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  1. qadaemon

    Model X sunshades

    Sorry I’m behind on PM’s; trying to catch up this afternoon.
  2. qadaemon

    NEMA 5-20 & TT-30P to 14-50R adapters

    Sorry everyone, I’m behind on PM’s. Trying to catch up this afternoon.
  3. qadaemon

    Model X Complete floor mats

    Here’s some pics. I’ll wash them before someone picks them up. Sorry, I’m struggling to keep up with PM’s; should have more time later this afternoon.
  4. qadaemon

    Model X Complete floor mats

    Garage lights are confusing my iPhone; I’ll try again in the sunlight tomorrow.
  5. qadaemon

    Model X sunshades

  6. qadaemon

    NEMA 5-20 & TT-30P to 14-50R adapters

    I have a first gen mobile connector NEMA 5-20 adapter ($25) and a TT-30P to 14-50R 2' corded adapter ($35) from evseadapters for sale. Small enough that we could work out shipping, or pick them up in person in Champaign IL area. I could also bring them to the Cape Canaveral, FL area between...
  7. qadaemon

    Model X sunshades

    I have all three OEM sunshades for a Model X. I believe they should fit all models. All have their original zippered cases as well. - Front sunshade, asking $50 - Falcon Wing Sunshade pair, asking $50 - Rear glass sunshade, asking $50 They could be picked up in Champaign, IL area. I'll also be...
  8. qadaemon

    Model X Complete floor mats

    I have all of the Tesla/Weathertech floor mats for sale. They could be picked up in Champaign, IL area. I'll also be in the Cape Canaveral, FL area from Nov 17-24 and could bring them with advance notice. Prefer to sell them all at once and in person, but I could split them up and work...
  9. qadaemon

    Model X Stock Hitch

    Sorry, already sold.
  10. qadaemon

    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    Charging here now. Great to skip Chattanooga and Brentwood TN. Maxed at 93KW (90D) so I also concur it’s a “full speed” one.
  11. qadaemon

    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    We’re hoping to do the same on our return trip. Would be nice to skip Chattanooga and Brentwood since they are both out of the way for traveling on 24
  12. qadaemon

    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    Stopped by just now. Doesn’t charge yet but the button opens and closes the charge door.
  13. qadaemon

    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    Thanks for checking on it. This one would help us a lot so I really appreciate status updates.
  14. qadaemon

    Tekonsha Prodigy RF Brake Controller

    You could try manually enabling trailer mode from the center screen too. I have a trailer it doesn't notice automagically for whatever reason, yet all the lights and brakes work fine.
  15. qadaemon

    Bluetooth phone as key is coming to Model S and Model X

    I would feel the same way, except the model x key is stupidly large so I leave it right next to my damn phone on the table rather than in my pocket anyway. I also look forward to not changing the key battery constantly and no more "key no longer inside vehicle" messages. I'm sure there will be a...
  16. qadaemon

    Model X tires

    Anecdotally I've had no puncture issues over ~60k miles on 20" cross contact. Replaced the whole set at just over 30k with even wear down to the bars, and I'm about to replace them again. I check the pressures once a week or before a long trip. The stickers say 42 psi, but for the 9 months of...
  17. qadaemon

    Wall Connector: Prevent others from using?

    The current wall connector has no features for doing so. A locking disconnect switch is likely the best bet.
  18. qadaemon

    An Idea and a "What's This"

    I think that area is for installation tooling. My truck had a similar cutout on each side.
  19. qadaemon

    Prodigy P3 Brake Controller to Console Adapter

    Excellent idea. I'd get one in a heartbeat. Would be nice to make a quick disconnect for the break-off-all-fingernails wiring harness the P3 comes with.
  20. qadaemon

    Charge time. Am I missing something?

    The Tesla app, I'd imagine. When the car is set to display battery % instead of miles, mine shows kw while charging instead of mph. It doesn't display any decimals, so it's only +/- 1kw accurate.
  21. qadaemon

    Model X Stock Hitch

    I use it often & the safety chains and wiring were a pain with my trailers requiring me to lay on my back just to hook up, and I kept losing the "old style" cover. Sorry I forgot the price. Asking $750.
  22. qadaemon

    72A charger availability

    Thanks! Weird. I'm not seeing that on the one I'm building though. Then again I often just get two blank pages from it.
  23. qadaemon

    72A charger availability

    Does anyone know if the 72A charger still comes on a new 100D or P100D Model X? I can't find any mention of it on the order page now. Hopefully it is there and I just can't find it.
  24. qadaemon

    Model X Stock Hitch

    Garage cleanup time. Stock hitch & receiver from my 2016 Model X. Used a couple times before I went aftermarket. Prefer local pickup; I can't imagine what shipping would be. Currently near Champaign, IL. I could likely get it to Cape Canaveral, FL in May.
  25. qadaemon

    Supercharger - Altamonte Springs, FL

    Thanks for getting the construction pics. This will be a handy spot, and glad to see it's moving along. I do find the "Compact Cars Only" sign opposite a supercharging site mildly humorous.
  26. qadaemon

    Acceleration Shudder

    Monitor your inner rear tires for safety; on low mine wears out the inner inch or so in 10-12k miles (20" conti). SC says it's expected.
  27. qadaemon

    Weird warnings on my Model X, glitch possibly

    Most of the logs are uploaded to their servers (nightly?). If they're not on the server they just access the car directly. If you are parked in an area with no cell ATT cell reception, they won't be able to look at the most recent logs.
  28. qadaemon

    Weird warnings on my Model X, glitch possibly

    I would call the service center and have them look at logs remotely. Giving them a couple timestamps should help. I have had all sorts of similar messages, some hardware problems, some software problems.
  29. qadaemon

    Supercharger - West Melbourne, FL [Operational]

    Must be a horn or lever bypass meter can. FPL might have just let them go with it until they get an install scheduled. They're still being rather flexible post-hurricane.
  30. qadaemon

    Can anyone recommend an MCO parking lot with a charger?

