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    Supercharging newbie question

    OK, my free supercharging miles/Kwh have finally been used up (after almost 2 years). Did my first "paid" supercharging this past week and have a question. When I selected the supercharging location, the car showed a price of .39 per Kwh. (That was a shock, last time I checked it was .29) Did...
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    Short Sleep

    Anyone experiencing short sleep patterns today? (After the server outage on Nov 19, 2021) My MY (Vin 048xxx) 2021.32.22 has started sleeping for about 2 minutes, wakes up, then goes back to sleep for 2~ min, then wakes up, back to sleep, etc. etc. etc.. Did this this morning for about an hour...
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    Cellular needed for App to connect

    MYLR 2020 vin 048xxx. I've been spending the summer at a location that does not have cellular service. It does have a strong wifi signal. My app refuses to connect to the car via the wifi, so if it starts to rain, I have to go out to the car and manually close the windows. Is this normal...
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    Trunk, Frunk, door reports open when they're not

    This morning my wife got into my Model Y Vin 048XXX and saw that the car's display showed the Trunk, Frunk and rear driver's side door open. They were not. She manually opened and closed the trunk and door, but there was no change in the display. The app shows the same status. I'm not there, so...
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    setting battery charge with numbers

    Is there a way to set your battery charge using numbers rather than the graphic provided? It seems pretty inaccurate using the slider over the battery image. Having a rolling number (like the way you can set the departure time) would be very handy,
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    Lane Change and Driver Attention Notification

    Had a weird experience today and wanted to know if anyone has had the same experience. Model Y, FSD. 2021.4.12, 6 months into ownership Today, driving on the interstate at speed, FSD activated, NOA activated, my car indicated it wanted to change lanes. The blue lane showed up along with the...
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    Nav Preconditioning vs max defrost

    Is there a difference between the battery preconditioning the car will do while navigating to a supercharger vs turning on max defrost? I've got a supercharger within 6 miles of home. I was thinking of setting the navigation destination to the supercharger and allow the car to do the...
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    Ferry trip power useage

    I've got a road trip planned that involves a 1&1/2 hour ferry trip. We will have to remain in our MY during the crossing, so I expect to be using the camp mode to stay nice and cozy. Any idea what kind of power use we may accumulate? This is across LI Sound, so temps will be in the lower 30s and...
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    Tesla App and sleeping

    My MY 048XXX is having a hard time sleeping. Initially the car went to sleep pretty consistently 42 minutes after being parked at home. About 2 weeks ago it stopped going to sleep. I'm not sure what caused this behavior to change. I know that using the app prevents the car from going to sleep...
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    Dock Square Garage, Boston feedback

    Looking to make a trip to Boston and park in the Dock Square Garage and charge at the Tesla Dest Charger listed there. The Tesla charger map shows one there, but there's no more information on them. Anyone have experience with this location? Is it a busy location? Can I plug in and charge...
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    Tesla Reneging on SuperCharger miles

    Continuing Tesla's abhorrent treatment of this particular customer, the folks at Mt. Kisco NY SC have successfully delayed by 7 weeks crediting my account with the 1000 miles promised for taking delivery of my MY before the end of September. My delivery specialist at the time of delivery said...
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    Navigation Planning at home?

    Is there a way to plan a trip at home using Tesla Navigation and feed it to the car? I know about ABRP and will use that if I have to, but it would be great to be able to plan your next day's trip ahead of time and download it to the car so you can just get in and drive.
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    Delivery Warning

    Do not take your SA's word that they will fix any issues found upon delivery at some future date. Insist they fix the issues then and there, before accepting the car. Stick to your guns! The story: My front pass door seal was so badly installed that anyone who opened the door would have...
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    $10 dollar reduction??

    I'm about to start the process of taking delivery of my MY, LR AWD, white/black, FSD. Back in July Tesla reduced the price of the car by $3000. If I was to take advantage of that, my FSD would go up by $2000. OK, got it. Net me a $1,000 reduction, right? But now it looks like the actual...
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    Text vs Email notifications

    I see everyone writing about receiving text mssgs for notifications, etc. I "chatted" w/Tesla a few weeks ago telling them that I cannot receive text mssgs where i am, asking to contact me via email instead. Since then I've heard nothing. Just wondering if anyone use email instead of text to...
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    Hudson Valley PPF installers

    I want to get PPF installed as soon as possible after delivery of my MY. Can anyone recommend a shop in the Hudson zvalley (NY)
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    Trade In Question

    So I want to trade in a car to Tesla for my MY. I would like to be able to trade in my son's car for the MY, but the car is in his name. (We'll sell him our newer old car). Does anyone have a suggestion/insight to doing something like this? Do we need to re-title the car into our name or will...
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    Inductive Phone Charger?

    Reading the owners manual, it seems to indicate that the MY comes with a Inductive Phone Charger (pg25). Does this mean I don't need to buy a 3rd party unit to charge my Samsung Galaxies?
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    Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle

    Looking to get a second cable to carry with me (the one that comes with the car will stay at home). The description at the Tesla web site seems to indicate it's the same setup as what comes with the car, a NEMA 5-15P is included. Below the description it shows Max power output of 1.3kW...
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    12V outlet in cargo area?

    The title says it all, has anyone heard of Tesla providing a 12v outlet in the rear cargo area of the MY?

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