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  1. Dragon

    Color drama

    I was never very happy with the poor color choices avalaible for the Model 3. However I decided for silver, with red being a close second. In the meantime silver color is gone and the red costs a whopping (considered it's only paint) 2500$. Long story short, I'm not satisfied with any of the...
  2. Dragon

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Elon, throw out some specs already! I need to know which car i should order on "early 2019"! :rolleyes: My guesses for 0-60 for the dual motor Version are 4.4 sec and for the Performance Version 2.9 sec.
  3. Dragon

    Silver or White? Help!

    Silver with white interior renders. Tesla Model 3 Silver with interior
  4. Dragon

    Sick of waiting? Vent here

    It's "Early 2019" now. Yippie ki-yay...
  5. Dragon

    Sick of waiting? Vent here

  6. Dragon

    Current Owner in Iowa and 22nd in line - No Email to configure

    Current Owner in Iowa and 22nd in line - No Email to configure Probably they just send out invites for the first 21 people in line in Iowa. You'll be in the next batch. Probably.
  7. Dragon

    5K/week pushed back to Q2

    Yeah, it's really bad for us european people. Most of us will have waited 3 years for the car since online reservation. In 2019 there should be plenty of electric cars from the competition avalaible.
  8. Dragon

    Dashcam Install Help

    Hopefully sooner or later you can get access to the autopilot cams somehow. That would be nice.
  9. Dragon

    Anonymous gross income poll of M3 reservation holders

    OMG, you all go buy Model X and S and leave the 3 for us poor people. :eek:
  10. Dragon

    POLL - Age vs. Patience for Model 3

    36 years old european guy here, ordered Model 3 on 31st march 2016. Hoped for a summer 2018 delivery, but estimated fall 2018. In the meantime Teslas Model 3 delivery estimation went online saying "Late 2018" and the recent news say this will get delayed even further. So now I'm hoping for...
  11. Dragon

    Off Topic Chatter from the Pictures thread

    Italian Tesla Roadster owner here, from 2011. It was my only car for commuting and holidays and i racked up ~18.000 km the first year. It sure wasn't as easy as driving an ICE, but I did manage pretty well. Now with all the superchargers and new charging infrastructure, traveling with a Model 3...
  12. Dragon

    How will you name your car?

    Looks like you can name it and it will show just under the selected gear.
  13. Dragon

    Reservation date changed on My Tesla

    It's more than ok. I originally reserved on april 1st (european time - as soon as possible reservation) and now they moved me forward one day. Yes! Your Model 3 was reserved on 31/03/2016. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation.
  14. Dragon

    Reservation date changed on My Tesla

    Your Model 3 was reserved on 01/01/1970. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation. After waiting for almost 50 years... needless to say i'm very excited about todays final reveal.
  15. Dragon

    Model 3 Common Issues

    There aren't any issues and if there are you won't care.
  16. Dragon

    Different door handle colors?

    It's probably not worth mentioning and it could be some strange optical illusion... but did anyone notice the color difference in one pic from the user youyouxue? :D The left side has two identical colored handles:
  17. Dragon

    TSLA Investor Discussions

    It this keeps up I'll have to sell something to make money. And since I only have the Roadster as valuable item... I'll start with the winter tires, the cup holder for 2,50 $, then the soft top, following the brake system (don't need it).
  18. Dragon

    Range after 15K Miles

    Good numbers compared to mine. I recently hit 10.000 miles and the ideal range in standard is never above 182 miles.
  19. Dragon

    My 3-day Old Roadster Towed Back to Store

    Well, the delayed charging is good for when you're at home. On a longer trip this issue can get a real problem. Today morning the car still didn't charge so i took it outside from the garage and let it "roast" in the sun. The charging just started working again some minutes ago. It sure is a...
  20. Dragon

    My 3-day Old Roadster Towed Back to Store

    Have the same problem now after driving in the rain. ID is 287. Crap. :frown:
  21. Dragon

    Dash range does not match console charging range?

    I recommend to read the manual. It's important, this isn't an ICE and there's so much new to discover and understand.
  22. Dragon

    TSLA Investor Discussions

    Stock up by 10% in Europe. Lucky who bought some shares the last few days.
  23. Dragon

    TSLA Investor Discussions

    Thanks for believing in me. I'll do my best.
  24. Dragon

    Charge in Standard, Drive in Range

    Well, in hot summer days range mode will allow the battery to get hotter. I would always go with standard mode if you don't need more range, simply because it's the standard and should be the best for the car.
  25. Dragon

    How have your Experiences with Tesla Motors Europe been?

    You can't compare Italy with other countries like Germany. In Italy they had a lot of problems of all kind of natures, the Roadster is pratically non existent. That they toned down advertisement for Model S is clear, they have to sell the Roadster for the next year. The Performance Model S with...
  26. Dragon

    Roadster Test Drive... done it recently?

