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  1. MikeBur

    Tucson Electric Power (TEP) owned solar questions

    Thanks. there are numerous rate tariffs from TEP, incl ev off peak. Could see solar coping for day use, Powerwall for evening peak shoulder offset and low rate for ev charging post midnight. Need to do math to figure out offset.
  2. MikeBur

    Tucson Electric Power (TEP) owned solar questions

    Hi all, Considering a property in Tucson, AZ as rooftop, owned, solar panels; unfamiliar with TEP and their attitude toward residential solar though their website makes me feel it’s not positive ;) Can anyone with local experience answer few questions please? Considering there’s 20 panels on...
  3. MikeBur

    Rim repair around Bellevue WA area

    Around average of 200$ if memory serves, this is for tire removal, fixing wheel (dent, chips, curb rash, etc), repainting, baking and reassembly. Not cheap, though you pay for what you get.
  4. MikeBur

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Oh, and apologies - this upgrade also loses the homelink private security key, ie even though all the settings are copied over from old mcu1 Emmc memory to new 64GB one, the homelink connection will not activate the homelink garage door opener. Results in chime and perception of intent to open...
  5. MikeBur

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    This is just daughter card in mcu1 and lte upgrade (it’s a different daughter card inside mcu1). Upgrading to lte changes antenna connections, incl gps, so test drive is to ensure connections still working and (hopefully) to calibrate. If it hasn’t calibrated it will writhing 20-30 miles when...
  6. MikeBur

    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    Don’t know, though in many years of using Centralia I’ve never once had it washed out / unusable… even when the i5 was in places ;-)
  7. MikeBur

    Anyone selling any model 3 18” wheels around Seattle area?

    Unsure if you just want wheels/rims. If so, I have a spare set you can have
  8. MikeBur

    Yoke Steering

    Nice video, and congratulations! 😃
  9. MikeBur

    Steering Rack Errors and Replacement [car out of warranty]

    Sorry to hear. I’m sad to hear when this happens as communication is often sacrificed when centers are overloaded... I see nothing in the warranty docs (https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/tesla-new-vehicle-limited-warranty-en-us.pdf) which would exclude this issue, as you’re...
  10. MikeBur

    Cybertruck FSD price history

    Surprises me people saying it may change. It says on order page, as @Tam shows in post image this will “secure your price as it increases in the future”. Unsure what recourse would be if they do not honour that, though considering number of preorders x min of 3k each, this is not inconsequential...
  11. MikeBur

    Blog Musk Says He Wants the Roadster to Hover

    First post and to a youtube video?
  12. MikeBur

    Strategies for Powerwalls and Utility Demand Plans

    just installed @Darwin ’s smart app and device controlle4 for smartthings and for the life of me cannot get the Tesla u/pw for work with the smart app setup within smartthings. I would have imagined others would have same issue if this was root cause. I’m on app version 0.2.8e 20200702. I’ve...
  13. MikeBur

    Latest Rivian news

    Likely not with traction control on while driving on road, though there’s enough torque to do so, albeit at expense of tires... off road has been shown a few times, eg though would be fun to let people try on school runs :)
  14. MikeBur

    Taiga Electric Snowmobile Launch

    Pricing depends. A trick sled can set you back over 15k usd. looks interesting, though will look forward to actual range. In addition to lack of smell, will also be interesting to understand the noise. Double edged sword, though prefer quieter overall :)
  15. MikeBur

    Latest Rivian news

    ‘sure about that...? ;)
  16. MikeBur

    Blog Musk Says He Wants the Roadster to Hover

    Personally, I would much prefer moving skirts for better ground effect and downforce. Reducing downforce makes driving at speed an interesting experience more aligned to accelerated religious belief than physics
  17. MikeBur

    Blog Musk Says He Wants the Roadster to Hover

    I believe you’re on to something here: “Roadster 2021. Now with Full Self Hover option*” * Subject to regulatory permission
  18. MikeBur