    Parking garage C has 120 outlets in a few locations right by parking spots. Not sure about the others. For 10 days away I wouldn't deal with finding an L2 charger.
  31. qadaemon

    Acceleration Shudder

    Only anecdotal, but I have had a lot of loaners. All of them had the shudder except the most recent one, but it only had 500 miles or so on it.
  32. qadaemon

    How many here actually use the Summon feature on an "almost" daily basis?

    Every Saturday and Sunday when both cars are in the garage at the same time. Usually works well, and hasn't run into anything so far. Sometimes it panics and stops early.
  33. qadaemon

    Acceleration Shudder

    There must be so many variables with this issue. I haven't had foamed tires for ~20k miles and the shudder still gets worse every week. Like many have reported, replacing the shafts worked on mine for a couple thousand miles then it came back.
  34. qadaemon

    HPWC Charge rate issue

    Every once in a while mine does this. If I hold the reset button on the HPWC for a few seconds and re-plug it, it goes back to normal. It's on a 100A breaker and set appropriately FWIW.
  35. qadaemon

    Need help. Driving my Model X 100D from Chicago to Orlando

    Perhaps I caught this thread too late for your trip, but if not maybe this will help: We travel roughly the same mileage & direction quite often (Champaign, IL->Cape Canaveral, FL going again the 22nd in fact). If you can make it in 5 stops, I'd love to hear about it because that would make a...
  36. qadaemon

    Battery Efficiency | Range

    I'd also agree it's normal. Here's my teslafi chart too if it helps:
  37. qadaemon

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    After having the non-ghosting windshield for a couple weeks, it's still great. There is another difference compared to the old windshield. If you are wearing polarized sunglasses, the tinting on top of the windshield turns into a rainbow. So far it's only distracting with my wife's sunglasses...
  38. qadaemon

    Supercharger - Champaign, IL

    I use the first stall quite frequently and always get full speed. Can’t comment about the others.
  39. qadaemon

    Towing...actually Airstreaming...with a Model X

    In the US we have several ball sizes depending on trailer weight and utility. We also have pintle hitches and hooks on occasion. Because of that, it is far more popular to have a square receiver--typically 2"--that you can quickly connect a drawbar to. The drawbar has the ball semi-permanently...
  40. qadaemon

    How common is ghosting?

    Not sure if the AP1 fixed part number made it to this thread too, so a shameless self-plug: Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?
  41. qadaemon

    Did the non-P 90D spoiler behavior change in .42?

    Butyl tape can do amazing things. In reality though, change the spoiler mode to "extended" and leave a door open.
  42. qadaemon

    DOT philosophical question

    Oh man, I hope I'm not making this up in my head, but I could swear I remember hearing a year or so ago about small local delivery reefer box trucks that were doing this. Like those small unibody ones you see delivering flowers and such. Now I'm going to waste time grepping through browser...
  43. qadaemon

    Did the non-P 90D spoiler behavior change in .42?

    I did some super scientific testing with my iPhone & hand while I had a loaner with a fixed spoiler. Measuring with my hand, they appear identical in shape and size except the stanchions that hold them up. I used some free level app that I forgot the name of on an iPhone X without a case and...
  44. qadaemon

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Didn’t test it to my knowledge, but the techs there are well aware of it. I sent the part number in about a month ago and asked if it was a fixed one, they ordered it. It would have been installed sooner but I didn’t have time when it came in. Mine shudders in low->very high.
  45. qadaemon

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Just picked up my AP1 and drove home at roughly the same time (dusk->dark). 100% fixed. Incredible, I'm very happy. As I've mentioned before, the ghosting was downright nauseating in the right conditions. I even followed a newer Dodge Durango for a bit with that crazy loop taillight and only saw...
  46. qadaemon

    Seat back movement with acceleration/deceleration?

    We had the front ventilated seats replaced for this under warranty very early. The replacements have been great so far.
  47. qadaemon

    Replacing plastic underside ??

    Any pictures? If it is the plastic under the very front or the very rear, that is likely the air diffuser/valance and doesn't really protect the battery.They are available used from scrap yards and a number of other places. wk057 likely has them for sale.
  48. qadaemon

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Just dropped my early AP1 with terrible ghosting off to get a new windshield. The loaner is a newer AP2 with zero ghosting. Unbelievable couple hour drive home. Loner part # is 1105964-00-B We’ll see how mine does in a few days.
  49. qadaemon

    Sudden Increase in Consumption Rate

    Here's some anecdotal data on my 90D. 40-something thousand miles on the car, probably 30-something shown on TeslaFi. How well does it match yours? I believe the rated range for my model is 332 wh/mi. In the summer I'm usually at ~400 wh/mi, in the winter roughly 470. X 90 D Temp/Efficiency graph

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