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    New Supercharger Fair Use Policy

    I remember Musk saying that target is for DUs to last for 1 million miles. I don't remember him saying that this target has been achieved. Would be nice to see a quote. Then there is Tesla Semi for which Musk said it's guaranteed not to break down for one million miles of driving. But that is...
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    The number will go down because of growing sales and new cars obviously do not experience the problem. This 1% of all is not a useful number. We would need % of >3 year old cars and % of >30K miles cars and maybe % of 90 battery cars.
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    If filling up the gas tank would take 5 minutes longer than before I would like to know the reason.
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Which battery does he have in his car and how long has he driven like this (sorry if I missed this info earlier in the thread)?
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Before I have considered 40kW Chademo charging pretty harmless for 85 battery. Instead I have avoided charging to 100% and usually keep my battery at 50% when driving locally. Now based on comments from Tesla it sounds like the only thing that is harmful to battery is DC charging even at...
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    There are 18kW Chademo chargers in Finland which I've been using and I would not be very happy if these charging sessions (sometimes 1 minute to test the charger) have incremented the counter in my car.
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Thank you for the information. Can you please confirm that there is no counter that would for example count how many times you have DC charged and the charging rate restriction is based solely on battery cell condition analysis?
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    There is at least this report from 85-battery owner experiencing throttling.
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    Prediction: Free supercharging to be brought back!

    Only problem with "free" supercharging is congestion caused by locals (not much yet but when Model 3 roadtrippers hit the road). Free supercharging can be brought back if that problem is solved. It can be solved with an algorithm that decides when you are on roadtrip and do not have to pay for...
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    Autopilot 3.0 Hardware: When and what?

    Two quotes from Tesla configurator page: "self-driving in almost all circumstances" "system is designed to be able to conduct short and long distance trips with no action required by the person in the driver's seat" So they clearly say that it will not work in all circumstances and there will...
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    [Poll] - are you mad that your new Tesla just missed Autopilot 2.0?

    The only thing these guys should say about changes is that any change can be introduced at any time and they are not told about changed in advance. Tesla should train their sales/DS staff to tell this fact if buyer asks about future changes. About battery size we know that Elon twiited that...
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    [Poll] - are you mad that your new Tesla just missed Autopilot 2.0?

    The sales team should never say that because they do not have that information. They didn't know it's coming, they got the information at the same time we did.
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    Firmware 8.0

    How about Chademo, anyone tried? It's always useful to know if Chademo charger is giving max amps.
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    Uber AP ahead of Tesla

    Google cars have driven without a driver for a long time. When comparing to Tesla we need to compare cars that anyone can buy from car dealer (or from Tesla) today.
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    Bloomberg finally writes a really fair and balanced Bolt article

    Yes, base Model 3 should be kept affordable and some people never even need 200 miles range. Most likely Model 3 will have bigger battery option for those who need it. Bolt does not have that option.
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    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    Where did you get 57.8kWh usable?
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    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    Bolt is still $2500 more expensive (unless that changes now) and you will have to pay more for the DC charging option. As we know Tesla already has cars with much bigger range than Bolt (and more expensive). If we compare range we have to compare the price also.
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    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    It probably should be called LG Bolt. LG may start making cars later now that they are this deep in it already. Should The Chevy Bolt Really Be Called The LG Bolt?
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    Firmware 8.0

    If they will require torque on the wheel almost all the time unfortunately it encourages to solutions like one in this Mercedes:
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    Firmware 8.0

    What Elon said is quite clear: "if it ignores the audible alarm more than 3 times in an hour then the driver will have to park and restart in order to enable Autosteer." "It" refers to "the user" here. I hope this statement holds.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Elon: "The reason is that it would see a large metal object across the road and knowing that there’s no road sign, there’s no overhead road sign, in that position, therefore it would not be a whitelisted situation and probability would be assessed as high and so it would brake." So a new...
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    How can ReGen bypass the charger?

    Reading this thread I still did not understand why a charger is needed for AC charging. Couldn't it use the inverter instead? Reagarding regen paddle I have no idea why we would need a paddle when we already have the brake pedal.
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    Supercharging to be uncoupled for new owners - lowering price of S/X

    For CPO this model works because they get less money for the car when they sell it without supercharging. But when you sell it it's you who gets less money. Basicly $3000 or whatever the lifetime fee is disappears immediately from car value when you buy it.
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    Supercharging to be uncoupled for new owners - lowering price of S/X

    To say it in other words if Tesla does this it will charge many times for the same thing - a good reason to dislike Tesla.
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    Supercharging to be uncoupled for new owners - lowering price of S/X

