of Four

    As4s. I need all season traction and am willing to sacrifice some summer performance.
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    Model Y Performance 21" Brand new take off Pirelli PZero Tire set of Four

    I can ship at buyer's expense. In my experience, that has been expensive.
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    Model Y Performance 21" Brand new take off Pirelli PZero Tire set of Four

    800 or best offer. Local pickup or meet within a couple hours of Columbus, OH.
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    FS: Brand new MYP 21" Uberturbine wheels

    Amazing price! GLWS
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    FS: Brand new MYP 21" Uberturbine wheels

    What did you replace them with?
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    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    7/31 order of MYP White with black interior 5 seater. Took delivery yesterday (9/8). Very pleased as Easton (Columbus Ohio) Tesla installs ppf in front of rear wheels AND installed OEM front mud flaps. Hope you all are pleased to get your soon!
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    Ohio waiting room...

    Picked mine up yesterday from Easton. They were fantastic - installed PPF in front of the rear wheels and OEM front mudflaps prior to me taking delivery. Was very pleased with the fit and finish. A few smudges inside I removed with FOLEX and will likely need to re-install the carbon fiber...

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