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    sometimes the range sucks

    Hope to be up in that part of the country soon if Nicola doesn’t close the border! Where was the supercharger that gave you that superb rate of charging please?
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    Am I mad to take delivery without a charging point installed?

    If you have a supercharger near your work/home or drive route, will not be an issue. Accept the car and enjoy.
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    Recommendations for mobile car cleaning service SW London

    Normally clean my car myself but after 2 years it could do with a good clean inside and maybe outside too. Looking for recommendations for companies that come to your home and clean it there please.
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    Wife, kids and dogs in a M3?

    Only 5% and short journeys. Use the CRV for those, get a Tesla M3 and enjoy the majority of your driving!
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    Tesla Referral Scheme to change again

    Disappointing to change sthg that is relatively straightforward to make it more complicated through an app and test drives! Appears it’s not being abolished totally - will just stop ‘influencers’ from accumulating a million miles which they could never use anyway.
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    Tesla Heathrow Service Center Detailers Experience

    I had quite a lot of paintwork repair and respraying through Heathrow in 2019. I was happy with it in the end but didn’t take it to a detailer so no professional opinion on it. Good luck. You will love the car once the delivery issues are sorted. Speaking from an initial painful experience!
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    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Seems a bit dumb to give out this free trial while we are still at ‘Stay at home’ rule in England.
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    The Tesla way (or how to be weird without even trying)

    I had a good experience on my latest trip to Brooklands. Loan car arranged in advance but when I got there I asked how quickly they could do the job as if it wasn’t too long, I’d wait while they did it to avoid the hassle and waste of time sorting loaner and extra driving back and forth. So I...
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    Show us your dirty pics - of your car au naturel

    Aren’t you going to get us started!
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    ULED renewal

    It’s a complete pain. It seems you have to apply all over again. I send a message to them and replied saying if I was having difficulty to attach the docs replying to the email. Ie it seems you have to send the same docs as when you applied all over again.
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    Lack of external noise and safety

    For pedestrians I just go v slowly until they realise you are there.
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    Lack of external noise and safety

    I only pass when I can make lots of space between them and my car. I occasionally cycle and it’s horrible when any vehicle passes too close regardless of noise. Try and imagine you are the cyclist and how much space you would like. A honk would scare me if I was cycling.
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    Peak Time Alps Road Trip - Charger queues?

    Went last Christmas and never had to queue at a supercharger. A granny charger adapter is useful in case need to charge at accommodation. Think it was less that £30 for the adaptor.
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    A specific washer fluid needed?

    Preconditioning the car is one of the favourite perks for me. Happy to burn some e on defrosting the windows and warming up the cabin before I get in it!
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    Model 3 isofix, do you use inserts, or just squeeze between the cushions

    Squeezed in. We have 2 in so no room for anyone else in the back!
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    Model Y - UK estimated dates and pricing.

    I spoke to someone at West Drayton on Friday. They said they would come from the Berlin factory and expect them to arrive in UK end of 2021. Didn’t think to ask when they’d be available to order.
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    London congestion charge exemption renewal

    To add to the pain, it’s 35p/min for me to call them!
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    London congestion charge exemption renewal

    I’m thinking there will be a lot of folk from last years big Sept delivery of M3s trying to do this just now! Just received my tfl email reminding me that my ‘cleaner vehicle discount’ is ready for renewal and to go online to do it. I have been online into my tfl account and it is driving me...
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    Why I returned the Performance M3 and ordered a Long Range, last week.

    Can the powered trunk be retrofitted?
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    Is anyone completely happy with their M3?

    Also very happy and a bit cheesed off about the £10/month for continued connectivity.
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    Harmony restored :)
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    Just went to the app now and it wants me to setup my phone as a key again. Will try that tomorrow and hopefully harmony will be restored!
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    Mm mine still isn’t working. I thought my phone was still opening the car but turns out I have been leaving my car unlocked for days. Just realised that ax the car is now requiring the key card for me to drive, I also need the key card to lock it! :(
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    Screen froze while driving

    Off track but how are you finding the Model Y? Did you previously have an M3 to compare?
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    Yet another rejection story (Leeds)

    Yes I got a loan car each time it went in for remedy.
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    Similar issue and it’s so annoying. I can get into the car using my phone but need key card to drive. Started 2 or 3 days ago.
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    Octopus Energy IHD showing incorrect pricing

    I have had many discussions with Octopus over Issues over the past 10-11 months. Finally hoping to get resolution this week. They have advised that the IHD rate has a lag on it between 50 mins and an hour but the billing will be correct! They should be offering me a solution based on usage...
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    Model 3 LR AWD Premium Connectivity Ending Soon

    Thanks folks for directing me to the other thread which did not come up in my search. Ordered beginning of Aug last year.
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    Put off my insurance?

