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  1. sdugan99

    Comparable SUV's to X

    Hello, We are in the Market for and SUV. Need to be able to transport 2 dogs, plus luggage, beach toys etc to our beach house. My wife doesn't think the X will be big enough. What is a comparable SUV to look at to show her the size on how it compares. X's are hard to find to even take a...
  2. sdugan99

    EAP vs FSD upgrade

    IF this has been asked or answered I apologize as I couldn't find it. IF I have EAP that I purchased when I bought my car last October. What will upgrading to FSD get me? Do I lose anything I already have? Advanced Summon?
  3. sdugan99

    Autopilot gone?

    No Prepaid FSD here so that isn't the lnk.
  4. sdugan99

    Autopilot gone?

    Seriously down for at least 12 hours and not a peep from Tesla. Concerning to say the least, I must have rebooted 5 times wiped all my sensors anything I could think of.
  5. sdugan99

    Autopilot gone?

    Same issue here happen shortly after 12:00am I was leaving work, worked for about 5 minutes then stopped. Hasn't worked since.
  6. sdugan99

    I’m very happy with Version 9

    You want people to just accept something that, because Tesla doesn't need bad press??? If they want to avoid bad press they should decide how I want to use my car. I don't want to see the NAV 100% of the time. I drove over 100 miles today and it actually bothered me to the point I put the...
  7. sdugan99

    Please Support: Howard County Plan to Require EV Charging at New Construction

    I live in Howard county and Disagree with this bill. Why should they be forced? It would be in their best interest to build with EV charging but I don't believe in forcing it on a builder.
  8. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Annapolis MD

    Was there yesterday, talked to president of homeowners association. He said they are waiting on one more permit to turn in power. Really nice guide considering a Tesla and has been chasing away non Tesla's.
  9. sdugan99

    Watch out for the Owings Mills, MD Service Center

    Just got mine back from Owings Mills overall a good exp. Tesla service towed it there on Tuesday due to a flat tire. While they had it I asked them to look at the AC I was having problems with. Ordered a new HVAC control Module and completed repair on Thursday. Delivered the care back to my...
  10. sdugan99

    Dinged the parking lot

    What is your insurance reason for not covering it? I have never had a problem with insurance covering damage from being hit in parking lot.
  11. sdugan99

    Picking up my "showroom discount" model S this weekend! Checklist please?

    I purchased my discounted inventory model in October. I just went over the care carefully as I would any car I was purchasing. I would concentrate on looking for damage to exterior or interior.
  12. sdugan99

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    Seriously??? You know what I meant right? Sorry I haven't installed the update!!
  13. sdugan99

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    Your description is primarily how I drive and because of that I haven't downloaded the update.
  14. sdugan99

    Maryland HOV Permit

    Sorry didn't read back assumed it was the Federal tax credit. I didn't qualify for the excise tax credit as that limits the purchase to 60k
  15. sdugan99

    Maryland HOV Permit

    I didn't need Tesla to fill out anything for the Tax Credit or the HOV sticker. Hov is a form you file with the MVA. Tax credit is a credit on your tax return you just need proof of purchase.
  16. sdugan99

    AP - driver needs to give wide berth to cops on shoulder

    This has nothing to do with AP or Tesla. Many states it is law but common sense it would seem to me is to move over one lane if possible, if not slow way down.
  17. sdugan99

    Maryland HOV Permit

    I did the HOV permit after taking delivery it is a simple process. I wasn't in a rush as the only place I travel with HOV lane is 50 and that is about twice per week during the school year.
  18. sdugan99

    Will NagGate turn in to the next AppleGate or will Tesla actually fix the problem

    Let me know what you think of the Supercruise.
  19. sdugan99

    Rant about AutoPilot and "hands on the wheel"

    Would you be ok with Tesla limiting the speed of the car based on the speed limit? It would be following the law. Of course the manual says "Keep and on the Wheel" It is Tesla covering their ass in case of an accident.
  20. sdugan99

    Caps win the Stanley Cup! Visiting DC for the parade

    Sorry typo. I think it will be hard to find parking.
  21. sdugan99

    Caps win the Stanley Cup! Visiting DC for the parade

    I don't think you are going to have a hard time finding parking in the city on Tuesday. I would park outside and take a metro in.
  22. sdugan99

    Autopilot in DMV

    Most of my AP driving is Howard county to Hyattsville. Three main routes 95 to 495, 295 to 495, and 100 to 2 to 50(daughters school is in severna park) I am on AP for the Majority of this commute each day except with minor exceptions, really only when AP doens't detect the exit lane for me...
  23. sdugan99

    Anyone missing Autopilot?

