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    Tesla knows MCU with eMMC Fix Still has Problems (we need NHTSA to force the fix)

    I believe the lemon law only applies if the initial occurrence of the problem happens within the 18 months or 18k miles of the warranty period.
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    Nav System, Music glitchy

    These symptoms sound exactly like what I observed on my MCU1 vehicle. Service said my emmc was fine, so my only option was to upgrade to MCU2 and hope that I can get a refund if they finally recall all the MCU1's for being inadequate for the recent software.
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    Issues with Homelink after Upgrade to MCU 2.0

    I'm having an issue with homelink after MCU2 upgrade as well. My issue is the opposite - after a cold start and reversing out of the garage, it won't close the garage. Here are my steps: 1) Walk into the garage and use the wall pad to open my garage door 2) Get in the car and back out. The...
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    is Standby Mode draining your battery?

    I think I lost around 8% of my battery in 24 hours right after V10 was applied and the car not moved. That is a serious waste of electricity...
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    Sentry Mode

    Found a really annoying bug when using sentry mode this morning. Got back into my car and that big red eye was sitting in the middle of my display. Stayed there even after I started the car and put it in both reverse and forward gears. I had to pull over and do a scroll wheel reboot to get...
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    No audio bug in Model 3

    This happened to me for the first time on Sunday. Already 9k miles on my car, approx 9 months old. I'm on 2018.48.12. Trying to switch my audio source to USB just made the screen sit on the spinning circle icon for longer than I cared to wait.
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    Right, March 2018...
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    March 2017 LR RWD.
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    I open the trunk since that's where I store the adapter. Even though the mirrors dont unfold, the charge port unlocks properly.
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    I just tested this on my own car but had a different experience. - Unplugged the j1772 and left adapter in port. - saw the car close the port but when it touched the adapter, it opened back up after a few seconds. - pressed the unlock charge port on my android Tesla app - heard the lock release...
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    I just read that in newer firmwares, the port will unlock if the car is fully charged even if the car doors are locked
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    Is it possible for you to make a video of what's going on in your situation? I'll return the favor and make a video of my car's behavior.
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    I believe the port wont unlock the adapter if the car is locked. This is to prevent unauthorized disconnections when using the Tesla connector and to prevent theft of any adapters (Chademo and J1772)
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    The correct way is to keep the button on the handle pressed until everything is completely removed from the Tesla's charge port. If you're using a J1772 adapter, keep the release button pressed and use your other hand to pull the adapter out of the Tesla while leaving the adapter and handle...
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    I've never had this issue, but never used the car in subfreezing temperatures either. Is this strictly a cold temperature issue?
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    Question about referral program

    It depends when each of the referrals made their purchase. They do reset the referrals when a new prize period starts.
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    Model X 22" Black Turbine referral award

    They are in my possession. Tires are mounted and balanced but wheels have never been installed on a vehicle.
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Would it be possible to get about 3/8" thick plexiglass made to the same curvature and size of the small windows and then glue them to the outside of those windows? That should help deter the break ins.
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    FS: Signature Black Wall Connector

    Sold. Thanks!
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    Model X 22" Black Turbine referral award

    Yes still brand new never mounted.
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    FS: Signature Black Wall Connector

    $450 + Shipping or local SF South Bay area pickup Brand new and sealed.
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    Model X 22" Black Turbine referral award

    Bump - these are still available
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    Closing Two Front Doors - Need to slam it?

    I do on mine mostly when it is the last door to close. Passengers continually dont shut it hard enough and need to reopen and slam.
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Your valuables in the trunk may be safe but the window would still get broken. The thief may also cause more damage to the car out of spite... I think it's clear that Tesla needs to be the ones to implement the fix like having the seat release accessible only from within the trunk or having a...
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    Weak Homelink Range

    My home link seems spotty and not directly corresponding to range. Some times I remain stationary and have to press the home link 3 or 4 times before the garage activates. This isnt an issue with the S/X.
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    Model X 22" Black Turbine referral award

