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  1. J

    M3 wireless charging?

    My S21 Ultra w/ a case charges very quickly.
  2. J

    Racing game wear and tear on tires

    Your tires repeatedly get the sh*t beat out of them just going 1 mile down the road and will (should) last tens of thousands of miles. Your son turning the wheel back and forth a few inches will do nothing
  3. J

    Hertz Global Headquarters, Estero Florida. Tesla Model 3 front & center.

    I noticed that driving to the mall the other day. Interesting
  4. J

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    Same here. S21 Ultra and there has been 2 times since December that it hasn't worked.
  5. J

    Lost Glovebox control on Controls screen - see pic

    I'm assuming another troll account?
  6. J

    Walk Away Door Lock - Helpful or Hurtful?

    Make sure to check that you have your cellphone before you leave the car. It's not Teslas fault if you mistakenly forgot it. After waking away, look back. If the mirrors are folded, it's locked.
  7. J

    No Homelink, No Problem

    You didn't read the specs prior to purchasing?
  8. J

    Speed Limiter

    That's something only you can answer. If you feel that you lack the self control to let off of the throttle on your own to avoid points and that will keep you from purchasing a vehicle... There is your answer.
  9. J

    Scary near crash with a big truck today. Disappointed that teslacam did not record the event 😕

    You were going to report a truck merging in to your lane.... To law enforcement?
  10. J

    Tesla played a cruel trick on me

    Definitely add a fart can exhaust tip to the rear.
  11. J

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    It's "Tesla Tax" in my opinion. I called a local tint shop and said I wanted 4 side windows tinted. Quote $500 after saying it's for a Tesla and confirming the back window did not need tint. Blocked my #, called same place, request 4 side windows, when asked what the vehicle is, I said a '98...
  12. J


    You can choose which phone you want to make priority.
  13. J

    Best way to get mobile service?

    From my understanding the type of service requested determines if mobile will come out or not.
  14. J

    Just took delivery. question about display

    I don't believe it can be disabled.
  15. J

    Just took delivery. question about display

    FSD is not needed to display traffic lights, stop signs, pedestrians, cones, etc...
  16. J

    Windshield Wiper Controls

    I wasn't referring to the Carwash option, rather the actual wiper option. Touch the car icon, select control, and there should be a wiper option.
  17. J

    Cracked Windshield From Defrost [after it was repaired previously]

    I doubt he can say it will be covered without seeing the damage to avoid a "but you said..." situation.
  18. J

    Windshield Wiper Controls

    To quick access the wiper controls tap the wiper spray button 1 time and they will appear at the bottom of the screen. The other way to access is under the "car" icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  19. J

    Another Tesla Service Concern

    You clearly didn't like the comment. My original post was suggesting them to sell the vehicle. You didn't like the suggestion.. That's all
  20. J

    Another Tesla Service Concern

    Did you not read his/her other posts? Suggesting the sale of his vehicle seems reasonable based on their disgust for the company.
  21. J

    Another Tesla Service Concern

    Curious...you seem to have such distain towards Tesla, yet you still own one. You own and advertise a vehicle that is part of a company "under a dictator". My question is why don't you sell your Tesla? I'm sure this will rub @Msjulie the wrong way again as I got a "thumbs down" from them when...
  22. J

    Tesla MP3 delivered without brake pad on drivers side

    Do you still own a Tesla?
  23. J

    White seats - compare these two interior detailers

    I've had no issues with baby wipes.
  24. J

    UI Rant

    I'm not sure where you're getting that it's, "the best I can say". I simply said it's not that bad. People don't like change and it shows... Look at all the whiney posts about the update. Sure, there are things I don't understand after the update but now I'm used to it and I don't think twice...
  25. J

    Tesla MP3 delivered without brake pad on drivers side

    Sell your car. Problem solved.
  26. J

    UI Rant

    That's literally anything though.
  27. J

    UI Rant

    It's really not that bad, just takes some getting used to.
  28. J

    Car unreachable after software update

    Sounds like everything is working normally now?
  29. J

    lease return experiences? (curb rash)

    I agree. Tint only enhances a car, unless it's ridiculous 5%, hoodrich tint. I live in FL, it's absurd to own a vehicle without tint.
  30. J

    Some of us want to hear our Subwoofer more than we hate road noise.

    There is a significant difference when moving the slider... It is very noticeable
  31. J

    Ventilated Seats? I Hope This Comes to Fruition!

    Many manufacturers use just fans. They have the fans pull the air vs blow which gives a cooling effect. Uses very little power.
  32. J

    Ventilated Seats? I Hope This Comes to Fruition!

    I'd be down for vented seats, especially here in FL. My wife's '21 Mazda 6 has killer ventilated seats.
  33. J

    Circles on Door Windows When Steaming up?

    Clay bar took mine right off.
  34. J

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Temperature has a great effect. Search around the forums on this exact question. There will be more information than you can take in.
  35. J

    Contacting Service [how to ask tesla service a question?]

    Keep in mind that the Fort Myers location is a hot mess as it is.
  36. J

    Morning after a rainy day. Brakes sticking

    It's not a problem and is completely normal for any vehicle with brake rotors. When it rains or there is a lot of moisture in the air, the two metallic surfaces will form surface rust and somewhat fuse together. You may not have noticed this on your previous vehicles as Tesla engages the rear...
  37. J

    Bad Tesla Customer Service

    Enjoy that Nissan... Errr I mean Infinity
  38. J

    Has anyone suddenly started hydroplaning in rain? [tires were bald]

    Slow down and stop blaming your stupid driving on a make/model of vehicle.
  39. J

    Would you get another Model 3?

    Nope. I'm leasing a model 3 as I've never owned an EV and I wanted to see what it's all about. By the time my lease is up, my son will be taller and a M3 won't cut it. I like the idea of a MY but in my opinion the car is absolutely hidious and is not an option. Who knows what the market will...
  40. J

    Radio silences when I open the door

    Nope. Sometimes you have to give a little more time for a reply. *patience*
  41. J

    Locked out of my Model 3 [failed rear drive inverter]

    The large puddle of water is from the A/C running just as an ICE vehicle.
  42. J

    V11 questions

    @Zhe Wiz Look how worked up you're getting yourself. This is a forum... Deal with it. People aren't always going to agree with you. Good lord
  43. J

    Bottom Tools Bar

    You can't. That's part of the new update. You can, however, rearrange the icons by long holding and dragging.
  44. J

    V11 questions

    "He's an angry elf"
  45. J

    Live Camera Not Working with Android...

    I had the same issue with my S21 Ultra. I was able to restart the phone and no issues again.
  46. J

    V11 questions

    "increase fan speed" voice command.
  47. J

    Yikes Colonial Parkway is brutal..be careful>>>Ft Myers Service Center access challenging

    That 6 mile/colonial area has always been awful. That new construction they're doing will relieve a lot of the chaos there...hopefully. There will be a new SC opening in Punta Gorda shortly.

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