    I agree you will be wrong about that. :-) It does not make any sense. Cars are often sold after e.g. 6 months of ownership and losing a paid supercharger access at that point is not fair. I've always said they will charge new supercharger fee when you buy a new battery (embedded in the price of...
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    6th drive unit replacement and more

    In Finland they have solved the problem by not switching the DU when there is a buzzing sound. Of course the noise may be louder in your case.
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    Supercharging to be uncoupled for new owners - lowering price of S/X

    They should be accessible of course but you would have to pay per kWh for local supercharging. The algorithm cannot be perfect and there would always be owners going mad because they have to pay $1 for supercharging near home when returning from a road trip etc. That's why Tesla may decide to...
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    Supercharging to be uncoupled for new owners - lowering price of S/X

    Do you all think that there will still be a lifetime plan? With lifetime plans congestion caused by locals need to addressed as more and more Teslas are sold. There could be an algorithm deciding when you supercharge locally but it can never be perfect and people get mad. Easiest solution is not...
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    Payment Method now on Tesla's My Tesla Page [Since Removed]

    This commented section makes me think it's kWh based charging. It even looks like you have to purchace your kWhs in advance: <!-- div class="credit-text card-info-container cc-credits"> <span>Supercharger Credits</span> <span> kWh</span> </div -->
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    Autopilot now $3k. Why?

    Upgrade price has not changed at least for me which leads me to believe there is new hardware included in the new price (probably the triple camera).
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    2015 Model S 85D 7900 Miles Fanatically Kept by OCD owner - $79,000

    All D models have autopilot hardware.
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    Delivery Specialist refuses to give EC Type Approval Certificate for import

    I imported mine from Netherlands to Finland (both EU countries) and only CoC (Certificate of Conformity) was required here.
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    I thought that's what warranty means. Any problems can be seen as not acceptable. After what mileage do you think it's OK for the wheels to fall off? Never? In Finland service center is not fixing for example door handle problems after warranty although most people think the problems are not...
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    Have you purchased extended warranty beyond 50K miles?
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    2016 Annual Shareholders meeting on May 31st

    Any voting advice for the 4 proposals?
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    I don't think they are going to make us pay for supercharging on road trips because in many cases that would lead to choosing an ICE car for road trips. Free long distance travel could even be included in base price but I think not. Then there is local supercharging and it's clear something...
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    Supercharger congestion - a modest proposal

    Rules should never prevent charging because there are always special cases. But rules could make you pay for local supercharging.
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    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

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    Deciphering the Reservation number

    Here in Europe, Finland mine starts with 107.
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    What if the Tesla Model 3 would have had an aluminium body, just like the Model S and Model X?

    Can't answer the question but aluminium body could be an option. Or something even lighter like carbon fiber.
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    New Base Wheels - 19" Silver Slipstream in Model S Design Center

    Based on my notes the weights are: Old base wheel 30.29 lbs Cyclone 29.8 lbs Rial Lugano 31.55 lbs Still waiting for the weight of slipstream wheel.
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    New Base Wheels - 19" Silver Slipstream in Model S Design Center

    Would be very interesting to know the weight.
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    Pack Swap on 70D to 90kWh HP?

    I think that's a good idea from Tesla because otherwise SpC would need to connect to Tesla servers to ask for permission and if network connection is down you might not be able to supercharge. Are you really saying that if someone has not bought the supercharging option for her S60 she won't be...
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    Rdio service over?

    Has anyone received the update? I haven't seen any pics or anything. And I still haven't received the email.
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    Rdio service over?

    Anyone received the update? No e-mail, no update here.
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    Rdio service over?

    I will be impressed if I receive Spotify before Rdio stops and it works well. Hasn't happened yet...
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    "Confirmed" Model ≡ Pricing

    It would be nice to see that also in real life tests. - - - Updated - - - It might end up so that either they sell it below their cost (at the beginning at least) or they break their promise. Which one is worse for the business?
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    "Confirmed" Model ≡ Pricing

    Base model will probably be $35999 before fees and taxes and Tesla might be selling it with negative margin. But as most Model 3s will be sold for more than 40K they will be making profit over all.
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    Tesla won't sell me a 90 kWh pack unless I give them my old pack for 12% market value

    It is expected that Tesla charges a lot for battery upgrade. I've said it before but everybody disagreed and said it's good for Tesla to offer very cheap upgrades. In my opinion the reason is "free" Supercharging. When it's time to replace the battery it's also time to pay for the supercharging...
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    70D vs 85D help to make decision please

    Elon said restrictions are coming but nobody knows what, hopefully only something like you have to be on driver's seat. For me it looks like the non leather seats are harder wearing than leather. They are also easy to clean with a wet cloth. - - - Updated - - - Based on the real life tests...

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