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    Lithium 12v battery upgrade question

    Hmm. I had assumed I was OoW for this issue. I'll check with Tesla service. Thx
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    Lithium 12v battery upgrade question

    My 2017 3 showed the warning for my original 12v today. (Purchased Jan 2018.) Standard Pb, or Ohmmu /MP LiFePO4?
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    Sentry mode bugs

    4) The car is ignoring the option to deactivate Sentry when at home. This makes the drive fill up with useless video of me walking into and out of my garage door to grab beers from my fridge.
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    Corrupted USB in 2019.5.4

    Yes, one partition. Freshly fixed. One trip to the grocery store and back. Grey X of death.
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    USB corruption for dashcam recording

    Recording is also failing with the dreaded grey ex. I too thought it was corruption, but in my case it's just the drive was full. I guess the cam software is no longer cleaning up? And it's recording random video at 1:30am. In fact, that's what filled the drive. It's like one night it decided to...
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    Suspension upgrade to early Model 3

    Jan 5 2018 delivery here (xx1727). I opted for the suspension retrofit a few months ago and this description is bunk. There is a SLIGHT softening. It's still far stiffer than an S.
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    Autopilot Following Distance Changes near Exits

    Chiming in with "me too". Not sure when it started, but it was one of the recent updates. I'm positive this wasn't a thing for most of the 17k miles i have on my 3.
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    Bluetooth Problems

    Def a problem. For me it does not appear to be bluetooth, but rather the entire audio subsystem. When it cuts out even blinkers don't make sounds. Has been happening since the 9 upgrade (38). Just got the 42 build, not sure if it's continuing. EDIT: Blinker sounds stop as well as the voice...
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    19s, SoCal, 14,000 miles: 230
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    10,000 miles

    Tires look fine to me. No visual signs of wear at all. The originals on my S lasted 53k miles. Would be nice if similar happened with the 3. :-)
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    10,000 miles

    You can call the service line and they’ll tell you.
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    10,000 miles

    I don’t think that’s fair. A new, from the ground up, car will always have early run issues. I’ve owned many cars. Many. From a 911 turbo to Volvo’s to VWs to Honda’s. I’ve spent less in 10k miles with this car than any of those. And it’s an extremely pleasant/entertaining car to drive...
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    10,000 miles

    And just like that, got the txt that all the parts are in. Woot!
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    10,000 miles

    Picked up Jan 5. Sport wheels, EAP. I commute 120 miles (round trip) a few times per week. The time commuting really doesn’t bother me in this car. I’ve averaged 236 wh/m, tho that’s trending downward. It’s a game. I love trying to beat my best readings on known segments/trips. I’m drive in...
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    Any success getting pay-as-you-go supercharging activated on a non-free SC car?

    It was a surprise to me that it meant no SC access at all. I had assumed when I bought it just meant no FREE SC. Honestly, I charge from home all the time, so it’s not a huge deal, but it would be very handy to have it, and pay for it, sometimes. I want to drive to AZ but the wife won’t allow...
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    Any success getting pay-as-you-go supercharging activated on a non-free SC car?

    Yep. A warning note pops up on center console saying supercharging not activated for this car.
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    Any success getting pay-as-you-go supercharging activated on a non-free SC car?

    i have a 60 without SC access. I really have no interest in free charging, but rapid charging on an upcoming trip to AZ sure would be nice. My 3 has pay-as-go, would they ever activate it for an S? My first attempt resulted in “oh yeah, that’ll work fine.” But when I tried today it did not work...
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    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    I took delivery Jan 5th, #1727. 19's. Door sticker says 42 psi. Currently at 44.
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    Apps and logging, 3rd party software. Any reviews for Model 3?

