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  1. Manitoba Keith

    How to prevent chips on windshield

    Had an email from mobile service and was told of the one place in Manitoba to get it replaced under our provincial insurance. Don Vito Collision Services in Winnipeg.
  2. Manitoba Keith

    How to prevent chips on windshield

    Time to get my windshield replaced. One stone on the passenger side, low down, travelled to the drivers side and up and is now heading back to the passenger side. But where do I get it replaced? Is there a place in Manitoba that is authorized to do it, or do I have to drive to Calgary and get it...
  3. Manitoba Keith

    Bluetooth and GPS Issues

    I have 2020.20.13 and Bluetooth is very intermittent. Never had the problem for the first 8 months I owned the car but now I can't get the charge port to unlock until I unlock the car. Have issues with put card on console. Just seems like the Bluetooth has very weak reception. Phone will not...
  4. Manitoba Keith


    Well, it is Friday - ;)
  5. Manitoba Keith


    Was just told that Tesla has cancelled this update and will be sending a newer update.
  6. Manitoba Keith


    Got the notice, but had to drive home. Got home & no more notice! Guess I should have scheduled it for 1 hr later. Now display says "Software Up to Date" - NOT. Always figured that display was a crock. 2020.16.3 HA. Just looked and it is D/L 2020.20.12 (I didn't tell it to) then I guess I will...
  7. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    I think it is best left to the people that actually live in the area to give accurate information. All too often last summer/fall in Manitoba, Tesla said 8 working and there were only 4 working in Brandon, Portage or Winnipeg. Sometimes Tesla would say they were working and there were none...
  8. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Probably only 4 working though.
  9. Manitoba Keith

    Almost burst my ear drums

    Wait until the car self locks after you get out, and your passengers get tired of waiting for you and they try to get out! Guess it is the same if the alarm goes off.
  10. Manitoba Keith

    2020.12.11 Rolling Out.

    I get the lights showing since my previous update, but no red stop line or option to have it show with this update. Might not be allowed in Canada yet. Wondering if anyone in Canada has it working.
  11. Manitoba Keith

    How many Key cards

    No problems with Ice and Snow with the original tires, even in pretty bad snow conditions. Had it slip two or three times but just normal winter driving. Will replace with the Michelin Cross Climate + tires once the originals need replacing. As for mileage, in the very cold, I figure about 300...
  12. Manitoba Keith

    How many Key cards

    Page 9 of the manual 19 Keys in total
  13. Manitoba Keith

    2020.12.11 Rolling Out.

    I have noticed since 10 that my charge port will not unlock until I unlock the car (that works OK with phone in pocket). Hope they fix it soon, but only a minor irritant.
  14. Manitoba Keith

    Michelin CrossClimate+

    Didn't work for me but this did
  15. Manitoba Keith

    Michigan Delivery for Ontario Registration

    You might have to Quarantine for 14 days IF you can even get across the border. Might even be 14 days in USA and 14 back in Canada. Hardly worth it for a few hours saved IMHO.
  16. Manitoba Keith

    Solved: wind noise

    Rubber or Neoprene ? What size?
  17. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    28 cases as of today. Sure escalates quickly, but still a LOT less than many areas. It seems to really depend on how many tests are performed though. Stay safe everyone.
  18. Manitoba Keith

    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    I got both front & rear. Fair sized box. They work & fit really well.
  19. Manitoba Keith

    Salt Lake just had 5.7 earthquake...

    Didn't think there were a lot of Superchargers there. All I saw when in the area during big snowstorm in Feb, was at SC and Sales on State.
  20. Manitoba Keith

    Can i actually do regular 190 mile trips?

    Depends on the temperature, but you being in the UK it doesn't get THAT COLD! So, take a look at the chart here and see what the range is vs your speed. In summer, I can easily do 240 miles and probably more. In winter (-20C to -40C) I would not chance it so I would charge. In our severe...
  21. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - London, ON

    Guess there is always Woodstock or the TD L2 charger in London
  22. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - London, ON

    Probably they think it is London, England, not London Ontario - Much like the Brandon Manitoba one being in Florida. It took a while before they got that figured out.
  23. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - Portage la Prairie MB

    Think I saw your car at the SuC Winnipeg and in Portage by Popeye's.
  24. Manitoba Keith

    How to report anomoly between posted speed limit signs and Tesla screen?

    Same in Canada. I go from a 50 Km speed to 100 Km on an overpass bridge & back down to 50 Km on the other side. I think we also have a restricted NOA as it shows two lines on the highway, not 1 line down the center of the road like it does in the USA. Also no longer does NOA turns as it did...
  25. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - Winnipeg, MB

    I usually use 2C and find that it gives a good (V2) charge rate when using a conditioned battery and @ 20% or lower. I agree with phoning, WHY put the number there when they don't want to talk to us. Have not seen a good V3 charge rate in Canada.
  26. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - Grand Forks ND

    A few weeks ago (possibly last weekend), I was making the trip north from Fargo and when I got to Grand Forks, it was about -20f (-28C) if I recall correctly. Is there a special reason they can't do construction? We used to work, pulling wire & doing other electrical work, outside in -30C...
  27. Manitoba Keith

    No reminder to touch the wheel on Autopilot....