    Road trip advice: Seattle to Phoenix and back again

    I long for a leisurely road trip, and this definitely inspired me. Last time doing this I was RV’ing and we took 3 months touring every state west of the Mississippi. This time was unfortunately due to helping out for an unexpected bereavement in AZ. I literally got there in 30 hours and...
  19. MikeBur

    PNW Snow reports (Seattle)

    True, though you missed the other sentence: “I'm super close to getting my model Y and want to get as much insight from owners ahead of time.” Can be read either way, sorry if you think me saying I agree with your assessment was incorrect.... edit: ah, ok. Reread. We’re agreeing on topic, just...
  20. MikeBur

    PNW Snow reports (Seattle)

    OP was asking re Y, though 100% agree re X. Said multiple times previously the responsiveness of traction control is a major under appreciated advantage of Teslas
  21. MikeBur

    PNW Snow reports (Seattle)

    The traction control kicking in is the imbalance moving from rear slipping to front engages, it’s a few tenths of second though much more noticeable than S or X. re. Other drivers with 4/AWD I liken it to them not understanding 4WD doesn’t mean 4 wheel Stop. With the great traction control on...
  22. MikeBur

    PNW Snow reports (Seattle)

    Yes, performance Y comes with summer tires which are hard as hockey pucks in winter and grip as well too ;) If you get a Model Y non-performance, then all 4 wheels are the same size and you could just buy winter tires at, say, Costco or Les Schwab. For performance Y, you can’t get winter tires...
  23. MikeBur

    PNW Snow reports (Seattle)

    Wonderfully. Wife’s Model Y performance has 20” wheels with Michelin X-Ice tires for Winter and have been across country and out today, works great. Unlike Model S and X, the AWD system in Y and 3 biases rear wheels by default. Different feel and would prefer snow mods with front drive bias...
  24. MikeBur

    Road trip advice: Seattle to Phoenix and back again

    Just FYI, back last week from AZ. Route down was originally going to be through Dallas and Bend, though the morning of nice winter storm dropped 8” on Bend so just diverted to boring/safe I5 until north LA. return I decided to have more variety and came back though Vegas and Salt Lake City...
  25. MikeBur

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Technically Possible now, though not as securely and therefore not available. uwb gives number of benefits. Some explicit such as positional information down to 30cm accuracy (think who’s driving when both have Tesla app on phone) and some implicit, such as reducing feasibility of spoof...
  26. MikeBur

    New 2021 Model S battery cells & packs

    Like the interview, here for others: Elon Musk Interview: with Sandy Munro | Munro & Associates, Inc. Definitely lots of intimation, though from the conversation on numbers of robots saved in body shop, it appears the rear casting is done though the front one not yet - and might take another...
  27. MikeBur

    Blog Tesla Roadster Delayed Until 2022

    Should have took the deposit and invested it in TSLA. ~62.7 11/16/2017 to 835 this morning, what’s that: 50000/62.7 * 835 = 665869.22 or 250000/62.7 * 835 = 3329346.10 > 10x...
  28. MikeBur

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    But...but...where’s the HUD?
  29. MikeBur

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I can and I cannot wipe off my evil grin...
  30. MikeBur

    Does SOC need to be 90% for the BMS to balance cells?

    Thanks. The larger the variance the more accurate the estimation model.
  31. MikeBur

    Does SOC need to be 90% for the BMS to balance cells?

    Not aware there was ever a magic number, even back then, though stranger things have happened Perhaps this was the estimation engine threshold. There’s no magic number now for that though. The reason why it is recommended to be higher occasionally is to get the widest variance from start charge...
  32. MikeBur

    Steering Wheel off center?