    That and not handling 2 cars made me give up on Tezlab. Neat idea, and I might even pay for it, if it didn’t wake my car continually and gave realistic data.
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    AP sudden braking with nothing in front

    Honestly now that I think about it I’m not sure if AEB fired or not. Will have to pay better attn next time if I find a safe time to do it.
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    AP sudden braking with nothing in front

    It’s happened 5 or 6 times. I’m sure the last 3 were passing under a bridge in bright daylight, so a sharp contrast is in play here. I was hoping the last update (2018.14.13) cured it, but no not so much. At least one time on a previous version was driving into an early morning sun, no bridge...
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    AP sudden braking with nothing in front

    Since the last few updates, AP is far smoother overall. Better lane keeping, better lane changes, better space management in traffic. But holy *sugar* that’s all down the drain when you get a panic stop at 70 mph out of nowhere and there’s traffic behind you. This has happened with just radar...
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    any others still trapped in 2018.4.9?

    About 3 weeks ago I got the notification for the update. I was arriving at work, so i said to install in 2 hours. The update never installed, and here it is 3 weeks later and still no update. The continuous waking, adjusting vents, flashing lights 24x7 drives me kinda nuts. And it sure would be...
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    Need Car Insurance Tips

    I had Farmers, and they're not great for Teslas. Checked around, and Ameriprise through Costco was the best for me. Clean records for me and my wife, planning on 20k miles a year on the 3. 7500 a year on the S. Both Teslas on Ameriprise come to about $1500/year. Easily the best rate I found. I'm...
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    How many forum members have their car? And how many have had the car taken to the Service Center?

    My rear speakers not connected, and the A-pillar trim pieces are separating. At the local service center, the speakers were an easy fix, but they ordered new trim pieces for the A-pillar business. I'm going in tomorrow to get the trim installed/fixed, and also 2 new issues: The left scroll wheel...
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    For owners of the 3. How many miles do you currently have? (and how many problems?)

    delivered jan 5 1852 miles + Rear speakers weren't hooked up (easy fix at SVC) + Alignment was off, pulling to the right (SVC fixed) + A-pillar trim pieces are not attached well (part ordered, received, going in for fix Monday) + Left scroll wheel doesn't register 1:1 with movement (also...
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    Model 3 Users - Firmware Bugs & Wish Lists & Undesirables

    Possibly not isolated to the 3, but the software update process is frustratingly slow. Had to go to a svc center to get 2017.48.15. And 2 weeks later, still waiting for 2017.50.xx. Scheduled charging is a huge missing feature, and the bug re: stopping charging only to have it start right back up...
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    Model 3 crazy vampire drain

    Ug. Yeah, I'm seeing this too. In just 10 hours I saw 10 miles drained. That seems like a lot of power for just sitting around. I'm in SoCal with very moderate temps and the car is garaged, if that makes a difference. Hopefully a software update can fix this.
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    Model 3 Autopilot First Impressions

    I'm also new to AP with the 3 - my 2014 S just missed the AP h/w install date. Doh. The radar cruise control is the star, although it can be a little surge-prone. Example, I'm traffic and the car in front of me changes lane AND the car in front of him was more than my follow distance, the 3...
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    VIN Assignment

    My timeline: I was not an owner when i deposited, April 1, 2016 at about 6am. I purchased a used S60 in Nov 2017. My delivery range moved up immediately. Dec 24th got the invite to configure. Dec 31st placed my order for midnight silver, wheels, AP. Got a call from SA on morning of Jan 2, VIN...
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    Phone as Key Issues

    Picked up my 3 last Friday (600 miles and loving it). My wife's iPhone 8+ and my iPhone 6S+ connected without issue in the showroom. We have had no issues with phone-as-key in the week we've had it. Well... aside from unwanted activity whenever we walk near the garage. I'm hoping for some sort...
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    VIN Assignment

    Update: Ordered dec 31, after invite to config showed up dec 24. I’m scheduled for delivery tomorrow morning in Marina del Rey.
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    VIN Assignment

    Ordered yesterday. Midnight silver, upgraded wheels, AP. Received a call this morning, got financing and trade-in straight, got my VIN shortly after, 17xx. No delivery date yet tho.