    Yep, I'll bet some have done over 3000 miles with their "Sam's Club" water bottle & rubber band, but as OP says, you still need to stay very attentive. Not sure I would trust that in heavy (California/NY) traffic though.
  28. Manitoba Keith

    NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Sign up to be "notified by email" when they have them in. BUT, also keep checking as they can fail to notify you. Usually they have out of stock items back in stock within 3 weeks. When they notify you, order it right away as they could go out of stock fairly rapidly.
  29. Manitoba Keith

    Fast EV Lightning Run - Canada's First Coast-To-Coast Nonstop EV Run

    A few weeks ago, when it was colder, and going the other direction, I charged in Swift Current and then in Medicine Hat. No range problems. Guess it depends on the range one has. Maple Creek is a bit off the highway ~12 miles (18 Km) round trip.
  30. Manitoba Keith

    Fast EV Lightning Run - Canada's First Coast-To-Coast Nonstop EV Run

    Yeah, the FULL Trans Canada. Horseshoe Bay would be more appropriate, at least it is on the TCH.. A lot more difficult due to the lack of SuC in PEI & NFL. Photos of Mile 1 and Mile 0. I figure they will require at least 4 days just Coast 2 Coast. There may be a lot more trucks running in...
  31. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - Alexandria, MN

    That was the message we got last Saturday in Moorhead and we could not charge.
  32. Manitoba Keith

    Charging over amp limit: 34/32A

    BUT, 80% on a constant load is 32 Amps. You can change it but it looks like you have it set to 32 Amps. Go figure.
  33. Manitoba Keith

    North Dakota Superchargers

    That pic might not be of Bismark equipment. If I recall correctly, it is in MT, Miles City or Glendive. Regardless, progress is being made.
  34. Manitoba Keith

    How to report anomoly between posted speed limit signs and Tesla screen?

    As you don't say where in Canada you live, I have to assume it is in Ontario due to your statement "odd occasion where the posted rate is higher or lower than what is Tesla". In Manitoba cities, it can Frequently be 80-10 km in one direction and 60 in the other direction on a divided city road...
  35. Manitoba Keith

    Supercharger - Pembina, ND

    I would not expect to see much happening at Pembina until Fargo and possibly Grand Forks, or any of the other ND sites with pipes in the ground but no pedestals, get completed.
  36. Manitoba Keith

    Wow, we need to find another way to heat EVs

    Speed Kills - Battery. Look at the graphs here Tesla Range Table - Teslike.com Pick you car and battery The difference between 55 and 75 is OVER 100 miles of range on my LR DM ! Want more range - SLOW DOWN. It really is that simple. Sure, very cold weather will suck 35-40% of the batteries...
  37. Manitoba Keith

    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    In snow, "FSD" is mostly useless. That is Canada for 4-5 months of the year. So is the cruise control that stops working due to slush or mud on the front sensors and stops when the maps crap out - as in crossing borders. I bought the CAD$10K "Future Self Driving" myth, but given the knowledge I...
  38. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Ha Ha, Yes and you thought I was going to Brandon, MN LOL Have to agree with the "More Options Soon"! Owning a Tesla is a treat when there are working SuC or other working options along the route. Yes, there were a lot of bad things happened after leaving Clearwater SuC. Perfect until we...
  39. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    If I had known the Moorhead CHAdeMO was down, I certainly would have stopped in at Alexandria or Fergus Falls (almost stopped there regardless), but didn't know ZEF was down until AFTER we arrived in Moorhead. I had thought of going to the Element but we were out of Moorhead by ~ 10 pm. Where...
  40. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Could be a new thread BUT, anyone expecting to get through Fargo might be really happy to know the sorry state of ZEF. I can confirm Alexandria is operational - from two reports. That would help a bit. I can confirm that both L2 chargers in Moorhead are working (10 hours later). I also can...
  41. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Chill being the key word lol.
  42. Manitoba Keith

    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Here we sit at noodles CHAdeMO in Moorhead. It is down. Using the L2 chargers. Only 8 hours to go and then hobble up to Grand Forks where there are no rooms at the Western. Hoping the charger there is available so we can limp to Morris and have Timmie's for another 6-8 hours. Might make it to...
  43. Manitoba Keith

    Winter driving proves FSD is a long time away

    wish it had been posted that the "never wet" didn't work I just spent $30 in London for a spray bottle.
  44. Manitoba Keith

    Winter driving proves FSD is a long time away

    I understand the battery loss in cold but the complete loss of cruise control due to ice covered sensors, several cameras blocked and other issues is just stupid. driving almost 1000 miles without cruise - unbelievable in such a high tech vehicle. No problem if vatiable speed control was...
  45. Manitoba Keith

    Tesla Model 3 charging really slow at home?

    Did you in some way leave/have the heat on? That would make it pretty slow. When I am pre-conditioning the car it really pulls the charge speed down. Check the charge rate on the screen.
  46. Manitoba Keith

    Left turn signal wrong?

    That is such an obvious thing - DUH - So obvious that I forgot it. :oops:
  47. Manitoba Keith

    Left turn signal wrong?

    Seriously though, you can usually see the reflection on the vehicle in front of you or when you pull up to a garage door. Try that as the turn signals are quite bright.
  48. Manitoba Keith

    Need Feature that Disables Auto-Lock When Car’s Parked at Specified Location

    Or, you could just; 1. Unlock the car from inside the house using the app. or 2. Carry your key card in your wallet and pull it out to unlock when you forget to take your phone. Good to have the card in your wallet regardless. Personally, I keep the card in my wallet but when I get to the car...
  49. Manitoba Keith

    Car asks for Key Card tap before drive. Doesn’t work.

    I had that happen so I redid the phone as a key - no problem since. Also have full required blue tooth settings for text messages.
  50. Manitoba Keith

    Left turn signal wrong?

    Usually with turn signals it is "yes" "no" "Yes" "No" :D But it could be the other way around "No" "Yes" "No" "Yes" "NO" :D Either way they are working. This has been a PSA.