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  1. joeypt

    Vinyl cutout files for Model 3

    Interested in the files too!
  2. joeypt

    Vendor SUMA Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    When will you guys have the non tinted ones in stock?
  3. joeypt

    WTT 20” Performance M3 wheels for 19” Sport wheels

    If you ever come to northern CA I would trade in a heartbeat. GLWS!
  4. joeypt

    Eibach ProKit Part # E10-87-001-03-22 for Model 3 Performance

    The website states that the drop in the rear is 1.4" and the front is 1". From the photos it seems like your car has a reverse rake. is it the angle of the photo? Or does it drop evenly?
  5. joeypt

    FS: SUMA Convex Side Mirrors (Model 3) ***********

    I'm also tinted 35%. I guess I'll wait until the nontinted ones are publicly offered by suma
  6. joeypt

    FS: SUMA Convex Side Mirrors (Model 3) ***********

    Are you switching to non-blue because of tint? If so, what shade is your tint and were you able to see much @ night?
  7. joeypt

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    What color did you do? Looks great!
  8. joeypt

    Doug DeMuro Car of the Year

    He says Tesla is not the best autopilot.. so what is the best?
  9. joeypt

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    If one were to buy a used LRAWD Model 3, how could you tell it has the acceleration boost?
  10. joeypt

    Group Buy: Suma Convex Side Mirrors WITHOUT Blue Tint

    Interested in we can reach 20 ppl
  11. joeypt

    Front Sunroof Tinting

    I did all glass except for front roof. Can't notice the difference in shade. Didn't want to darken the front so I can enjoy the roof a bit more.
  12. joeypt

    Vendor SUMA Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    How do we apply the 15% discount?
  13. joeypt

    So I changed my spec to a P3...

    I went back and forth quite a bit. My SA told me that any changes I made will push me to the back of the line. Either way Tesla pumps out cars at the end of quarter like crazy so I'd guess your wait would be the same either way.
  14. joeypt

    Lowering the Model 3

    Nice! Do you have any pics?
  15. joeypt

    Anywhere to get a proper black Tesla emblems?

    Yeah its definitely not a permanent solution like you're looking for. Good thing it's so cheap to do! I actually wrapped the front emblem and plastidipped the rear to compare. So far both are holding up (2 months later). I prefer the wrap because it is a lot smoother but it took me an hour just...
  16. joeypt

    Tesla improves Model 3's Interior Cabin Noise

    September 2019 build here, still a lot of cabin noise. I’ve done all the door & roof seals and still have a lot of wind noise too. 80-86dB on iPhone sound meter apps. :/
  17. joeypt

    Anywhere to get a proper black Tesla emblems?

    You should give plastidip a chance :) if done properly it can give you the look you’re after!
  18. joeypt

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    Wow that's a really good deal. Can't find it anywhere under $205 USD.
  19. joeypt

    WTB: Unplugged Super Performance Lowering Springs (Bay Area)

    Looking for these springs more the Model 3 if anyone has. Pm me your price!
  20. joeypt

    Taptes Gen 2 charge pad arrived

    Are you giving a charger to every person that comments/likes? Or is it a chance to win?
  21. joeypt

    Hey were you able to find a shop to install your coils? I bought springs and I'm debating on...

    Hey were you able to find a shop to install your coils? I bought springs and I'm debating on finding a shop around Fremont or doing it myself.
  22. joeypt

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    How are you getting them for $99??
  23. joeypt

    OEM Model 3 Performance Spoiler - Bay Area

    Brand new unused OEM model 3 performance spoiler. $250 + shipping or picked up.
  24. joeypt

    Model 3 mud guards

    Looks awesome! Powdercoat? Color?
  25. joeypt

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Ordered last night. Got the VIN @ 9am today
  26. joeypt

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    My Tesla page says Long Range AWD Performance as well
  27. joeypt

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered LR AWD white/white/FSD/aero 8/15. No update until the "2 week" text that everyone got a few days ago. Ended up cancelling last night and ordered an inventory Blue/Black/FSD/19" M3P-. Pick up in two days at Fremont hub. My SA told me I could only get the free upgrade for paint & wheels...
  28. joeypt

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    I just purchased one from Kenny’s OA. Unfortunately All black interior.
  29. joeypt

    Hey may I get your OA contact info? Would love to attempt to get a stealth

    Hey may I get your OA contact info? Would love to attempt to get a stealth
  30. joeypt

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Thanks for the contact info! Gave shannon a text & call but no response.
  31. joeypt

    Performance Waiting Room

    I called about the car cause I was curious. The person I spoke to on the phone said it was most likely a showroom car but not 100% because they do not have that info. She did confirm that there is no way the car is a lemon though. According to her and carfax, the car is pretty much brand new.
  32. joeypt

    Performance Waiting Room

    2018 Model 3 | Tesla
  33. joeypt

    Performance Waiting Room

    I'd guess showroom but not really sure. It's priced at $51,000, which is pretty good!
  34. joeypt

    Performance Waiting Room

    There's a 2018 White/Black performance in the used inventory for Bay Area. 46 miles on meter.
  35. joeypt

    How long did you wait?

    On week 5. Ordered white/white/FSD on 8/15. No VIN. SA has told me "sometime this week" for 3 weeks now. I live in Fremont.
  36. joeypt

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Can't be for sure since I'm passing Tesla while on the freeway going ~50mph (traffic). I'll take a closer look tmrw!
  37. joeypt

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I live right next to Fremont and drive by Tesla everyday. This morning I saw 4 trucks loaded. 3 of them were filled with whites. Last truck had MSM, blue, & red. Last week didn't see much. Hoping they pump out the cars fast! Ordered LR AWD white/white/FSD on 8/15. No VIN yet.

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