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    Long Beach CA Powerpacks

    Moderator note: Thread title updated to reflect actual equipment seen. So, as I was leaving Long Beach Grand Prix today, I saw a whole bunch of Tesla power equipment on the side of a parking structure. But nothing on the map for a supercharger. And nothing on supercharge.info about a future...
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    Service options for independent shop ? Los Angeles area

    How about finding a Tesla Authorized Body Shop - like Avio Coach Craft in Van Nuys. They've done a couple of repairs for me.
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    Rear trunk won't open

    This just happened to me... Car is out of warranty (58k) and the app would not let me make an appointment (if I selected "my location" I could make an appointment, but if I put in an address it would just hang there, and not let me proceed.) I thought of going to the Service Center (Van Nuys...
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    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    FYI, here is what I mean about them removing the superchargers from the map... BEFORE on the left, AFTER on the right...
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    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    OMG, I hate these "improvements" All they have done is removed frequently used icons on the main menu. Remember when the removed the passenger lumbar support - and backed that up by saying it was only used on 5% of cars? I guess they did not want to do the same research to figure out many...
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    65 miles driven - 40% battery loss - Car says 21% battery use

    This is just crazy... Yesterday I drove for 47 minutes, and used 15.78kW of power over 43 miles. I was in Parked for 23 hours, 5 minutes, and used 7.36kW of power. My car used 32% of it's power not to drive. Assuming that this number is somewhat typical, my car wastes 2.5 MWh of power every...
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    65 miles driven - 40% battery loss - Car says 21% battery use

    Yes, I have sentry mode running. FYI, looking at some more logs. Overnight I'm losing 5% battery. During work, in a parking lot, I lose 3% battery.
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    65 miles driven - 40% battery loss - Car says 21% battery use

    I have a 2018 Tesla Model S, 100D. I have MCU2, and AP3. So my dash says I've driven 63.4 miles, and used 21.3 kWh since last charge. However my battery is at 51% and I charged to 90%. I have TeslaFi logging, and the numbers are accurate. (Adding one trip that was not in the photo.) Over 40...
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    Thousand Oaks Supercharger - closed for many weeks?

    Thanks. :( Actually used that onramp today; the equipment was surrounded in tape. I was wondering how safe they were from freeway accidents...
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    Thousand Oaks Supercharger - closed for many weeks?

    Does anyone know what's going on with the Thousand Oaks (East) supercharger? It's been closed for a few weeks. Tape around it, but no activity...
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    Big Bear - where to charge?

    UPDATE. Did the trip. Took the Model X. Charged at the bottom (San Bernadino) and got to cabin at 65%. Cabin had a garage with an outlet! Only Nema15, but okay... Charging was at 12A, 110V, but I got 15-20% overnight. We had a couple of emergency trips to Lake Arrowhead, which took 10% or...
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    The more I look at it, the more it's like a Model 3. No more vents, no more door handles, no more vertical screen... About the only concession to make it superior to the model 3 is the driver's display (and the gimmicky rear display.)
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Missing classic door handles - looks like they're going with Model 3 version. I wonder if the autopilot stalk will also get moved (ala 3/Y). Door pockets are nice. Dual phone dock is nice. Will be interesting to see how much storage is in center console - do I still get 4 cup holders. Can't...
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    Gauging Interest: NIB Founder's Powerwall/ Gateway/ etc. Chicago area

    FYI. https://www.tesla.com/powerwall/design Tesla charge $7500 for the powerwall, $1000 for the gateway. However, there is a 26% Federal tax credit, so $6200. There is also sales tax and installation ($3000).
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    Tesla Bike Rack Lock

    Yeah, I'm dumb, but I cannot figure out what you mean to do. I pull out the cable and I have a long cable. That does not seem to lock anything. I would suspect that the cable comes out, loops through the bikes, and then reattaches to the bike rack in such a way that it makes a loop, and the...
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    Tesla Bike Rack Lock

    I bought a used Tesla Bike Rack, with no manual. There seems to be a pull-out cable lock, but I cannot figure out how it works. Can anyone help?
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    Tesla OEM TRUNK & FRUNK mats.

    Model S OEM Trunk and Frunk mats. Brand new, never used, in original Tesla Shipping box. Retail for $200 (rear) and $70 (front.) Currently out of stock on Tesla Website. This is a set of three mats: Front Trunk (Dual Motor) Rear Trunk Rear Lower Trunk. These are the rubber mats that you put...
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    FS: ModelS 19" Gray Slipstream wheels (factory) - $100 each, $325 for all.

    I curbed one of my wheels, and it was too expensive to repair. I bought a replacement set of wheels (used) and was going to replace the bad one. Then my wife bought me new wheels for Christmas... So, selling these wheels. They are the standard factory silver slipstream wheels. 19", no TMPS, no...
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Alternative in CA : https://licenseplatewrap.com/
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    Founders series powerwall for sale

    Retail is 7000 for the powerwall, and 1000 for the geteway. With a fed tax credit of 22% (2021) brings retail price to $6200...
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    Tesla Wireless charger with iPhone 12 Max & Case???

