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    Best aftermarket model 3 spoiler ???

    For Nov-19 M3 SR+
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    Model Y best colour

    Now that we have seen them in the flesh what’s the best colour . I was at Tesla Belfast today and I have a white Y and 19s ordered (have Rimitrex to put on). Have to say I think best combo was Midnight Silver and 20’. Thinking to change my order and maybe go Silver plus Rimitrex - any pics...
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    What colour M3 looks best with the Rimitrex ?

    Wondering what colour M3 to order second time around ?
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    Price rises

    Don’t panic !!! But… Anyone think you’ll see a price rise with the massive rise in commodity prices and strong demand for Tesla and other EVs with these huge oil prices etc .
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    3 kids seats in rear of Y - can it be done !?

    3 kids seats in rear of Y - can it be done !?
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    Model 3 wait time now end of 2022 / start 2023

    Anyone know what it’s Nov 22 - Feb 23 now for a model 3? Great if your a reseller !
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    Trade in values seem high again ?

    £34.5k standard range plus white Nov 19. 40k miles. Wait time now Feb 2023 for a standard Model 3 with aero wheels Run for EVs with the fuel crisis?
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    Exterior improvements to white M3?

    Hi. What’s the best alterations you’ve made to the exterior of your Model 3? I have 2019 white SR+ and have had ceramic coated and calipers red painted. Rimitrex black wheel trims. What other improvements- thinking decal black door handles etc ? Rear spoiler ? I bought before they were included
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    Has there ever been research done on efficiency of the 19” Tsportline alloy wheels vs the Gemini ??
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    Gemini induction

    Hi, Over in the United Kingdom we are taking the first ever deliveries of Model Y this week. On the forums we are having much debate between the 19’ Gemini and the 20’ Induction wheels / alloys. What’s the verdict in the US on firmer drive 20 vs 19 and on looks etc between the two ? I had...
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    Model 3 2nd hand values

    Any evidence of rising prices with the wait times now out to November ?
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    M3 SR+ warranty?

    Hi What warranty came with a SR+ purchased Nov-19 I think 100k / 8 years on battery whatever comes first ? Was 50k / 4 years on the rest ?????
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    2019 SR+ owners

    2019 SR+ owners where is your head at now ? Stick ? Twist for a new M3 (and is that standard / long range / perf) ? Twist for Y ? Already twisted ? Twisted for a non Tesla ?
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    true range (kWh) of a September 2019 Long range vs the entry level 2022 M3

    What is the true range (kWh) of a September 2019 Long range vs the entry level 2022 M3 now ? Are they quite similar?
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    Rimitrex Laminers

    Anyone gone for the 19 inch wheels and Rimitrex Laminers over the 20 inch induction ? I currently have Rimitrex Orbitals on my M3?
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    Buying a second M3 - stick or twist on colour ?

    Buying a second M3 - stick or twist on colour ? If you have changed Tesla’s then did you stick with same colour or twist for another ? I’ve a white 2019 SR+ and looking to order either a new M3 or go ahead with my MY reservation. Really happy with white 2019 SR+with black rims. For a Y have...
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    What was the cheapest ever price for the GBP LR M3?

    Feels like a lot of rises since I bought my SR+ in July 2019. But how much had the LR gone up ? Doesn’t seem as many times ?
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    M3 Price Change History

    Anyone got a handy link to the price history 2019-2022 for the M3 SR/LR/P ?
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    What’s the mileage when a new 2022 SR M3 is charged to 100%

    2019 M3 SR+ I start off with 230 miles What’s the approx starting mileage when battery is charged to 100% on a standard M3 (thinking about ordering a 2022) now - 317 miles is advertised on 18 inch wheels .
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    Anyone selling their M3 to cash in on no depreciation??!!

    I’ve a SR+ 34k miles Nov - 2019 Thinking of cashing in to take advantage of lack of depreciation. Few reasons A) think SR+ Battery distance will eventually look outdated B) insane lack of depreciation C) to buy a LR Model Y Anyone thinking similar thoughts !!??
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    3 or Y and Why !?

    Hi. Have had a Model 3 SR+ since Nov-19. Have 3 kids and have been thinking about cashing in on amazing resale on a 36k 2 year old car. I’m also worried the real world range on the SR+ will start to look outdated. And am thinking of ordering a Long Range Y for more space and extra range. Viewed...
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    Anyone made their Tesla create an income for them ?

    Just wondering has anyone used their tesla to create income ? Be it as a taxi driver? Amazon delivery driver ? Or somethings else ? I would be interested to hear of any stories !!
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    Ceramic Coating

    Have had my white SR+ M3 since Nov 19. As per my “pranged your tesla” thread car is in workshop for min 2 weeks for repairs . While I’m gonna pay to have touch ups / stone dents fixed at my expense. Once they have done all that , thinking about ceramic coating while they have it. What sort of...
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    Pranged your Tesla thread

    Split second loss of concentration. Car had clicked off of auto driving and I let it drift over to the kerb/small barrier. Pulled car away but made a right mess of the side esp alloys and tore chunk of the front panel . In to be assessed Monday. My own fault and at 38 first time I’ve even...
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    Shortage of the standard foam Michelin tyres

    I need two new rear tyres as tread depth 2mm. Seems to be a shortage of the standard Michelin foam ones that come as standard with the car. The ones Tesla quote about £265 each for or likes of Black Circels £165 each. Might be a Belfast / Brexit issue??? They have the likes of the Michelin...
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    Cost of 2 new rear tyres ?