    I've picked these up from the SC and they're at my house ready for delivery.
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    FS: Signature Black Wall Connector, SF Bay Area

    Brand new/unopened box. $500.
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    Rock Chip on Windshield (in Bay Area - CA)

    I've had Safelite fix 2 chips on my 3 already and they told me only Tesla can do the replacement. They wont provide the glass to non authorized repair shops.
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    Making the Model 3 trunk lid close more easily

    What I found is that if the trunk is left open for a longer period of time (1-2 min or so), it is harder to close. This effect seems to be more prevalent when the outside temperature is warmer as well.
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    Model X 22" Black Turbine referral award

    I'm worried that doing this will cause a lot of delay in the process, so I'd rather hold off for a local buyer.
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    Model X 22" Black Turbine referral award

    I'm located in the San Jose, California area and have a full set of the Model X 22" Black Turbine wheel and tire referral award for sale. I believe the set comes with TPMS. The set is waiting for me at the service center, so I can accompany the local buyer to pick it up straight from there...
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    I need to buy an Android phone, which one?

    I'm using a Galaxy S8 that's been reliable, but my plan is to upgrade to a OnePlus 6T when that's released.
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    USB Music Not Working

    You could be hitting a size limitation as well. I would try something <32GB
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    USB Music Not Working

    Try using a different brand/model USB drive. I haven't had great performance with a Sandisk USB 3.0 cruzer fit, but the USB 2.0 cruzer fit works all the time.
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    Issue with rear window when defroster on

    I observed this distortion on mine when turning it on in the middle of the afternoon. I'll post pics in a bit.
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    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    I did notice while on AP last night that the car was much more abrupt in accelerating and slowing down when following someone else. It was not as smooth and seemed to accelerate and slow unnecessarily (the car in front remained at a relatively constant speed)
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    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    Unfortunately I did have another failure to resume USB playback later in the day :(
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    Easy Manual Locking Option

    I don't think tha'ts a good idea - what if someone accidentally presses it without realizing and ends up locking themselves out.
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    Navigation UI issue

    Probably not what you want to hear, but I find % much more useful than miles as well. You could just multiply the % by 3 to get the approx miles remaining.
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    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    Installed it last night..nothing new noticed except USB resume playback on door open seemed to work 100% sofar.
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    Tesla backing away from "Phone Key as primary key"

    My phone key works about 95% of the time, and I don't mind the minor inconvenience of toggling airplane mode to get it working when it does have issues since I don't have to carry a bulky fob around.
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    My Trip B, which has never been reset since delivery, is showing 5436 miles, 1246kWh, 229Wh/mi.
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    Why is Tesla failing to deliver referral awards?

    My wall connector order from an October 2017 vehicle delivery is still nowhere to be seen. The connector was ordered as soon as the email arrived. Status is saying "Available starting June 2018" and has the correct shipping address listed.
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    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    @SG57 I'm still unable to get any speed-clocking data from my Model 3
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    Supercharger rates

    You are completely right, and I do believe the goal of the increase is partly to reduce the demand of the supercharger network to most Model 3's. I have never supercharged my 3 yet because it doesn't make any economic sense to. For longer trips, I have a different Tesla with free...
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    Juicebox vs. Siemens Versicharge?

    I have a JuiceBox Pro 40 with Wi-Fi and it does the job adequately. I like having the wifi connectivity as you can possibly sign up with some partnering utilities to actually get paid for using it (my utility doesn't do it so I don't know how it works). I also like the JuiceBox vs most other...
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    Only a month in and someone does this ... argh.. city parking...

    That really sucks...sorry to hear. I didn't get any PPF on my 3 because I figured if it were anything significant enough, it would damage the PPF to the point that you would need to reinstall it AND repaint the affected area. I would rather just get minor touch ups to any bumper damage, and I...
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    Why is Tesla failing to deliver referral awards?

    Seems to contradict swgdan's post about receiving his wall connector from a March '18 referral.
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    Why is Tesla failing to deliver referral awards?

    I haven't received my wall connector yet from a November or December 2017 order

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