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    Behind-the-Scenes from a TMC Member's Appearance on Jay Leno's Garage

    Just set it up on TiVo to record. Good thing I saw this now. It starts in 14 minutes.
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    Sleepers in California!!

    I ordered it via a gentleman named Jack. Another colleague of his named Mary assisted. When I asked for Jack's contact information Mary gave me hers. I have to say, when I tried reaching out to her via email she never responded. I went down to their showroom and was able to talk with her. I...
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    Sleepers in California!!

    They told me it would be available the last week of December. However, on Friday, 12/13 I receive a text message to schedule my pickup. I scheduled it for Monday, 12/16 at 10am. I received a phone call around 10am on 12/13 from the Rocklin Tesla letting me know it was there and I would I like...
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    When I mentioned to my SA that the long range and performance models each have the same dual motors why couldn't they just configure it via software to be faster and without the larger rims, spoiler, lowered, etc. He said if I could get you one would you be interested. I said yes. That is when...
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    Sleepers in California!!

    I just ordered a Sleeper Performance 3 on 11/27 in Northern California.