    You could travel to Europe and test drive there. :biggrin:
  27. Dragon

    Random Roadster Sightings

    The plate on my car is similar, just as small. Tesla has only this "big" size. At the rear we bolted the plate directly on the plastic of the car, cause the plate holder was ugly and sticking out 1-2 cm at the bottom.
  28. Dragon

    PEM, motor gets too hot -- fans failed

    Same by me. Performance mode is pretty much useless with a Standard Roadster in Summer.
  29. Dragon

    No regen yesterday (briefly)

    I agree with everyone that the cruise control buttons are not that comfortable. I got used to it and am quite confident with them, so on open roads I can drive even without using any pedal. With the 1mph clicks I adjust the speed, it works. I only find it a bit strange that the car accelerates...
  30. Dragon

    No regen yesterday (briefly)

    Well, for the steady speed there is cruise control. I am using it everytime I drive.
  31. Dragon

    Random Roadster Sightings

  32. Dragon

    Saved by the Roadster

    I have a similar one too. I was driving at the main road at about 50 kmh and some woman drove in from a side street at the left, obviously she didn't see me. She was going to smash right into the drivers door when I hit the accelerator and blasted away. But there were times when the Roadster...
  33. Dragon

    Random information

  34. Dragon

    Legend of Lightning Green

    Almost "killed" myself today on a mountain road. Going downwards there was a car in front of me which I surpassed. Suddenly there pops a 120° turn out in front of me, I think I approached it with 100-110 kmh. I didn't brake immediately on entering the turn, only after I realized that with this...
  35. Dragon

    Displaying Your Roadster

    I had a kid trying to sit at the top of the doors and some people opening the charge port when they felt unseen, all while the car was parked in a public parking lot. Once there were kids driving bicycles around my car, leaving a scratch. But the most damage comes from rocks on the street, my...
  36. Dragon

    Internal battery questions?

    The discharging rate drops faster with a high state of charge, it's not constant. My car consumes 0.4 KWH per day.
  37. Dragon

    How much does Performance mode affect battery life/range?

    Some of you guys should really really read the manual.
  38. Dragon

    Tire pressure monitoring

    I don't think they'd charge 1000$ for them? Did you ask for the price?
  39. Dragon

    I had a minor accident :-(

    Ah, finally a good news today! :)
  40. Dragon

    Legend of Lightning Green

    Added some pics.
  41. Dragon

    sport or no sport that is the question...?!

    I think the problem are the winter tires. They make a huge difference. I switched back to Yokohama AD07 from Pirelli Sottozero II last weekend and the car feels way faster. Winter tires can't handle the fast acceleration of the Roadster and TC is kicking in heavily when accelerating from stand...
  42. Dragon

    Best way to charge for battery health?

    Most probably you could optimize the charging by plugging it in and taking consideration of a lot of parameters (ambient temperature, battery temperature, state of charge, driving needs next day, etc.). But is it worth the effort? If you do that for 5 years just to have 5-10 miles more on your...
  43. Dragon

    Geneva Motor Show - Zurich to Geneva on Friday, 9th of March 2012

    Not only Tesla, there are my pics as well. I like this one:
  44. Dragon

    Legend of Lightning Green

    Reconstruction of the Roadster Invasion Trip with the Vehicle log! 03/08/2012 09:22:05 - 03/08/2012 09:25:02 (00:02:57) Drive 84% -> 84% 0.0 km 2.3 kph 5.3 kph 13096 km 0.0 kWh 0.0 Ah 0.1 Ah 03/08/2012 09:25:03 - 03/08/2012 10:21:39 (00:56:36)...
  45. Dragon

    Hard Top Question

    Had the soft top on with every kind of weather, including extreme rain where you are unable to drive. No leaks.
  46. Dragon

    Headroom Question

    I'm 6'3". No problems fitting into the car and no great visibility issues. It's a must to take the visors off, but I think everyone should do that. Leg room is no problem either.
  47. Dragon

    Tesla goes around Italy - copilot wanted

    I would be the ideal travel partner. Unlucky for me I have to work and can't afford taking 2 weeks of vacation. And I would not join as copilot as well... ;) It surely will be lots of fun.
  48. Dragon

    Geneva Motor Show - Zurich to Geneva on Friday, 9th of March 2012

    Ok. It was a stupid question. Why should they make a plug which is compatible with anything else? It's fun needing to carry 3 gazillions of adapters just to be sure to charge.
  49. Dragon

    Geneva Motor Show - Zurich to Geneva on Friday, 9th of March 2012

    Sorry for the question: Why do you need 16A blue AND 32A blue? Can't you use the 32A for 16A charging as well? What's the matter?
  50. Dragon

    Will you go 100% electric in the next 5 years?

    I'm already 100% electric since the delivery of my Roadster. Have no other car.

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