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    Battery message after Ohmmu

    Glad ohmu is standing behind it.
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    Charging while camping

    Just to hit the horse again, one labeled for RVs will not work. The RV version is putting 120v on both hots of the 14-50. An RV effectively has two isolated 120v circuits and doesn't actually use 240v, so this works fine, albeit with less total power available. The EV version is putting the...
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    Headrest material peeling off

    I had a local leather shop say they could make one. A place that does leather steering wheel, suitcases, purse, etc repairs. I’m a bit surprised there isn’t an easy source. Guess it isn’t that prevalent.
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    Just suspended... Software updates do not reset FSD disengagement counter - disengagements can happen in 1-2 seconds notice and other FSDB gripe/notes

    In my area, holding the phone is illegal. Putting it on speakerphone does not make it hands-free.
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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    @Darmie it was a mis-understanding.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Instrument cluster is replaced too.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    It did for me. I just visualized the entire thing as a $2000 upgrade. :). I was in all or none mode.
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    Delivery delayed due to damage

    did you already pay? The loan interest shouldn’t start until you hand over the check.
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    Changing fluid in the Gear box , part or Model S drive train.

    I believe that’s why they added a filter.
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    Supercharger - Waller, TX

    “Coming soon” Tesla sites have been listed as regular house plugs for a very long time on PlugShare. I think it pre-dates plugshare having a specific coming soon filter. So no one heads to a non-existing supercharger.
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    Get some Sense... [sense monitoring solution]

    I’m curious if their goal is even realistic? Overlapping signals. Items that behave differently depending on many variables (dimmer setting, temperature, load). I’m guessing this looks good on paper for a small house (or a few rooms) but really doesn’t scale well.
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    Austin airport parking with charging

    @Not That M3 good point. That coveted “first drop off” coming back from the airport. I think a $2-3/day surcharge on those spots would make them available to those that really need them.
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    Austin airport parking with charging

    I always see it full now. Guess people are trying to get back the $10-15 in electricity, even if they don't have a long drive home. Probably time they charge for it. Even a small nominal amount would probably make a big difference. Now that we also have a Leaf, I can view the Tesla owners (we...
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    Tricky Wall Charger Install - Stone Detail

    And it looks to be almost 6ft high.
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    Trickle charge 12V battery to stop vampire drain?

    Interesting. I would also suspect service mode stopping some app activities. Wonder if you have a partial download or something keeping it awake?
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    Trickle charge 12V battery to stop vampire drain?

    Are you sure your 3rd party app is allowing sleep? You did mention trying without 3rd party apps (changed password? So that’s probably not it.
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    Tricky Wall Charger Install - Stone Detail

    Just put 240v 50a house numbers there. Super bright! Not a huge deal for a mason to replace the stones later either.
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    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    I’d like a hitch and a small trailer for my S & 3. I think it would meet 95% of my needs. That one trip a year I need a truck I can rent one for $19.95 from Home Depot. Now I have 3 EVs and a ‘03 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel 4x4. The truck drives less than 100 miles a year.
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    Supercharger - Bee Cave, TX (Austin)

    Screen said 3 stalls available when I was at Lowes, so popular already. Didn't have time to stop by, but I have the EV360 plan.... so home works well for me. this will be great for emergencies.
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    Need help in restoring Free supercharging

    I would try a service ticket. Didn’t know they did free charging in 2020?
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    Someone here thinks they are “who”.
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    The Intel museum is in the lobby of the building if I recall correctly from when I worked at Intel. Open to public. At least I’m pretty sure it was.
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    Automatic payments accepted by Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    I received the common Tesla reply back - none.
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    Automatic payments accepted by Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    I submitted a request for more details to install at our office and I received no reply.
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    Have I been charged for charging?

    Except in very limited instances, destination chargers are free. The new v3 WC can support fees, but it’s only been spotted one place in the wild.
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    Induction Stoves

    Costco has the Tramontina set again. Don't think it's the exact same as last time, but going to give it a try.
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    M3 LR parked at airport. Charge dropping dramatically. Flat before I return. Suggestions?

    Humm. Energy company keeping the car on to use more energy. At least they are giving you better rates on the energy! Glad you have identified the culprit! Sorry it put you in such a bind.
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    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    Booking next trip for July 27... looks like I better pick a hotel w/ charging...
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    Range Mode gone?

    Range mode option has been gone for quite some time. Years, I believe.
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    New BMW Electric i7

    Sweet. I’ve had 3 BMWs and never had a single problem with them. /s
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    6-50 vs 14-50 upgrade installation

    Well, to me it would simply depend on cost. If running the neutral was $75-100 more, I’d just do it. Regarding wall connector vs outlet, be sure to consider cost of the gfci breaker & good outlet. WC doesn’t need a gfci or outlet. Personally I’ve never used the mobile connector anywhere...
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    Tricky Wall Charger Install - Stone Detail

    Wow, very nice.
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    Supercharger - Centerville, TX

    That will buff out?
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    Up until when can I cancel my order?

    Day of delivery I believe.
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    Are there other affected owners? Seriously, $1,000,000 for driving a car risking their lives?
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    Model 3 Not drivable

    Holy cow.
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    Model 3 Not drivable

    Isn’t that gear part of a CV joint?
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    Mine was free too. Personally I think they had a bad firmware that cooked the thing…. Lots of failures around the time mine failed.
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    Any first hand experience with Tesla trade values with a low milage Tesla with extra purchased via the app?

    FSD stays with the car as long as Tesla doesn’t purchase the car. And of course it does not get much extra for trade in. It doesn’t do much. It’s a bet that some people will pay and some won’t.
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    I thought he was referring to the menu option to remove all the settings. Like when selling the car. But not sure.
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    What do you mean “and”? The car was designed to charge a lead acid battery. BU-403: Charging Lead Acid Not a lithium ion battery.
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    The ideal charging profile (voltage, current) is different for different types of batteries.
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    Power train requires maintenance avoid hard acceleration

    You mean had to replace rear drive unit. What were the symptoms?
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    It will eventually. And the car has even less of a chance of detecting the failure proactively. Plus, there are batteries that will work from an auto parts store like other cars. Like other cars, some will stick with OEM. Some will go with cheaper, and some will go with the fancy (like spiral...
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    The OEM lead acid battery needs no internal BMS. The cars charging system handles it. A lithium ion battery needs a BMS to manage the individual cells & to make the car think it’s dealing with a lead acid battery.
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    everyone is different, but I personally don’t see the benefit of paying the ohmu price when the OEM is so cheap. I’ll probably proactively replace at 2.5 years if I don’t get a warning before.
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    Campsite experiences: is 14-50 or TT-30 more common?

    Need to make sure it’s one labeled for EV charging. And then TEST IT before getting stuck in the back woods. I would go with a solution from EVSE Adapters – Electric vehicle charging solutions, adapter cords for EV, RV, welders, and more. Charge anywhere.
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    Are you sure you were standing next to the correct Tesla? I only ask because my wife got in the wrong one at the grocery store and figured it out when it wouldn’t go into drive. We’re you attempting as a Bluetooth key (where walk up unlock works) Or opening the app to hit the unlock button...
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    Why does Tesla not advise 90 to 100 kwh battery upgrades?

    Do other brands upgrade engines and do aftermarket mods? I’m sure it’s just CYA but if they do it they become responsible.

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