    Is the mirror issue just needing the extents calibration done, eg Side view mirror sag note: if you find something interesting just link to the #xx on top right of post, eg #6 up to the right for this one
  33. MikeBur

    My Y losing 3% battery every night

    OP has mentioned most of the vampire drain causes, though have seen older 3P apps being forgotten. Best way to reset all apps using token or pw is change you tesla account password. My suspicion would be older app not allowing car to sleep if that doesnt help, then service help and debugging reqd.
  34. MikeBur

    Road trip advice: Seattle to Phoenix and back again

    Great, thanks @PLUS EV and @Alysashley79 very helpful repost here. Don’t use FB and appreciated! Definitely winter (heading out in a week) and have (albeit) studless Michelin x-ice tires on
  35. MikeBur

    Road trip advice: Seattle to Phoenix and back again

    Thanks. I was surprised I couldn’t find one too before posting. ;)
  36. MikeBur

    Road trip advice: Seattle to Phoenix and back again

    Hi all, Need to drive down to Phoenix, AZ and back a week or two later. Thinking of “loaning” my wife’s MYP vs my p85d due to range. It’s got it’s winter tires on already... Using abetterrouteplanner, it seems there’s plenty of opportunity now to go through Utah rather than I5. Anyone done...
  37. MikeBur

    Wireless charging the batteries?

    Like Plugless Charging for Tesla Model S Questions Answered ? I have some skepticism on advertised charging rate, as that would be ~30A at 240V... though here’s what they say: How fast is wireless charging for Tesla Model S with Plugless? A Plugless-enabled Model S charges itself with 20-25...
  38. MikeBur

    Problem with entering text

    Sounds like maybe air bubble in screen protector? Check around where the return key is on onscreen keyboard
  39. MikeBur

    Tesla Map sometime does not show the current GPS location

    You’re welcome. Welcome to the Tesla family! :)
  40. MikeBur

    Tesla Map sometime does not show the current GPS location

    More at page 130 of manual: https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_y_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf
  41. MikeBur

    Tesla Map sometime does not show the current GPS location

    Press the top right icon on map, picturing a compass. It will cause current location to be always in centre of map. Pressing it again toggles between direction of car is up on map and north being up. if you scroll the map manually (one finger press and slide), or zoom the map (two finger...
  42. MikeBur

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    There’s lots in that thread, though yes for perf cars they defaulted to rear motor in non-range mode.
  43. MikeBur

    Infinite Mile Battery Warranty [Now] Being Honored By Tesla [Issue Resolved]

    You might also want to ask Jason (@wk057) if there still might be logs to determine if there was a known fault at time of last service. Sounds suspicious that 3 months ago, in warranty, there was no issue then suddenly catastrophic battery failure 3 days out of warranty. Suspecting there’s...
  44. MikeBur

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Also, re range mode, I would be surprised if things changed significantly re regen and torque sleeping, particularly for older S perf vehicles due to preference of using more efficient front motor for cruising. More at Chassis CAN Logging To ASCII Text Plus Graphing
  45. MikeBur

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    I used to like discussing data gathered here... given P85D, via TeslaFi logs, pretty much ISO everything pre throttle, 2017, relative to throttle, 2019. pre throttle (late 2017) During throttle: (late 2019) Don’t have after latest update, though empirically > 20% longer for this...
  46. MikeBur

    Holiday update - no boombox for me :(

    Without snark: your definition and expectations of software project management practice within Tesla is, empirically, highly optimistic based on public info. Tesla sw engineering discipline has been improving over the years, eg. bug bounties, contributions back to open source as per GPL...
  47. MikeBur

    New tires, use Tesla service appointment option using tesla app

    Another thing not mentioned here. Tesla does not offer hazard insurance for any replacements you buy from them. They’re not too uncompetitive on pricing for mobile service, though the free hazard insurance for most tires is particularly useful for heavy cars on soft, summer, rubber.
  48. MikeBur

    WTB: TESLA CHAdeMO Adapter

    Correct. Your English is a lot better than my Russian ;-)
  49. MikeBur

    WTB: TESLA CHAdeMO Adapter

    I know. No service centres in Russia :( The hardware needed an update I was told to enable this revision to charge, yes. I confirmed this before update and why I asked for manual firmware update. Jason (@wk057), you did a tear down of CHADeMO adapter previously - do you track FW updates and...
  50. MikeBur

    WTB: TESLA CHAdeMO Adapter

    Unfortunately this is a Tesla service only option

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