    Nov 2019 Model 3 SR+ in for couple of small jobs with Tesla Belfast and told two rear tyres at 2mm and £550 to replace. have to go back pronto on to replace or not? Thoughts on going with Tesla or getting them replaced cheaper elsewhere ???
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    Personalised Reg

    Did anyone go for a personalised reg for their Tesla in NI or GB ?,and if so what ?? Been thinking about one ever since I bought my model 3 in 2019 but haven’t done anything yet
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    If you could only buy 3 extra items for your M3 what would they be and why??

    I must of bought 20 add ons since buying my late 2019 M3. If you were limited to max 3 items what would they be and why ?!
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    High insurance quotes because of previous speeding

    I know it’s my own fault and tbh since I got the Tesla I’ve been setting the speed automatically so it doesn’t go more than 60+5 and 70+5 but have previous speeding fines of £60 and 3 points , None between 2009 and 2015 , 1 from 2016 and 2 from 2019. Getting killed on insurance quotes . As soon...
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    Water in boot!

    Seem to remember this was common in the first wave of car purchases last year. Have had Tesla for 11 months and after today’s deluge of rain opened the boat after work to find it filled with water ! Was the general consensus/fix - seal not right ?
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    Screen froze while driving

    Today on way to work had the screen freeze. While driving wasn’t able to access any of the screen functions, the screen basically froze . So I didn’t know what speed I was doing etc ! lasted about twenty mins then it reset itself and worked thereafter. Bit daunting losing all the commands...
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    M3 - one headlight brighter than other

    If u stare at the car standing in front of it it seems a subtle difference even questionable if there is a difference. We often follow each other up to our caravan taking both cars due to amount of stuff and kids etc . But for instance when I’m driving our other car and my wife is behind in the...
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    Best Rear Mounted Bike Rack? ( no tow bar )

    Hi What is a good rear mounted bike rack? I don’t have a tow bar. For now I could get away with just needing to mount one adult bike as small kids (2+4) fit in boot. Thanks
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    Mountain bike in a Model 3 boot ?

    Have to pick up an adult men’s mountain bike from Decathlon , will it fit in the model 3 with the back seats down ??!!
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    Model Y Reservations in UK Open

    Ok that got your attention! 3k price drop in the USA today when do u think A) we will be able to put down deposit B) UK will see first deliveries I’m planning to trade the 3 for the 7 seater Y so appreciate the wait will be longer....
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    Aftermarket Spoiler

    Did anyone ever go for an aftermarket spoiler and if so which one ? Saw red M3 today with spoiler and looked good !
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    Rear bike rack (Model 3 / SUV )

    Looking for most probably a rear bike rack. Holds 2/3 bikes , at the moment it’s just one adult bike and one kids bike we have, will likely be expanded as next kid grows up etc. Would like to get something universal so could change it between our Model 3 (which one day becomes a Y) and the...
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    Hands Free Phone Calls - Hard to be heard

    I have found that when making hands free phone calls in the car that the person on the other end of the call often is really struggling to hear me. Has this been a common issue ? Anyway to resolve ?
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    Aero Wheels

    anyone surprised by how well the Aero Wheels look ? I bought the hub cap kit with the intention of taking the Aeros off but actually really like them and have kept them on ..
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    When does your payments show up?

    sent the balance due on car over three days due to daily limits - Tues / Wed / Thur . When does it usually show ? Do Tesla issue another Final Invoice with each payment ?
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    Final Invoice 9

    is this a record !? Sr+ white collecting in two weeks , my order has never changed , just the invoices keep changing !
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    Insurance with no Reg ?

    hiw do u organise an early insurance quote if you don’t have Reg No Likewise how do I book my GB NI ferry if I don’t know the reg
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    Delivery Text !!

    i ordered mid July a SR+ white on the first day it was a free colour . Have had 5 x Final Invoices and 3 x diff VINS. Annoyingly on holiday but will try reschedule for the Sunday 17th... Your Model 3 delivery appointment has been scheduled for 15/11 14:00 in Edinburgh. This date may be subject...
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    Final Invoice 5!

    Is that a record without having made any order changes ?? Onto my third VIN , ordered mid July Sr+ white , delivery date currently Nov 6th.
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    Rolec or PodPoint ?

    installer was offering Rolec but now he has also got compliant to install PodPoint so says I can have either (same price) , was outing in Rolec but think now I’ll put in PodPoint?
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    Contact with Tesla - impossible!

    finding it impossible last week or this weekend to get through to the main phone line or to Tesla Edinburgh . Just rings and rings and rings ! Likewise with my email contact who I did the initial sale with .. just trying to see if any ETA on my Oct 9th delivery m which lost its VIN ! I guess I...
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    N.Ireland people waiting for their Model 3

    are you still waiting for an Edinburgh delivery or have you ventured further south in England to get a quicker delivery ?
  48. B


    can we assume once the Q3 rush has passed and Q4 has started that Edinburgh should see it’s fair share of cars ? I’m patiently waiting from N.Ireland !
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    The White SR+ Aero wheels Club

    i assume this is the most popular option going forward and therefore people with more obscure or more expensive spec likely to get first ? how long have people waited for theirs ?? I configured mid July when the price dropped and white was free. Location Edinburgh is working against me !

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