    FYI you can reboot the either screen while driving.
  24. sdugan99

    Testing the Tesla: Big AP 2.0 improvements in 2018.10.4

    New Update went on a short Road trip approx 350 miles round trip. It is much improved lane change is smoother as mentioned. AP is available much quicker, took exit ramps(merging highways) much better. Worked on all road, Highway, 2 lane back roads. Main strip in Ocean city md. I was impressed.
  25. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Nothing now it says End of 2018 and that goes for all new superchargers at least in Maryland.
  26. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    I would start conservative and once you get 30-60 miles in you can adjust pretty easy with realtime data. 345 for me was in cold temps. If I did the same trip in 20 degrees warmer I would probably start somewhere around 320
  27. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    Yea not as good and only useful for potential buyers of new cars. Only gives you 75/100 and Model 3 options.
  28. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    I did it this way. Plugged in 345 knowing it was probably conservative. After about 30 miles of driving I would replan based on my actual usage for that 30 miles. Seem to work pretty well. Just loggin in with your tesla id to get real time data.
  29. sdugan99

    First "Real" Road trip in Tesla

    Thanks I will check it out. I average just under on way down. What brought it up was very cold weather and short trips the last few days there, and then the first 2 hours in the cold and dark. I didn't find when the sun came up consumption improved.
  30. sdugan99

    First "Real" Road trip in Tesla

    I mainly relied on abetterrouteplanner for the charging stops. I felt this gave better real time data. My process was this. 1. Prior to trip on my laptop plan out on abetterrouteplanner. 2. Prior to trip open up saved plan on car browser. 3. Plug first stop into in car Nav 4. Plug first...
  31. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    Yes exactly what I did and it was very helpful. I usually was lower on consumption, and could see the effect of speeding up or using more heat etc.
  32. sdugan99

    Unable to turn on climate from any app - anyone else?

    Works fine for me except after one of the recent updates I notice when I turn on the car. The temps setting go back to previous. So if I am preheating to 75, when I step on brake they go back to 70.
  33. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    Great App. Used for my recent road trip. Really found it useful, especially having the details overlay up while driving and be able to replan when was way ahead or behind planned usage. I found the plan was usually conservative but being able to adjust while driving made the last couple...
  34. sdugan99

    First "Real" Road trip in Tesla

    Just completed our first real road trip in my MS90d. We had down a shorter trip that required one stop round trip but this was the first with multiple stops. Trip was from Elkridge, MD to Isle of Palms SC. Total miles was 1600 at and avg 345kw. This includes daily driving while in the...
  35. sdugan99

    Summon doesn't work very well for me.

    Mine works pretty well. It comes out of the garage no problem. Driveway is a slope so it only works going into the garage about 50% of the time and I find it easier just to back up. Couple times I have parked tight againts a wall or bush and has helped to pull it out before people getting in.
  36. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Lumberton, NC

    Hello all. Heading south to the Charleston area on december 27th, Was considering breaking up the drive and spending the night at a hotel near the Supercharger. From some research sounds like a bad idea. Anybody have a recommendation of a place between MD and SC that is safe to spend the...
  37. sdugan99

    2017.50 2275226 is out

    Received update last night. Big fan of this improvement, was about to turn off easy entry as I don't like the seat moving when I was just stopping to drop off my daughter or pulling the car out to let people get in.
  38. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    While you are at it there is a Guiness tap room close by as well, I would check there as well.
  39. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Yea Highly doubt it, unless it is hidden somewhere that I am not thinking about. They are building a brand new retail area on Route 1 in Elkridge just off rt 100. Looks like a perfect place to put a supercharger, but doesn't look like it will be.
  40. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Nothing yet. Drove through the area a couple weeks ago and I didn't notice anything. There is only a couple of spots that seem to make sense.
  41. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    Got it. Looked like it wasn't working but then realized you have to do it twice. Since I had a round trip in, it was taking me back the other way. Thanks!!!!
  42. sdugan99

    A Better Routeplanner

    Hello, Tried to dig through thread but couldn't find it. Trying to plan a trip. It keeps taking me route I prefer not to take. Headed to eastern shore and it wants me to go route 13 vs route 50. No additional charges or anything I am guessing shorter by a couple miles. Is there a way to...
  43. sdugan99

    Battery Drain overnight while plugged in

    Thanks for road trips I am taking fro Thanksgiving, and New years will definitely get it warm and fully charged right before leaving. Not a issue at all on my daily commute I think I have only been below 100 mies of range once. It was more curiosity then a worry about range.
  44. sdugan99

    Battery Drain overnight while plugged in

    Yes tempatures have been dropping here in the Mid-atlantic in the last few days. Car is garage kept so not as cold in garage as outside
  45. sdugan99

    Battery Drain overnight while plugged in

    Thanks all. I thought that was the case but have had the car a month and this was the first time I left in the morning and it wasn't full "80%". So was a little curious
  46. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    I am 5 minutes from BWI. If you wanted to leave your car in front of my house I could pull it in the garage and charge it to full for you prior to you getting back. Unfortunately i am out of room in my drive way so it would be parked on the street during the week.
  47. sdugan99

    Battery Drain overnight while plugged in

    Noticed last night that my car charged to 80% 239miles. Then while left plugged in overnight when I got in the morning it was down to 233. is this normal?
  48. sdugan99

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Where are you coming from? There is a supercharger in Laurel as well as a couple north of Baltimore on 95. In addition plenty of other charging options in the area.
  49. sdugan99

    Current Owners: If you had to buy again would you still get a Model S over a 3? Why? Confused buyer!

    Except many people seem to be moving from the 3 to the S for various reasons. I am guessing alot of people are suddenly deciding to upgrade from a 3 series to 7 series. The 7 and 3 you can go to a dealership and compare nobody put down a deposit without know what the 3 would be. Then the 3...

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