    I have been offered an iPhone 12 max as a gift. I currently have a Google phone, and it is a tight squeeze into the Tesla wireless charger - when it has the case on. Does anyone have the iPhone 12 Max with the apple case, and does it fit into the Tesla wireless charger?
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    Reset TPMS

    I need it to put snow tires on my wife's car without having to go to the service center.
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    FS: 4 Silver Slipstream rims - $125 each, $400 for all.

    These are 19" Model S factory standard wheels. After I curbed my wheel, I found a set of inexpensive replacements. Before I got around to replacing the bad rim, my wife bought me the Sonic Carbon ones for Christmas. So, I have 4x Silver Slipstream rims for sale. No TPMS. They were a take-off...
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    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    Can anyone tell me the current status on tax credits for Powerwall products. i want to add a powerwall (2) to an existing Solar (non-Tesla) house. I use SoCal Edison. What tax credits am I likely to get? Are there any income restrictions? Do any of the programs expire in 2021 (ie I missed them...
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    Reset TPMS

    So, I have my wife's 2020 Model X, with v2020.48.26 I also have my 2018 Model S, with v2020.48.12.1 My Model S has a "reset TMPS" option. My wife's Model X does not have that option. Am I missing it because of the software update? Or was it never there because it's a newer/different car? Thanks.
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    Any Model S or X received the Holiday update yet? What about external speakers on s/X?

    I got the update on my 2020 Model X. The "new and improved" supercharger graphic is worse. Instead of showing 20 chargers near me, how large they are, and how many stalls are free, I just get to see how many are free. Less information is never better...
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    Damaged Elon Signature HPWC 80amp burned terminal $200.00

    I went through that with my electrician. He made a point of going over the entire installation, looking for a bad cable (2-gauge cable with a nic in it, badly stripped, etc) but could not find anything wrong. I know it's too late now, but I really wish we had reached out to Tesla for a replacment.
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    Damaged Elon Signature HPWC 80amp burned terminal $200.00

    Serious question. What is the warranty on these? I had the same thing happen to mine after 13 months, and threw it away. I later heard that they have a 2-year warranty. Can anyone confirm what the warranty is?
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    FS: Model S 19” Slipstreams w/ Tires & TPMS

    Decent price, but I have bought too many wheels this year...
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    WTB PowerWall.

    Forgot to mention. Los Angeles area, local pickup, etc.
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    WTB PowerWall.

    Hey All. Looking for someone who has one of those PowerWall referral bonuses and want to sell it. Single powerwall with Gateway type thing. Thanks, Nick.
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    Big Bear - where to charge?

    Yeah, this is my first case of true Range Anxiety - thanks guys.
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    Ceramic Tint - Los Angeles

    Any recommendations for Ceramic Tint in LA area (SFV preferred). Thanks.
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    L.A. area dashcam installer recommendation

    Johnny from Calibred Customs https://www.calibredcustoms.com/ Came out and installed my BlackView in my wife's Model X. Didn't care I bought the camera seperately. Great guy. Good service, Install is working well a year later. They also do lift kits for Frunk, etc.
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    Big Bear - where to charge?

    So, taking the family to Big Bear in February for a week. Really want to take the Tesla... But, where to charge? I have figured out I can use the SuperCharger at the bottom of the mountain, and can make it to the top with 65% remaining. But for a week in BB, that will not last, so I will...
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    Moving TPMS from one car too another?

    I have a spare set of wheels for my Model S that came with TPMS. I want to move the TPMS over to a set of snow tires/wheels that I'm putting on my wife's Model X. Do the TPMS need to be programmed, or do they just work?
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    Like-new MS Slipstream 19” wheels & tires

    BUMP - these are the factory tires (with SCT) and a fantastic price just for the tires.
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    Ugliest Tesla ever. Today in Santa Clarita

    Same kit?
  39. S

    Ugliest Tesla ever. Today in Santa Clarita

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    How to get FSD?

    I bought my car 2 years ago. I paid for EAP ($5k) and FSD ($3k) After I bought my car, Elon said (March 2019) anyone who paid for the $5k EAP would be given FSD for free. He said that anyone who paid for the $3K FSD would be enrolled in the Early Access Program (EAP). So, where's my FSD beta?
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    SoCal charging $$

    Can someone tell me how much it is to charge your Model Y in So California? I have unlimited on my Model S, and my buddy is looking to buy a Y and wants to know. I was estimating $25 for a full charge, for 300 miles - is that accurate? Thanks.
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    Supercharger - Simi Valley, CA - Tierra Rejada Rd. (LIVE 22 Sep 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    Got 165kW in my wife's Model X at 25% last night. :)
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    Dumb question about wheels & TPMS

    How can I determine what Gen sensors I have. July 2018 build.
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    MX Hitch?

    I got the wife a 2020 Model X. It comes with a tow-hitch thing in a foam box/bag in the trunk... It does not come with a tow-ball. What do I need to get to be able to tow a trailer?
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    Dumb question about wheels & TPMS

    So, I currently have stock 19" silver slipstream wheels. I much prefer the ride on 19" wheels vs 21" wheels/tires. I am in the market for some new wheels, probably just the Gray/Carbon Tesla wheels. Question. If I find some Tesla wheels that come with TPMS do I just install them and they all...

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