    Simil Similar experience last year. Went with DL at £1200. Renewal this year was a little less and I got it down further by saying I wanted it to be under £1000 and also reduced the annual mileage. Then I upped it a by paying to protect NCD but still lower than last years total! Good luck...
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    Model 3 LR AWD Premium Connectivity Ending Soon

    Have any of you lovely people found away to get a discount on the £9.99 subscription to continue your premium connectivity? I hate when companies charge £1 per $1 in their pricing. UK always comes off badly... The first year of ownership has gone by quickly despite the pandemic!
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    How did your snagging list go?

    Long list put to rights over a couple of months of visits to Brooklands. Always given a replacement car. Disappointing at the time but heading for 1st anniversary of pickup and I love love my M3.
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    Folkestone eurotunnel supercharger

    Yes. Can’t remember whether preconditioning came on. I’ve found preconditioning a bit hit and miss so not sure if I’m doing anything wrong!
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    Scheduling charger on Octopus Go

    In the car, you can set it to start charging at 00.30 each night and choose weekdays only or all days.
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    French speeding ticket

    If correct driver, pay up and be thankful no points. We had to go through a process as I the owner was not the driver at the time. The driver then got the letter within a month. Watch out for new speed cameras around outskirts of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc!
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    Also learnt the hard way soon after getting car! I use dog mode or leave a door a little open.
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    Dilemma: Petrol Station Etiquette

    I chose to park at pump each time No photos or videos taken as far as I’m aware!
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    Anyone else pondering Model 3 to Y when it lands in UK?

    Yes! We moved to a one car family a few years back. Currently dogless but would love to have one join our family in a year or so. Will be dependent on how Tesla would offer exchange of our Model 3 which is almost a year old too now! If too stingy, we might have to remain dogless :( .
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    Yeah Baby - Tesla Stock Split Announced

    Only wish I’d bought as planned in the March COVID dip. Snooze you lose!
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    Can someone persuade me?

    We are a family of 4 - 2 drivers (mostly me) 2 children. It’s our only car. I have got used to not having a hatchback. That has been the only drawback (especially as we want to get a dog again one day). You get into a routine of charging so I wouldn’t worry about that. I’ve only forgotten...
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    Drive to the Coast - Dilemma

    We have solved that dilemma- Qashqai was replaced with our Tesla!
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    Ring Doorbell Owners (Car Security Cam Suitability)

    Happy with Ring2 doorbell (wires not needed). While we can’t see all sides of the car, it picks up anyone entering our garden (which they would need to do to get to the car). It has quite a wide range of view. Our car is further away than your car would be.
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    Keyless Theft

    Always PIN to drive. Why take the risk. Not much of an effort to key in 4 numbers.
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    Advice for a Teslanaut embarking on a mission to Europe

    EU adaptor for granny charging
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    Advice for a Teslanaut embarking on a mission to Europe

    The Tesla tyre repair kit.
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    Before I Buy!

    It’s wide ;)
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    Tesla spotting

    Sorry just to clarify we were counting any Model of Tesla. My kids are a bit young to distinguish models on the move!
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    Tesla spotting

    The London area I have seen most is around Wimbledon. We had been counting since 1st Oct and had got up to about 80 from Oct to beginning of March (my children were counting!) over a mileages if over 5k miles. Then early March we saw over 30 over 2 return trips through Wimbledon in space of few...
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    Driver Side B-Pillar glass Scratches/Issue

    Mine is also badly scratched. Appears to have been by my other half using the Tesla card on the edge instead of flat!
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    My Experience Switching to Octopus -> Go

    I’m sorry to say my experience has been horrendous. Triggered the switch in October and still not on ‘Go’. Two sets of meters already and they are talking about installing a third. They have not followed what they said they would do during numerous phone calls. Preparing myself for another...

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